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976 PCPI Finals, Come Dad!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Kill?

     The corner of Liu Zilang's eyes twitched, and his heart said that you can really learn and use Chinese.

     Ding Dong—!

     The phone in the pocket vibrated!

     Liu Zilang took out the cell phone and opened it, and found that it was his father Liu Yi just sent it> "I saw you, come back quickly." There is a cold expression for middle-aged and elderly people behind.

     See me?

     Liu Zilang was stunned, then turned and looked up!

     It was discovered that on the balcony of his own window on the fourth floor, someone was standing there with sunglasses and a cigar.

     He couldn't help but the corners of his mouth crooked, and silently lowered his head to glance at the message on the phone to Zhang Xiaotong, who was holding the corner of his clothes.

     Zhang Xiaotong also stiffened when he saw it, and immediately let go of his hand.

      Thus, it looks like it won’t work if you don’t go back.

     Liu Zilang gritted his teeth and stepped upstairs with a "sorrowful" mood, but could only put a bold face on it back.

     After entering the door, Liu Zilang glanced around cautious and solemnly, and there was a noise in the kitchen. It should be Zhang Jingyi cooking.

     The next moment, the corner of his eyes suddenly twitched!

     Liu Yigang even wore sunglasses and stood on the balcony with a cigar to blow the air.

     He is wearing a coat,

     The figure seemed calm from the back.

     What the hell?

     Is this still installed? Would you like to give you the background music for the entire "Godfather"?

     Liu Zilang was spitting out in his heart, Liu Yigang suddenly turned around, raised his hand to hold the cigar, and took a sip.

     In the swirling smoke,

     He looked at Liu Zilang steadily.Liu Zilang was subconsciously a little vacant, but on the surface he was still stable.

     You force you to be strong, I eat my three wolves...Ah!

      At the same time, Misaka Kotomi and Sawai Kuroko hurriedly bowed to say hello. The etiquette of islanders when they meet their elders is still very strict.

     Liu Yigang squinted his eyes, nodded elegantly and easily.

     At this time, the kitchen door opened.

     Zhang Jingyi wore an apron and walked out with a dish. When she saw Liu Yigang on the balcony, she immediately scolded, "Quickly turn and smoke. There are children in the house, don't let the cigarettes come in."

     "Oh." Liu Yigang quickly turned around, looking a little embarrassed from his back.

     Liu Zilang: ...

     He just wondered why Dad was okay standing on the balcony? Don't bring such a sentry.

     Feelings are like this...

     Seeing the embarrassment of the old man at this time, Liu Zilang's nervousness immediately vanish from sight, chuckled in a low voice.

     When Liu Yigang heard this, he turned his head and said ill-humoredly sternly, "You little bastard are so happy, I ask you, why did you go yesterday?"

     Upon hearing this, Zhang Xiaotong on the side shrank subconsciously.

     She is now an accomplice.

     "Don't frighten the children, wait until the next meal." Zhang Jingyi put down the plate in the living room and turned to Liu Yigang.

     Liu Yigang had no choice but to say to Liu Zilang, "Wait to clean up you."

     Next, with the enthusiastic help of Misaka Kotomi, the food was quickly served.

     During the meal, Liu Yigang and Zhang Jingyi were sitting on the left side of the dining table, while Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong sat down opposite the two on the right, making it like an interrogation room.As for sitting nearby Kotomi Misaka and Kuroko Sawai, they are the recorders.

     Be lenient and sit down in prison.

     Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong, you and I quickly confessed partly and partly made up.

     Soon, they convinced Liu Yigang that the two of them had inadvertently played professionally this past half year, and the other inadvertently became a singing anchor.

     "You kid."

     Zhang Jingyi looked at Zhang Xiaotong, sighed saying, "Mom knows that you loved singing when you were young. As long as it doesn't affect your studies, you are not against doing what you like.

     "But now there are many bad people on the Internet, next time you have this kind of thing, you have to discuss with mom and dad."

     Liu Yigang on the side was staring at Liu Zilang, and said with an expression badly, "If you fail the end of semester examination this time, see if I don't break your leg."

     Liu Zilang immediately relaxed when he heard this.

     He has never worried about academic performance through childhood. This is the confidence of Xueba inherent!

     It seems that I have no need to be worried in my whole life. I have broken my leg to see the orthopedics department.

     After the meal, Liu Yigang and Zhang Jingyi were sent out.

     Before leaving, Liu Yigang glanced at Misaka Kotomi and Sawai Kuroko not a word or movement, and suddenly patted Liu Zilang on the shoulder, with some concern in his eyes.

     But he opened his mouth, but he stopped talking.

      It should be noted, in the past, Liu Yigang usually stretched out his feet to Liu Zilang instead of hands.

     Liu Zilang immediately overwhelmed by favor from superior. He was a little embarrassed and couldn't help but tentatively said, "You always... have not eaten enough?"


     Liu Yi just turned around and left.

     ......In any case, after confessing today, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong both breathed a sigh of relief.

     From now on, you don’t need to be furtively doing bad things like playing games on live broadcasts.

     The weekend is the PCPI finals.

     For the rest of this week, in addition to going to school for exams, Liu Zilang shifted to the Se7en base for his usual review.

     And it’s worth mentioning that

     On Thursday, Gao Yunyang, who had been out for more than half a month, finally returned to Jianghai, returned to the club base, and participated in the training match with Liu Zilang.

     Gao Yunyang returned to the team, but Kotomi Misaka did not go directly to "see the drinking fountain."

     After all, in the first half month of the PCPI, whether it was the initial Group AB promotion or the subsequent winners group finals, Se7en with Misaka Kotomi scored very impressive results and qualified for the first place.

     Regardless of the competition, there is no reason to change the bench as soon as the starting liner comes on when the bench performs very well.

     Therefore, the club leader and coach Su Changming's arrangement is that Kotomi Misaka will still play the first game the day after tomorrow. See her performance, if it is good, the second game will continue.

     Regardless of the result of the second game, the third game is definitely going to be the last time for Gao Yunyang.

     And if Misaka Kotomi performed poorly in the first game, she will be replaced from the second game and go straight to the starting Gao Yunyang.

     Regarding Su Changming's arrangement, a few people naturally have nothing about it. Gao Yunyang, a lazy guy, is even more eager to let Misaka Kotomei play in three games.In his words, he wanted to dig Liu Zilang's corner and cultivate a "successor" for the assault.

     Liu Zilang heard the corners of his mouth crooked, and said to his heart that this small second product has the potential of "MT".


     On Friday, twenty-four teams from the forty teams that finally joined the PCPI Finals in China were all invited by the organizers to shoot the finals promotional videos.

     Teams with close rankings in the group stage have to record their pre-match "sorrows".

     In this "Sao Talk" session, Liu Zilang didn't say anything like "I'm already studying PGI opponents". Instead, he said conforming with the norms of society that PCPI's opponents are very strong this time.

     Their team will strive for progress steadily, the goal is only to qualify, friendship first, second in the game blah blah ...

     After recording the other team players on the scene, their hearts twitched.

     Everyone’s first reaction is that this is worse than this, and labor and management believe him a ghost!