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979 Sister-in-law, Hold On!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Open and close!

     Liu Zilang figure flashes, and rushed into a three-story fake garage from the back door.


     With gunshots blasted from behind, Jiaozi raised his hand and sprayed again at the moment Liu Zilang, but all this spray hit the door wall.

     Jiaozi didn't get discouraged, and quickly caught up with the spray.

     He didn't leave after he heard the other party entered, and his steps were upstairs.

     Want a gun?

     Jiaozi opened the door with cold light flashes in his eyes.

      At the same time, he also reported the point quickly and asked his teammates to find the gun and quickly support it.

     Jiaozi is not worried about Liu Zilang in the building at this time. As long as the opponent dares to stay and pick up the gun, he is confident that he will be taken away directly before the opponent is shot.

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy stared at the game screen and said, "Oh! Vic went into the fake garage and he went upstairs."

     "There seems to be no gun on the second floor...wait!" Hao shouted suddenly, "There is a Uzi in that small room!"

     Msjoy was slightly frowned, "But Vic can't go to see the small room. The dumplings behind have already caught up. He must continue to run upstairs to avoid the gun line."

     "Master Lang's blood volume is only in his early half. If he is beaten again, he will probably be cold." The dumb girl on the side suddenly said somewhat worried.

     "It's a pity that Vic just picked up a pan."

     Fortunately, looking at the machete on Liu Zilang, he suddenly shook his head and said regretfully:

     "If it's a pan, Vic might still find a chance to show off, but not only is the machete relatively harder to hit, but even if it hits, it won't kill you."

     "We really can't help this."Msjoy is somewhat grudgingly shrugged.

     "It stands to reason that the machete is definitely more threatening than the pan, but in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, if both headshots, the pan can directly knock people down, but the machete can only maimed but not die. ."

     "It can only be said that the designer prefers the pan. Vic, he just picked up a second-level armor and a quadruple lens, but he still couldn't find a gun."

     "It seems that my Master Lang is unfavorable in this game. It was targeted at the beginning of the game."


     Suddenly, the scene of the director was cold-hearted, and the water friend in the live room suddenly cried out.

     "Fuck! Don't cut it blindly!"

     "Hapi director, cut back, I want to see Vic get fucked!"

     "Eh wait! Isn't that Ze Shao?"

     Under the camera of the director, I saw a two-story building window.

     Shen Zeyan was dragging a handful of red dot M16, standing there quietly like a sculpture.

     In the view of the red dot, there is a window on the second floor of a three-story fake garage.


     A figure flashed across the window suddenly.

     Shen Zeyan put his finger on the trigger, his eyes narrowed slightly.

     He did not shoot.

     But everyone smelled a bit of solemn killing aura.

     In the next instant, another person's silhouette flashed through the window, and in a moment of shock, Shen Zeyan pulled the trigger.

      a pa sound!

     The bullet burst out of the chamber and quickly cut through the sky!


     The glass shattered and blood spattered!

     The director's camera jerked again, and it was given to Jiaozi, who had just passed the window.I saw a cloud of blood bursting out of his shoulder, and his blood volume suddenly dropped a little!

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, the barrage in the live broadcast room suddenly swept away!

     "Fogweed! Can this be hit!?"

     "This Nima...how do I feel that Ze Shao is playing sniping with any gun."

     "Everything can be snipe want to know more."

     "It's a pity that this gun didn't make a headshot, otherwise it would be a Tianxiu."

     "The window is so small, and the dumplings flashed just as soon as they were reasonable. I think it's not easy to hit them."


     In a game match, Jiaozi was stolen by someone in Baffling while chasing Liu Zilang.

     While he was startled, his footsteps were also subconsciously paused in place.

     The next moment, the direction of the gunfire and the broken glass instantly made him react-the person who just hit him should be outside!

     Looking at the mini map, he found that his teammates were also quickly approaching.

     Jiaozi suddenly felt relieved, and immediately raised his head and glanced upstairs, his eyes narrowed slightly.

     Obviously, he was not allowed to give up this piece of meat that reached his lips.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang, who had just rushed to the third floor with Sa Yazi, couldn't help being slightly surprised when he heard the gunshots.

     "Is Shao Ze you?"

     "One shot."

     Shen Zeyan is simple and clear just as in the past.

     Liu Zilang knew what he meant, he shot the opponent.

     But after going upstairs, Liu Zilang's mouth twitched when he looked at the roof of the building as empty as anything.

     Even if you hit two shots...

     I dare not go!Ding Ding Ding—!

     The sound of rapid footsteps came from downstairs, and it was obviously the other party who followed.

     Liu Zilang's face turn white, and quickly ran away.

     Facing such a professional player, he didn't dare to squat down behind the door with a machete.

     That is basically the same as sending.

     Therefore, after Liu Zilang got on the roof of the third floor of the fake garage, he hurriedly took three steps and made two steps and jumped directly. Jumped down to the second floor terrace.

     Jiaozi catching up? Before the muzzle was raised, Liu Zilang's figure disappeared from the air.

     Is this going to play peekaboo?

     Jiaozi's eyelids throbbed, only feeling suffocated in his heart, and sullen his head to catch up.

     But Liu Zilang is better!

     After jumping to the second floor terrace of the fake garage, he opened the door directly and rushed towards the building, and then closed the door smoothly.


     When Jiaozi jumped off the second floor and opened the door again.

     Liu Zilang had climbed to the corner of the stairs and rushed again along the corridor towards the third floor rooftop.

     Knock it!

     Jiaozi corner of the mouth twitch, my heart is completely speechless.

     He hasn't seen anyone play like this in the Professional League. Normal people will definitely jump off the building and run away if they see someone chasing behind their ass with a sprayer.

     "Sister-in-law, hold on! I'm coming!" At this moment, the assaulter Goodboy in the team suddenly shouted.

     Jiaozi heard the words and looked at the map, and found that his teammate had arrived at the back door of the fake garage, and suddenly one's hearth is happy.

     Like playing, right?

     Labor and management let you continue to play!

     At the next moment, Jiaozi suddenly reacted."Knock in it! It is said that labor and capital are called dumplings, not sister-in-law!"

     "Ah? Isn't it all the same?"

     Goodboy blinked pretentiously and immediately shifting the topic, "That kid is still in the building, my big gun is already hungry and thirsty."

     "Big gun." Jiaozi suddenly mind shook, "How big is it?"

     "Ahem... I just describe it, it's actually P1911." Goodboy was a little embarrassed, but then he shook the pot again, "You just called it like you are going to be forced, so why didn't I find the time? gun."

     Jiaozi couldn't help but his old face turned black, and immediately said, "Forget it, just a pistol. Anyway, that kid doesn't have a gun."

     "That guy is on the third floor now, playing hide and seek with me."

      Spoke until here, Jiaozi suddenly eyes narrowed, and the cold light appeared in the eyes, "Now I am stuck here and you can go directly to the third floor."

     "This time... I'd like to see how can he run!"