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988 Drive Tigers And Wolves!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? The viewers in the live broadcast room couldn't help but their eyes widened when they saw these two speeding motorcycles.

     "Fuck! Double motorcycles? Is this a speed party?"

     "Turtle! Is Se7en a happy motorcycle now?"

     "They haven't stopped yet, is a team going to rush to the bridge directly?"

     "Uh...Qiaotou has four teams, isn't it cool for one team to rush like this?"

     "Even if they passed the three teams at the fork in the room and the gas station, behind the bridgehead bunker there is still one of their own brothers."


      clearly and easy to see.

     Although the motorcycle is fast, it is not as fast as a bullet.

     What's more, judging from the positions of the several teams at Qiaotou, it is almost an "inescapable net". If a team rushes in, it will gnaw even a bone scum.

     For a while, whether it was the audience off the court or the commentator on stage, I couldn't help but stand in silence for Se7en's team.


     Under the lens of the big screen director.

     The roar of the engine of the motorcycle, and the galloping speed like the wind gives people a sense of comfort, which is why that many people like to ride motorcycles.

     Of course, this indulgence is more intense when the car rolls over. If you don't believe it, you can try.

     At this time, Se7en was a team of four, two of them with a motorcycle, driving on the flat road leading to the east bridge, naturally no need to be worried, the car overturned, so they opened up the speed.

     "Be careful of people at the bridge," SSR reminded.

     "Want to find a boat?" someone in the line asked."Forget it, we are too late." SSR shook his head. "That many people crossed the sea. There must be no ships on the shore. There is no need to waste time."

     "Then I can only rush."

     90God stared at the bridge head ahead, with a faint zeal in his eyes.



     In a blink of an eye, two motorcycles drove past the fork room area and gas station one after another.

     However, the field was quiet, and there seemed to be only the roar of engines.

     In a moment, the commentary on the stage couldn't help being a little dumbfounded.


     Msjoy's tone was full of surprise, "Why don't they fight Tyloo and 17?"

     "Is it because the speed is too fast and I'm not sure of hitting?" The man on the side also touched his chin, guessing.

     "This can't be..."

     Msjoy shook the head, "Even if you are not sure you have to try it, don't try how to know, can't you hit it?"

     At this time, Dai Mei'er suddenly looked thoughtful and said, "Unless...the three teams have no plans to do it."

     Msjoy and Msjoy couldn't help being stunned when he heard the words of Du Meier.

     In the time when the three were talking, two motorcycles in a team had already rushed to the bridge.

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy suddenly exclaimed!

     "Oh! I understand, 17 and Tyloo want a team to find the way!"


     Fire from the muzzle burst, bullets burst like rain!

     The moment the motorcycle rushed to the bridge head, a few figures suddenly appeared after the abandoned car bunker at the bridge head.

     The gunshots became one piece in an instant!Even though a team had already done mental preparation, they were almost frightened.

     This particularly cool place is the bandit!

     But if you choose your own way, you have to stick to it even if you become a box.

     "Chong Chong Chong!" The sound of gunfire in his ear, 90God shouted loudly in his voice!

     SSR is relatively calm, "Stop the dead car in front, let's find a chance to fight back!"

     However, as soon as the voice fell, he only heard two sounds of "Puff Puff Puff", and he was shot over by his teammate who was sitting in the back seat of his motorcycle.

     90God couldn't help eyes twitched, and quickly went crazy snakeskin.

     The motorcycle screamed and swiftly speeded up, and in a blink of an eye it reached the abandoned car shelter in the middle of the bridge.

     At this moment, CoCo sitting behind the SSR also groaned, and a sanguine light appeared on his body again, and immediately fell back from the back seat.

     All this is said to be too late and then quickly, and it took only about three seconds for from start to finish, and the team that rushed to the bridge was shot down by two people.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Hi...this motorcycle is too dangerous."

     "It's not that it's dangerous for motorcycles, it's that it's dangerous to sit in the back seat, it's all about helping teammates block bullets."

     "But having said that, I have to lose a team. These are two motorcycles. If you change to other vehicles, it is basically impossible to withstand it. It is estimated that the moment you cross the bridge, it will be blown up by the fire."

     "What do you say now? Will the two teammates who fell on the road have a chance to save?"

     "There must be no way to save it. I was half dead after falling. One of them has already been made up.""Oh wait! there is still one head was robbed by Tyloo's DeadRunner! Haha, I have fun now."

     "Isn't Tyloo at the fork in the room? They can hit it so far?"

     "No! Tyloo is not at the fork in the road, they already came out."

     "My God! Not only Tyloo, 17 and Lstars are also moving!"

     "Oh! They want to take advantage of the opportunity of a team to disrupt the bridge head."

     "Hi! The three teams took this opportunity beautifully! Now that the poison behind has been brushed to Town M, they seem to have to go."


     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, the commentary on the stage and the audience off the stage raised their minds!

     Everyone stared at the big screen tightly, as if afraid to miss every next shot.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     The Lstars, who was down the slope behind the gas station, was the first to set out. After driving on the road, he headed straight for the bridge.

      At the same time, 17 under the coastal slope opposite the gas station also moved randomly.

     But instead of driving, they stuck their sights on the slope, and the group of four approached the bridge head.

     Behind is Tyloo, who just grabbed a head, and their three people are still riding that three-wheeler. Hou Dongfang, who is sitting on the No. 3 "princely seat", has been shooting out with SKS.

     For a while, Liu Zilang and others at the Qiaotou Gas Station were immediately caught in a situation where they were being flanked back and forth.

     There are a total of four teams before and after the targets are them, which can be said to be deep water and scorching fire.

     Li Muqiu was dumbfounded, "Fuck! What about blocking the bridge? What happened?""Don't worry don't worry ." Liu Zilang said relievedly.

     "Wet, will the nests be cold?" Misaka Kotomi asked quietly.

     The corner of Liu Zilang's mouth crooked, and said ill-humoredly, "Cool G2, there is a boat directly below us. If it doesn't work, I will jump into the sea."

     "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and jump." Li Muqiu said he was about to go up the railing.

     "Look at you in a hurry."

     The corner of Liu Zilang's mouth suddenly curled up slightly, "We are not there yet, I have another trick to urging a tiger on to swallow a wolf."

     "How do you say?" Li Muqiu eyes shined.

     "Don't shoot." Liu Zilang smiled, said.

     "Meow, meow?" Misaka Kotomi thought she had heard it wrong.

     But then, when the leading Lstars drove towards him.

     After the bridgehead bunker.

     The four of Liu Zilang held their breath and couldn't fire a single shot. The nervous Lstars almost didn't get over!

     This script It's not right! What about a good fight? Why did it pass so easily?

     At this moment, not only Lstars was dumbfounded, but 17 and Tyloo behind were also stunned.

     Could it be... we can also try?


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