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992 What's The Situation With Little Brother?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? "Madan! Where is the hapi of the white sesame seed cake?"

     Just after getting up from the ground and punching a first aid kit, Li Muqiu immediately said incomparably angrily.

     "Here..." Liu Zilang said numbly, "I'm kneeling on that."

     "..." Li Muqiu.

     At this time, the Sanbengzi that rushed out of Qiaotou also attracted their attention.

     The two people sitting on Sanbengzi are naturally the rest of Tyloo.

     Li Muqiuxun immediately raised his AK and said with anger, "If you let you go today, I will follow his last name!"

     Just now he (of market prices etc) to rapidly fluctuate, after the calamity, renewed life, but he did not expect to be shot into the center of the earth by Bai Shaobin!

     Now that Bai Shaobin has been overthrown by Liu Zilang, he can only use the other teammates to vent his anger.

     However, life is not satisfactory 8 or 9 out of 10.

     Just as Li Muqiu was about to shoot, a "shoo shoo shoo" burst from behind him, and the bullet flew past him, wiping a spark on the abandoned car.

     He was so scared that he shrank and squatted down.

     On the host commentary stage, the three almost laughed when they saw it.

     "Hehe, it seems that Qiu Shen is a bit beaten out of his heart now."

     "Tyloo probably doesn't plan to save people anymore. They are going directly to this wave."

     "Well, originally, I thought the second team was blocking Tyloo in this wave, but now, the second team was stolen from behind by Lstars. I'm afraid this wave of Tyloo can be used.

     "Um... even so, I still don't care about them, don't forget that there is a SSS three on the other side of the bridge.""Then in other words Tyloo wants to cross the bridge, and has to pass a checkpoint along the way... Who can stand it."

     "But Tyloo probably didn't know there were people on the other side of the bridge. They looked like they wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to fight between Lstars and the second team!"

     In the game match, Li Muqiu was beaten, and the two naturally had no reason to not fight back.

     It's a pity that Shen Zeyan was knocked down, and Kotomi Misaka was still saving, otherwise the firepower of this wave of people could be more intense.


     The motorcycle engine roared.

     In a blink of an eye, the motorcycle rushed to the two of them.

     Liu Zilang of course not said nothing.

     After the 98K shot in his hand was blasted out, he took advantage of the situation and pulled out the M16 behind his backhand. It was a wave of sweeps in the light of the three-wheeler that rushed past his side!

     However, the two of Tyloo were lucky, they were not immediately swept down by Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu.

     "It's gone? My God! Could Tyloo really do a miracle this time?"

     "I think it's impossible, right? Lstars don't hit him over there?"

     The stage was talking, and the gunshots in front also rang!

     Although Lstars had just been fighting Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu, but at this moment, seeing a car ignoring that they wanted to rush under their noses, it was naturally a shot at them.

      ding ding dang dang —!


     The bullets screamed from the front and back, falling on the car and intertwined with people to form a complex sound.

     Seeing this tingling sensation scene, the audience off the court looked a little bit unbearable.This is so terrible...

     However, at this moment, what was surprising was that Tyloo suddenly shook the front of the car and rushed over the pile of debris near the bridge rail to the left of the long bridge.

     "Huh? What does Tyloo want to do?"

     "Are they going to find shelter at this time? It's too late?"

     "Even if it is too late, the key is that the bunker can only block the front, not the back at all."

     "I guess Tyloo's wave is probably being beaten by Lezhi..."

     The next moment, three rounds approached the bridge, and the two Tyloo "swish" jumped out of the car.

     Just when everyone thought this wave of Tyloo would be cheaper than Liu Zilang.

     Amid the rapid and constant gunshots, there was a sudden "chichichi" sound.

     Suddenly, a large swath of smoke suddenly spread, and in a blink of an eye the figures of the two of them were covered.

     Everyone off the court was shocked when they saw this!

     Who threw this smoke bomb?

     "Oh! It should be DeadRunner! He just threw a smoke bomb toward the diagonally forward while sitting in the No. 3 position of the king.

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy quickly thought of the reason.

     "The smoke bomb is very timely, and it can even be said to be a life-saving." The dumb girl nodded, said with a smile, "It seems that Tyloo's free agent is very spiritual."

     Looking at the game screen, brows slightly wrinkled, "But I think Tyloo's current situation is still not optimistic. Even if they find a buffering place, they will be blocked before and after, and they can't move at all.""Now the second team is already eating poison, if Tyloo wants to get out, unless..."

     Unexpectedly, the words are not finished yet.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     They only saw Tyloo put on a bandage after getting out of the car, and then gūlū gūlū poured a bottle of Red Bull to fill the energy bar.

     In the next moment, the two suddenly stood up with their hands on the bridge bar.

     What the hell?

     Is this to jump the bridge?

     It turns out that everyone guessed right.

     After the two Tyloo lifted up, they actually did not hesitate at all and jumped over the bridge rail, and immediately "thump thump" into the sea.

     Seeing this scene of caught off guard, even if I had just made a guess, I was stunned for a while.

     What's the situation, little brother?

     "Look at the two Tyloos like this... Their wave does not seem to be an ad hoc plan, but it seems to have been premeditated."

     "I also have this kind of feeling."

     Doumei scratched her head in confusion, and said somewhat puzzled, "But since they have planned to go to sea a long time ago, why are they taking such a big risk to rush to the bridge? Is it a heartbeat."

     "I think it might be like this..."

     Looking at the game screen, Msjoy, who was always silent, suddenly analyzed:

     "The bridge head is now covered by radiation. If the two Tyloos don't venture directly into the sea, they will eat poison as soon as they go to the sea. We all know that swimming in the sea alone will not only slow down but also cannot fight medicine.""Although the first wave of poison is not painful, it can be recharged and recovered. If Tyloo started to eat the poison directly from here, it would be a bit difficult for them to survive."

     "Oh... I understand what you mean."

     The people on the side couldn’t help but say, “So the two Tyloo rushed to the bridge in this wave of adventures. They didn’t want to rush over, but just wanted to rush and rush as far as they could, thereby narrowing the distance to the safe zone. Then jump the bridge again."

      He spoke until here, he couldn't help but slapped his mouth, "This is a good idea, and so far it seems that Tyloo has implemented it successfully."

     In the game, due to the cloud valley of smoke bombs, both the Lstars in front or the second team in the back.

     Neither party knew that Tyloo in the smoke had jumped into the sea, so they were still facing each other while waiting for the smoke to clear.

     Behind the shelter of the abandoned car after being poisoned by the bridge

     Li Muqiu took another bottle of painkillers and couldn't help but started talking, "Let's if it goes on like this, it's not a problem, isn't it a boat below? Or we can slip now."

     Unexpectedly, as soon as his voice fell, a few people heard the sound of a boat!


     and many more!

     Where is the ship?

     In the next instant, the faces of several people changed suddenly!


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