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1000 Dare To Be Angry But Dare Not Speak!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Suddenly—!

     Liu Zilang's MK14 Full Firepower, directed at the top is a wave of fierce and unmatched fire.

      It should be noted, the single-shot damage of this gun that my sister controls is more than that of AK. It is called a fierce melee when it can be fully automatic.

     The only shortcoming is that the magazine capacity is insufficient. After the expansion is installed, it only has 20 rounds. It is the kind of firearm that has a strong burst in close combat but is not durable enough.

     However, it is enough to deal with the current situation.


     Amid the violent explosion, the flames and air waves suddenly expanded!

     In an instant, the strong smoke and dust cut off the line of sight, the dull sound of bullets hitting the body but "pupu" sounded, and the twenty bullets in the sister's control were poured out in a blink of an eye!

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down IFTY-VK with MK14!"

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down IFTY-SoSo with MK14!"

     Double kill!

     In fact, Shen Zeyan had just shot a headshot over VK, and his blood volume was extremely crippled.

     After Liu Zilang probed, he immediately wanted to aim his gun at SoSo.

     But in the process of pulling and grabbing, his muzzle was always spitting out fire, and a stray bullet happened to hit VK...

     "Pretty! Vic's assault is so beautiful!"

     "Now IFTY has fallen to the ground with two people, the front battlefield of both sides is 2V2."

     "But A+ and TK have reacted, and now Vic is changing bullets, but Big Brother and TK have already rushed down."

     "Then there is only Menhera sauce here, can Menhera sauce stand it?"


     Salsa—!The sound of rapid footsteps came from above!

     "Pick it up!" Liu Zilang said to Misaka Kotomi while playing on the bunker.


     Misaka Kotomi like a chicken pecking rice quickly nodded, holding the full M4 in his hand and staring at the top, his eyes gleaming with firmness.

     Before the other person showed her head, she hugged the gun and "dada" started.

     The two A+ and TK who were touching them couldn't help but were shocked, and only then reacted in the next moment that the other party was just bluff.

     So the two of them quickly avoided the position where the bullet fell, sticking out their guns from the left and right sides, and directed a burst of "sudden" bursts of fire at the bottom.

     Facing this kind of cross firepower, Misaka Kotomi was suddenly splashed with blood, to drop a thousand zhang in one fall.

     In a hurry, she suddenly took a step back, and a tactic fell on her back behind the stone.

     Ding Dong Ding Dong -!

     The bullet hit the stone, shaking up countless boulders!

     However, even if their firepower is fierce, they obviously cannot penetrate the stone.


     The younger sister in Liu Zilang's hand changed the bullet.

     After listening to the gunshots of the two men above the rock, Liu Zilang did not immediately show his head, but instead looked at Kotomi Misaka, who was lying on the side and wearing a bandage.

     "It's too late to fight medicine!" Liu Zilang said, "Let's go with 321!"


     Kotomi Misaka glanced at the blood volume that he had just put on a bandage, and was still a little dumbfounded.

     However, the advantage of Misaka Kotomi is that all actions are obeyed, so she won't lie down on her stomach.After hearing Liu Zilang's words, Misaka Kotomi's steamed buns quickly showed a look of determination, almost act without taking time to think, and focused on a little head!

     "Hmm! Wet Nest is ready!"


     The next moment, Liu Zilang's voice came!

      This time, Kotomi Misaka subconsciously ignored Liu Zilang and did not count "321".

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     I saw her climb up from the ground quickly,

     Holding M4, like Peppa the wild boar, he arched directly towards the opponent.

     A+ and TK saw each other hiding behind a rock and couldn't come out. They didn't want to take the risk, and they were thinking about throwing a thunder to blow each other out.

     But they didn't expect that Kotomi Misaka just lay down for a few seconds, and suddenly he arched over like a dead end.

     In the face of free heads, IFTY naturally has no reason to refuse.

      In a flash, Misaka Kotomi was beaten down on the ground like a cooked prawn.

     However, just in a flash, Liu Zilang leaned out from the flank very quickly.

     Da Da Da—!

     In the flames and gun flames, the yellow-orange-orange bullets jumped out of the muzzle, tearing the opponent's armor in a blink of an eye, and striking blood bursts across the body.

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down IFTY-SoSo with MK14!"

     At this time, A+ on the side responded quickly.

     Seeing that he originally wanted to make up for Misaka Kotomi, he quickly pulled the gun at Liu Zilang, and AK's quasi-center was instantly locked!

      At the same time, Liu Zilang also pulled the gun quickly after knocking out one personThe gunshots are like waves, bullets are rustling like rain!

     Although Liu Zilang's MK14 firepower is fierce, the firepower of the A+ AK is not inferior.

     Liu Zilang pulled the gun here only a beat slower than A+, and was at a huge disadvantage in this wave of guns.

     "Ah! This wave of Vic is going to be cold!"

     "Vic's one-on-two is a bit too big!"

     Unexpectedly, during this Life and Death Instant, Liu Zilang suddenly retracted.

     A+ was taken aback!

     In the next moment, when Liu Zilang leaned forward again, he was holding a 98K in his hand.

     Bang a snapping sound!

     Without the lens, a sniper bullet burst out directly from the muzzle!

     The whole process seems to be reaching its extreme!

     At this time, both sides have not much blood left, and the quasi-center of AK in A+'s hand has been holding Liu Zilang's position.

     Logically speaking, he should be able to be faster than Liu Zilang, but Liu Zilang's abruptly arising waist shot and 98K faster bullet initial velocity reversed all this.

     One shot to fix the sound!

     The court suddenly became quiet.

     However, the four final kill messages that were swiped like a tide on the upper right of the screen were like stones thrown into the lake, and the exclamation sounds like ripples swayed toward the audience seats around the stadium.

     "Fuck! Waist shot 98K?"

     "By the way... Vic is considered a solo team killing?"

     "Although it is a single player with four kills, but the two waves of delays in Menhera sauce are very important."

     "That's right, otherwise, even if the sister control burst out instantly, but twenty shots would not last at all.""Doesn't anyone care about my Menhera sauce? I was sold by Vic again."

     "Just now, Menhera has so little blood and he rushed up. At first glance, he was cheated by Vic!"

     "This guy is the devil, right? Menhera sauce is so stupid... I'm afraid he has been cheated..."

     "Uuuuuu! Please don't tell me! Does the 26-year-old Fat House still cry for love again?"


     During the game, Kotomi Misaka saw Liu Zilang solve the battle and couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath.

     But remembering that Liu Zilang had just lied to her, Misaka Kotomi's bun face suddenly became swollen.

     The next moment, she who was kneels down on the ground did not speak, but arched towards Liu Zilang like Peppa the wild boar.

     Liu Zilang was walking over to rescue her, but he was thrown into chaos by Misaka Kotomi. He couldn't help but smile, "Don't hang, don't hang! I won't save you anymore."

     When Misaka Kotomi heard this, she immediately calmed down, pursed her lips, and occasionally quietly raised her head and glanced at Liu Zilang, as if she dared not speak...


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