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1001 Wan Lei Xianzun Is Here!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the smoke, Liu Zilang is helping people.

     Not far away, the SSS and Tyloo teams also reached halfway up the mountain.

     At first they heard the sound of the car, thinking that Liu Zilang and others had left after getting the airdrop, and wanted to take the opportunity to see if they could take advantage of it.

     But the fierce battle with IFTY just now and the refreshing on the screen made them heart trembled, so they stopped quickly and found a place to hide.

     But now the gunfire ended, but they began to stir again,

     Soon, the two of Tyloo saw the smoke first.

     "Where are you? Is it over?" Ergou asked in confusion.

     "The second team seems to have fallen down just now."

     Hou Dongfang looked at the smoke in front of him and touched his chin, "From the perspective of time...They should be saving people right now?"

     "Then throw a thunder and try?" Ergou said as he pulled out a grenade.

     Seeing this upcoming scene, the hearts of many audiences off the scene couldn't help but chuckle!

     "It's over?"

     "Vic has no defense, if it gets bombed, it will kill two lives!"


     The grenade shot out and flew towards the smoke.

     At this time, Liu Zilang was still squatting on the ground to pull people, not to mention that they did not react, even if they did, they came without enough time.

     The next moment, just listening to kuang duang'ed, the grenade landed and rolled to their side.

     However, the shocking scene has appeared!

     I saw that grenade fell into the smoke and rolled a bit, and it was stuck firmly in the cracks of the rocks!In an instant, the flames burst out, and the white smoke seemed to shake.

     Seeing this scene, both the off-site audience and the commentary on the stage were a bit dumbfounded, and the barrage in the live broadcast room was also brushed!

     "66666 Isn't this dead?"

     "My Buddha is spicy! Vic what is this fairy luck!"

     "I think it is thanks to the mascot of Menhera sauce!"

     "Fuck! It turns out that the mascot is used in this way, not only to ward off evil spirits, but also to avoid lightning!"

     "Lightning protection is OK 23333!"


     In the smoke, Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi also shuddered!

     Misaka Kotomi stammered, "Wet...wet, the dens were blown up by thunder?"

      "Un." Liu Zilang takes a deep breath, nodded heavily.

     "Are the nests swollen and not dead?" Misaka Kotomi tilted the head, somewhat uncertain.

      "Hmmph!" Liu Zilang suddenly sneered, "Being a teacher is the Unextinguishable Body of Wan Lei Immortal Venerable Nine Turns Crossing Tribulation, even a grenade just wants to hurt me?"

     Hearing what he said, Li Muqiu, who was also in the same voice, suddenly laughed, "Tsk tusk, this kid got second again."

     At this moment, even Shen Zeyan, who had been deadpan, also couldn't bear his mouth twitched slightly...

     Meow meow meow?

     Kotomi Misaka obviously didn't understand this.

     But she inexplicably felt that Liu Zilang exuded a strong and powerful aura. For a while, she couldn't help holding her hands in front of her chest, her eyes sparkling!

     "The pot is wet!"

     At this time, suddenly there was another "clang" under my feet!It turned out that Hou Dongfang on Tyloo's side saw a thunder that didn't work. Although they were not sure about the smoke, they couldn't help but try to throw a grenade again.

     At this moment Liu Zilang had got up, and he was alert to everything around him, the grenade was just landed, and he immediately reacted.

     "No! Run!"

     "It's wet, isn't the mud Wan Lei Xianzun?"


     Although they were talking, Sa Yazi ran under their feet.

     I couldn't see my feet in the smoke, and Kotomi Misaka ran in a good direction.

     However, in the midst of a crisis, Liu Zilang had just run without two steps, and suddenly stepped on the air, and instantly fell like a landslide.

     At the moment when the smoke burst out, the vision was restored to sobriety and calmness. Liu Zilang looked down, only to find two figures below.

     One is holding a gun.

      there is still one holding the thunder be eager to give sth a try.

     Foggy grass!

     In an instant, Liu Zilang only felt a coolness jump from the heel to the back of his head, one shivers in his mind for an instant!

     Fuck him!

     Almost subconsciously, the MK13 in his hand has been pulled out from behind, and a burst of flames shot straight below!

     "Thick lines! Vic's flying grass!"

     "Wait! How do I feel that this wave of Vic is going to turn into a flying slap!"

     Down the hillside, Tyloo and the two were also shocked!

     Hemp egg! This Nima threw a thunder up, and the other person flew down?

     Faced with this wave of bursts of fire.

     Hou Dongfang, who had a gun in his hand, reacted very quickly and immediately raised the gun to fight back.Bullets are like rain, flying back and forth in the air like crazy!

     Puff puff puff -!

     The two men were shot to varying degrees at once, but at this time, a careful audience off the court had already discovered it.

     The two shots seem to be fierce.

     But Hou Dongfang's bullets fell on Liu Zilang, and all Liu Zilang's bullets fell on Ergou on the side!

      in a flash, two kills have been flashed on the screen!

     "Tyloo-DeadRunner used SCAR-L to knock down Se7en2-Vic!"

     "Se7en2-Vic used MK14 to knock down Tyloo-ToDog!"

     However, at this moment, the audience in the off-site and in the live broadcast room has not recovered his wits from the previous pair of shots.

     There was a sudden explosion on the court!


     There was a flash of fire in Ergou's hand who was knocked down by Liu Zilang, and the fierce fire wave instantly expanded!

     After Hou Dongfang knocked down Liu Zilang, he ran immediately after Ergou screamed.

     But when things come to a head, it's still a step too late.

     In a blink of an eye, the majestic waves of air and fireworks hit behind him, Hou Dongfang only felt a huge force in his back, his body was instantly imbalanced, and he spurted blood and flew out!

     No way, Ergou’s thunder was too warmed up, and he had already pulled the string before Liu Zilang appeared.

     In the situation just now, he couldn't take it back even if he wanted to. He could only try to throw it out, but unexpectedly he was knocked down by Liu Zilang as soon as he raised his hand.


     A corpse fell landed and rolled down the slope.

     Another kill flashed out on the screen!"Tyloo-ToDog eventually killed Tyloo-DeadRunner with a grenade!"

     On Liu Zilang's side, his wave to drop from the sky was not directly above Tyloo, so although he was knocked down at this time, he survived beyond expectation...

     Seeing the scene of caught off guard, Hou Dongfang and Ergou suddenly looked dull, and Bai Shaobin was even more angry when sitting nearby!

     It's him!

     It's him again!

     This guy really hit the nemesis...

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy couldn't help but shook his head and laughed, "Tsk tsk! This wave is really a forest falling from the world...Ah no! It's Brother Lang!"

     "Originally, I thought that Tyloo would have a chance to steal two at least." The one on the side also smiled bitterly, "I didn't expect that Vic would eventually kill them in such a way."

     "It can only be said that Vic really doesn't play cards according to the routine. Normal people must have shot immediately under the situation just now."

     "Such a saying, is that guy planning to cheat people since he fell."

     "Hi... the time is so short, isn't it possible? It can only be said that the cheating person has become a subconsciously reaction of Vic..."

     "Hehe, it makes sense, but there are still SSS on the court now they hear gunshots and they are also approaching here. It seems that Vic will survive this wave is not easy to say!"

     "Oh! The next safe zone is also brushed!"


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