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1009 Smoky? (1/5)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? With Shen Zeyan's sense of smell, the bunker he chose will naturally not attend to one thing and lose sight of another.

     However, the angle of the shot left alone was a bit tricky. It was shot in a place that Shen Zeyan didn't expect, and it happened to hit his foot.

     Moreover, it was stuck in the moment before Shen Zeyan started the first aid kit, and took away the last trace of his blood!

     After seeing this scene, the audience off the field was taken aback, but it was another pity.

     "Wow, what a pity!"

     "It's just that, Ze Shao almost broke up."

     "The shot of Gu Gu Cun is a bit cruel, and it directly killed Ze Shao's last hope."

     "Naze Shao was knocked down in that place, it should be completely cold, and his teammates are not around."


     The fact is indeed so.

     Under various due to an unexpected turn of events, Shen Zeyan is not a lone wolf better than a lone wolf. After falling to the ground, no one can save him, so he can only wait to die there.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang took the opportunity to rush into the circle and quickly found a bunker to fight medicine and recover.

     Host the commentary stage.

     Upon seeing this, Msjoy couldn't help shook the head and said, "I just saw Vic and Ze Shao play so well together. I thought they could stage a wave of'Player Survival'."

      He spoke until here, Msjoy couldn't help but push the glasses on the bridge of his nose, with a wry smile on his face.

     "But I didn't expect Vic to be PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in the end, but Ze Shao was so cool."

     "Yes." Or nodded, continued, "It can only be said that in the final fierce finals, there were too many changes that we could not predict beforehand."And when he was commenting on stage with emotion, Shen Zeyan was quickly replaced by the lonely.

      At the same time, there are only 20 seconds left in the countdown to the reduction of poison on the field. At present, there are only five teams and 17 people left in the finals of the Cape of Good Hope in the south-east direction of Airport Island.

     Five people under the cliff.

     There are twelve people on the cliff.

     At this moment, everyone is waiting quietly, waiting for the refresh of the next circle...

     Twenty seconds passed in a flash.

     Soon, the faint blue and strange radiation grid around it shook and shrank from the surroundings towards the middle.

     "We can see that the poison circle has begun to shrink. It is estimated that there will be a brief period of peace on the court before the next circle is refreshed."

     "Yes, but I think peace is peace, but the players on the field may be more nervous than they are in the fight, especially the few people under the cliff."

     "Hehe, it is true. After all, after the next round, the people above can go on seeing something wrong, but it's a bit difficult for the people below to want to go up again."

     "Yes, to a large extent, once the circle is brushed on the top, the people below can only wait to die."


     The spreading time of the penultimate wave of poison lasted for 30 seconds, and the ruthless radiation continued to shrink around it. In a blink of an eye, it coincided with the boundary of the next circle.

      The Second Last safety zone has been refreshed!

     The moment they saw this circle, Li Muqiu and Misaka Kotomi sitting beside Liu Zilang suddenly exhaled long!Immediately afterwards, Kotomi Misaka said happily, "Yeah! Great! We are in the circle!"

     "Wet wet! We are in the circle!"

     She happily reported to Liu Zilang.

     However, Liu Zilang's face twitched at this time, and the sentence "I should be in the car, not under the car" echoed in his mind...

     That's right, Kotomi Misaka below is in the circle, and Liu Zilang is naturally not in the circle.

     In fact, it's not just him.

     At this time, the 4AM and the RNG in the southwest were also not in the circle.

     "Tsk tusk! It seems that the safe zone for this game is going to follow one road until dark."

     "At present, the IDS three and the second team's Qiu Shen Menhera sauce are all in the circle, but on the cliff side, only OMG is in the circle."

     "Wait, then in other words...OMG is likely to face the siege of eight people combined with 4AM, RNG and Vic?"

     "I think it's like this. If OMG doesn't want to give up the initiative on the shore, it must kill all the other people outside the circle in poison. After all, the circle is so small now, no one can rest assured that a fully armed team Put it beside you."

     "Yes, and for the same reason, if the teams on the shore want to enter the circle, they are bound to eliminate the biggest obstacle on the OMG road. In short, the situation on both sides is just one sentence, and it is like water and fire.


      The countdown to the second last wave of poison reduction is one minute, and the contraction will be completed within 15 seconds after starting.

      No one can handle the blood loss this time, and the first aid kit has to be beaten one after another for a few seconds.Everyone off the field is naturally very clear. Therefore, the countdown to the reduction of poison has just passed halfway. The teams on the Cape of Good Hope besides OMG have begun to take action.

     On the big screen, the director's shots are the latest to RNG.

     Among the three teams, RNG's pressure to enter the lap is relatively small because they are the closest to the safety zone.

     As long as you close the smoke toward the front, you can enter the safe zone. The only thing you need to beware of is that the opponent throws thunder into the smoke.

     In fact, speaking of it, RNG has more than one route into the circle.

     They can also go down the rocks on the slope and enter the circle from the reef near the sea below.

     But as everyone knows, the final finals will definitely not be in the water, so after careful consideration, they decided to choose the route on the shore.

     Kang Dang—!

     The smoke bomb was thrown and smashed on the rocks by the sea, and large swaths of white smoke drifted out.

     RNG's four people scattered forwards and backwards, but the direction of their steps was very uniform and pressed towards the direction of OMG.


     In the violent explosion!

     The flames and gun smoke spread instantly.

      Not surprisingly, in the face of RNG's strong charge, OMG very decisively chose to throw lightning.

     And at this time, 4AM and Liu Zilang near the poison side in the north couldn't help eyes shined.


      It should be noted, whether it is the three of 4AM or Liu Zilang, they are all facing a "long journey, difficult to enter the circle" problem.

     If OMG is determined to frame them, they might really have to be framed to death.But now RNG took the lead in the charge, which briefly attracted OMG's firepower.

     Under this circumstance, whether it is 4AM or Liu Zilang, naturally they will not miss this opportunity.

     Kang Dang—!

     Kang Dang—!

     On the big screen of the game, one after another smoke bomb was thrown out after the 4AM bunker.

     But beyond expectation, Liu Zilang is still squatting there, as if doesn't have any movement.

     Isn't he going to leave?

     Just as everyone was confused, Msjoy's voice suddenly sounded on the commentary stage.

     "Uh... wait, I remember Vic, he seems... no smoke bombs?"

     Hearing Msjoy's words, everyone in the audience couldn't help but think of the seven or eight smoke bombs just flying together, the sky and the earth were like a Primordial Universe, and they were speechless...

     Let you throw it around!


     But suddenly, the voice of commentary came from the stage again.

     "Huh? Why is Vic running towards 4AM?"

     "My God! Does he want to smoke cigarettes again?"


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