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1011 Water Stuffy Chicken! (Top) 3/5
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? The reason why this is so staggering is that it happened so quickly and it was so caught off guard that many people did not react at all.

     Under the lens of the big screen director.

     While everyone was still in silent mourning for Aluka, who unfortunately followed Wei Shen to sacrifice to the sky.

     I saw the lonely being forced to run out of the smoke and the small eye-catching two immediately reacted immediately when they were attacked!

     They are not running back

     Instead, just shoot!

     Because in this situation, if they run back, they will undoubtedly be the target of two teams not far away, and the hope of survival is very slim!

     In fact, OMG and RNG felt that when the two people who appeared unpreparedly fired their guns, they felt that the other party would definitely not be able to stop their firepower, and most of them would choose to run away.

     But at this moment, without omen...

     There was a burst of blood on Xiao Hai's head over OMG, suddenly kneels down on the ground!

     Immediately afterwards, System Notification is out!

     "4AM-Gucun knocked down OMG-xiaohai with a headshot of Kar98K!"

     Seeing this abruptly arising headshot shot, everyone off the court was shocked!

     "Wow! This shot is so fast!"

     "Wait, does 4AM want to fight back?"

     "It's worthy of being Si Amei, a macho per capita!"

     "I think this is actually good. Instead of turning your head and showing your back to someone else as a target, it's better to have a last shot, maybe you can bicycle transforms into a motorcycle."

     "I think it's a bit difficult to change into a motorcycle, but it's possible to change into a hearse. After all, even if Si Amei is fierce, the opponent is two teams.""Huh? It seems not necessarily! RNG...RNG is back!"


     You must know that RNG and OMG are very close to each other. In the previous firefight, the two sides fell one each, and they were in a delicate balance.

     If just left alone and Xiao Biao turned around and ran, the two teams would probably join forces to target them.

     However, the lonely and fearless shot immediately broke the balance between the two teams.

     RNG knows better than anyone that, compared to the two people who got out of the smoke from nowhere, their bigger enemy is the OMG on the side of the couch.

     So RNG quickly changed the target and aimed at OMG again.

     But OMG hasn't noticed this yet.

     As soon as Xiao Hai fell to the ground, the anger of the remaining two in the team also rose.

     The smile immediately stopped saving people, and coordinated with the little lion's backhand and shot a wave at Lonecun and Xiaoxiaomu.

     On the 4AM side, Gucun and Xiao Xingmu are keenly aware of RNG's changes. After knowing that there are only two people staring at them, who is afraid of "2V2"?

     In an instant, the muzzle fireworks spewed wantonly, bullets shuttled back and forth on the field, and the two sides burst into eye-catching blood from time to time.

     "OMG-Lionkk knocked down 4AM-CPT with M16A4!"

     "RNG-ShuaiShuai used AKM to knock down OMG-Xiaorong!"

     In the fierce gunfire and killing, OMG suddenly discovered something wrong!

     The assaultman and commander in the team smiled and said immediately, "No, let's go! The opposite RNG is here!"

     The little lion suddenly one shivers!He looked around, except for himself, all three teammates actually fell to the ground.

     Ding Ding Ding—!

     There was a sound of footsteps across the rock in front of him, and it was obvious that someone was rushing over.

     Several people at OMG were stunned at this time!

     They obviously didn't expect that RNG would turn back at the crucial moment, and even the teammate Emperor who had just been knocked down didn't care about it, and directly rushed towards them.

     "Oh! OMG is so careless!"

     "It's still not enough experience in the competition. They may have forgotten that the enemy's enemy is not necessarily a friend, but it may still be an enemy."

     "The little lion's situation is a bit bad right now. He has only half blood. It is not ordinary difficult to want 1V3!"

     "Can miracles work?"

     Just as the commentator on the stage was quickly commenting, during Life and Death Instant, the little lion suddenly made a move that no one had expected!

     Standing on the edge of the cliff at the Cape of Good Hope, he suddenly closed his gun, and immediately took two steps to the left, extremely vigorous, and jumped down!

     Whoops whoops—!

     A wave of bullets shot past, but only wiped the corner of his clothes, and could not take it away.

     "My God! The little lion jumped into the sea!"

     "Fortunately, fortunately! This wave almost got cold!"

     "As expected of'Little Vic', this reaction is really different from ordinary people. "

     "Uh...so he wouldn't be thrown to death, right?"

     "I haven't jumped and killed yet, should I survive?"

     Amidst the discussions in the audience, the director's shots were quickly brought to the bottom of the cliff on the beach.Under the lens, it is not a reef that makes people torn body and crushed bones, but a large blue water.

     And at the same time, at the moment Lionkk fell into the water, the countdown to the reduction of poison on the field just ended, and the Second Last wave of poison began to shrink.

     So the little lion had no time to go ashore, and quickly swam towards the safe area with his arms and legs in the water.

     At this time, the director's camera is everything again, once again returning to the Cape of Good Hope.

     At this moment, apart from the three RNGs who can act on the shore, Liu Zilang and the lonely two are not far away from the smoke.

     Facing the shrinking poison circle behind them, the two didn't have any thoughts of carrying poison.

     At this time, the damage from the poison is too painful, and it is not an exaggeration to say that the skin will be peeled off by rubbing it.

     "What do you say now? Gu Cun should not be able to help Xiao stand up, is he going to fight Vic?"

     "If you fight against Vic, maybe both of them will die!"

     "What about RNG? The Emperor's rescue blood bar another point, should they try to save it?"

     "Comes without enough time, RNG gave up and went back to save people. They are making up for the three fallen OMGs."

     "It's also a good choice to hold the head points you can take first..."

     Unexpectedly, just before the commentary was finished, there was a sharp gunshot on the court!


     A gun poked out of the smoke!

     As soon as RNG's staring cat made up for Xiao Hai, the third-level head on his head suddenly burst into a bloody mist.

     The blood volume of the whole person is also suddenly to drop a thousand zhang in one fall, instantly turned into a trace of red blood!However, the cat stared at the crotch very quickly. After being shot, he quickly identified the direction and found the cover to lay down and spray the medicine.

     "North! It's the direction of smog to the north!"

     "Fuck, it may be 4AM that we didn't care about just now."

     "Bite the hand that feeds one, these guys!"

     "They are going to run poison now, and hold them! Give me a shot!"


     In a blink of an eye, the remaining Shuaishuai and Jiyun of RNG pulled their guns quickly and quickly opened their sights to aim at the smoke in the north.

     However, what appeared in their field of vision was the two people who were moving diagonally from left to right, seeming to still maintain a vigilant distance.

     The other party is pressing down with the poison circle behind them, rush forward in the direction where they are!

     When the two of RNG saw this, they couldn't help but wonder, what's going on? Don't these two people belong to the same team? Then how did they "peaceful coexistence" in the smoke?

     But at the moment there was no time to think about it, the two quickly pulled their sights and aimed at the enemy running from the direction of the smoke.

     However, they did not notice at this time. When the other two were running, they both held a sniper in their hands!


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