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1014 Wendou, Not Armed!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

?Under the interference of various unstable factors, the situation in the finals is too much in an instant a myriad changes.

     On the cliff of the Cape of Good Hope, Liu Zilang had not had time to consider whether to go down and save people.

     Lionkk at the bottom helped him make a choice, and he shot the person out.

     In an instant, the survival "5" flashing at the top right of the screen suddenly jumped to "3", and there were really only three people left.

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy looked at the game screen and frowned, "At present, there is only more than one minute left before the countdown to the last wave of poison, and there is no way to make it to the last lap."

     "Then the three players on the field now have only two choices." It's also good to take a deep breath and look at the game screen and analyze:

     "Either they rush to kill the other two in the last minute, winner is the king!

     This is fighting. "

     Hearing this, Msjoy on the side couldn't help turning his head and said with a smile, "Oh? Is there a Wendou?"

     "Well, but I can't say that is Wendou."

     I also laughed, "But I think the other way is relatively gentle. After all, although the safe area cannot be entered, in the last lap our players only need to be as close as possible to the safe area."

     Having said this, I paused, and continued to explain, "After all, everyone knows that the last wave of poison hurts more, so the closer you get to the safe zone, the later you will eat poison, as long as everyone else is killed."

     Msjoy couldn't help being nodded after hearing it, and said with a smile, "If this is the case, it is indeed a more gentle way."The dumb girl on the side looked at the game screen, "The one closest to the last lap should be the little lion below. He just has to swim through the water."

     "But it’s a little far away from being alone. If he wants to move closer to the safe area, he has to bypass Vic."

     "Yes, in fact, Vic's location is also very good, as long as you take a few steps and jump down, it is a safe zone."

     Msjoy nodded, shook his head and smiled bitterly, "But the problem is back to the beginning, that is, unless you jump into the sea at this height, you will definitely be thrown to death if you fall on the cliff."

     "But here comes the problem again. When you are in the sea, you don't even want to climb up." Having said that, I couldn't help but shook his head and said with emotion, "No solution, no solution, it seems that the finals of this game are really right A test of our three players."

     During the interpretation and analysis on the stage, Lionkk by the seaside reef had already jumped into the sea after filling up a drink.

      At this moment, the countdown to the last wave of poison on the court is less than half a minute.

     No way, the little lion has no initiative at all, even if he wants to fight, he can't find anyone.

     Therefore, he can only adopt what he calls the "Wendou" method, as close as possible to the safe zone and eat poison later.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang and Gu Cun above were a bit frozen.

     At this moment, he actually only needs to go to the edge of the cliff, which is the place closest to the safe area.

     But the problem is that there is no shelter in that location, and being alone is even more accurate, and I stared at that place very relentlessly.Moreover, Liu Zilang is not given a chance to fight the gun at all. There is a lot of cruelty that I don't want to get close to that.

     In this case, Liu Zilang could only watch the countdown to shrinking poison with pain.

     In a blink of an eye, half a minute passed quickly.

     The poison circle around him suddenly shook, and the last wave of poison began to shrink.

      At this time, Liu Zilang couldn't take care of that much anymore. He threw smoke towards the edge of the cliff, and then rushed out of the bunker with 98K!

     Just not a few steps,

     He suddenly turned around and shot out!


     The bullet screamed and cut through the sky!

     The lonely side just wanted to stop Liu Zilang.

     As soon as he leaned out, he immediately retracted back with a faster speed than before, and he was dangerously and dangerously evading Liu Zilang's shot!

     "Wow! What a quick gun!"

     "Vic the Great Devil is showing off! This wave of gurgling is a bit suppressed!"

     "Your Brother Lang will always be your Brother Lang!"


     Everyone off the court was amazed!

     In the competition, loneliness took a deep breath!

     At that moment just now, he was stared at by a beast, and the whole person seemed to be shocked.

     But in the next moment, the stubborn persistence in lonely heart surged again.

     He gritted his teeth and suddenly slipped a grenade out of his hand, zeng~ pulled the lead.

     At this time, Liu Zilang had rushed into the smoke on the edge of the cliff.

     On the other side, the radiation grid behind it relentlessly forced it over, and ran out from behind the bunker, lonely does not hesitate at all.He counted these numbers silently in his heart, ran halfway through, and threw the grenade toward the smoke on the edge of the cliff with his hand.

     In the smoke, Liu Zilang just wanted to lean out to stand alone, when he suddenly screamed in his ear!

     It's a grenade!

     With a "ge-deng" in his heart, he quickly took two steps back, does not hesitate at all, and jumped off the cliff.

     Boom a loud sound!

     At that moment when Liu Zilang jumped down, the fire wave behind him suddenly tumbling!

      At the same time, Lone Cun quickly rushed towards the smoke on the cliff side in front.

     But at this moment, under the lens of the director.

     At the moment when Liu Zilang jumped off the cliff, he suddenly flicked out a grenade in his hand. He turned around 180°, and threw the grenade up with his hand.

     The whole process moving clouds and flowing water, forms a coherent whole!

     The lonely side entered the smoke, and because of the roar of the grenade just now, I couldn't hear the thunder that Liu Zilang threw up with his backhand.

     Before he could react, his whole person was blown out suddenly.

     Seeing the scene of in a flash, countless spectators in the audience suddenly exclaimed!

     "Mist grass? Vic's thunder is too beautiful, right!"

     "Wow! I took it! This wave is really battle of wits and bravery!"

     "Distressed for my gurgling, don't mess with Vic, the big devil next time."


     In the sea by the cliff.

     Lionkk floating in the sea heard the movement above his head and couldn't help but rejoice for his wise choice.

     Hit it, hit it!

     Kill them all!He was praying in his heart, without omen, suddenly a figure fell from the top of his head.

     Lionkk was instantly pressed into the water, raised the head to look, only to find someone riding on his face.

     Damn it!

     What the hell?

     However, it is too late to think about it at this time.

     Because the radiation grid behind it has already approached mercilessly from the sea!

     Almost at the same time, the two hurried desperately towards the cliff ahead, and finally were forced to the corner of the cliff where only one person could be accommodated.

     Suddenly, Liu Zilang and Lionkk stepped on me and I stepped on you. They went up and down, and from time to time someone was pushed into the water.

     Seeing the "extremely fierce" battle, the audience in the off-site and live broadcast room couldn't help but heart alarmed, body leaping!

     Sitting in the front row of the audience, Zhang Xiaotong clenched his hands tightly, staring at the game screen with big eyes unblinking!

     Suddenly, Liu Zilang rode up with the salted fish turns over, and then he immediately held the initiative, firmly pressing Lionkk in the seawater below him.

     In the process of fighting for the initiative above, Lionkk’s lung oxygen has long been there is not much left.

     At this time, after being squeezed into the sea, he quickly entered the red lung state, and his blood volume suddenly dropped.

     In the next instant, the radiation behind the two disappeared at the same time, and the blood volume of the two began to plummet!

     Immediately afterwards, a prompt came out.

     "OMG-Lionkk drowned himself by drowning!"

     The game picture on the big screen instantly freezes, and a line of eye-catching yellow font emerges!

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

     The team ranked first: Se7en2!

     Host the commentary stage.Msjoy's face twitched slightly, and his neck was a little stiff. Turn the head and looks to.

     "This is what you said... Wen Dou?"