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1015 That... Is Xiaotong?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? Obviously, in the just life and death duel...

     Whether it's Liu Zilang and Gucun's pair of spears and grenades, or the philosophical wave between Liu Zilang and Lionkk, you ride me, I ride you...No matter how you look at it, it has nothing to do with Wendou!

     Seeing this line of "great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight", the audience off the field and in the live broadcast room were all confused!

     No one thought that the final situation would develop into this way, and Liu Zilang would eat chicken in this incredible way.

     What is even more speechless is that the last Deadly Strike of the little lion is actually a drowning suffocation injury.

     Instead of being poisoned...

     In the next moment, the barrage in the live broadcast rooms of major event platforms was instantly maxed out!

     "666 Vic stream batch!"

     "Take it! So you can eat chicken like this?!"

     "It's so unreasonable for Vic to eat chicken!"

     "Distressed for a wave of my Goddess, such a hunk is actually sitting dead by Vic's ass."


     Host the commentary stage.

     Three commentaries have also recovered his wits one after another.

     "Unexpectedly, Vic can actually make a comeback in this situation. The fierce battle in the last wave really made me look stupid."

     "There is also that thunder is also very inconceivable. I think it was this thunder that made the victory. If it is still on it, it is hard to say who will eat the chicken in the end."

     "Yes, it's too honest to be alone. I didn't expect that Vic actually played a game of looking back and digging into the thunder. He might still have a chance if he smoked late.""All right, anyway, let us congratulate Vic! Congratulations to the second team for eating chicken in the first game of our PCPI Finals!"

     "Well, congratulations Se7en2!"


     On the stage dance competition, Liu Zilang and the four also clapped each other to celebrate.

     In the audience around the scene, countless Se7en2 fans cheered loudly!

     The front row of the auditorium.

     Zhang Xiaotong saw that everyone around was cheering loudly. She suddenly got up and put her hands to her mouth. She followed everyone's cheers and shouted like a mad girl. She did not restore the usual shy and arrogant image...

     After shouting a few times, Zhang Xiaotong immediately sat down like a thief, her face flushed.

     Then she looked around somewhat anxiously, and found that no one around her seemed to notice that she breathed a sigh of relief and raised her hand to pat her little chest.

     However, what Zhang Xiaotong didn't know was...

     Just when she just got up to shouting and screaming, two rows of seats behind her were staring at her with stunned faces.

     "That...Is it Xiaotong?"

     " it?"


     At the end of the game, the interview soon entered the field.

     This inter-match interview was given to Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu, the pair of Se7en2's "Gemini".

     When the big screen was shown in the interview area, seeing Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu, countless female fans on the scene cheered and screamed with excitement!

     The interview area is rotated.I saw Ren Dong, who was wearing a flamboyant purple suit and waistcoat, a bow tie under his neck, and shiny hair, came up with a microphone and smiled.

     Aside, the staff member quickly handed over the microphone.

      "All right, welcome to our post-match interview session. Let’s say hello to the audience and friends in the live broadcast room."

     "Hello everyone, this is Vic."

     "I am Lech."

     The female fans in the interview area immediately cheered again.

     "Haha, you deserve to be the protagonist of the male model team, it seems that the two are very popular."

     Ren Dong laughed and teased, and immediately continued, "Vic is an old friend of our interview session, Qiu Shen is quite rare, so here I have a question first ask Qiu Shen."

     He glanced at the table in his hand, and continued with a smile, "For Vic's performance in the game, if 10 is a perfect score, how many points are you going to give Autumn God?

     Li Muqiu pondered, "I think if he doesn't get the lonely thunder down and blow me up to death, I should give him ten points, but now, six points can't be more."

     Hearing what Li Muqiu said, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help but laugh loudly!

     "Wow! Autumn God is really grudges!"

     "It seems that Vic is usually beaten in the team."

     "Battered? You seem to be joking, who didn't my team tyrant Vic see hit the ground?!"

     "Promise me, don't be Vic's dog licking, okay?"


     "That is indeed a sad story." In the interview area, Ren Dong continued with a smile, "All right, then let's move on to the next question.""I saw on the Se7en2 player list today that the legendary assaulter Sloth was also here. I believe many spectators are just as curious as I am if Sloth might be on the court today? Which game will be played?"

     Li Muqiu heard this and subconsciously looked at Liu Zilang.

     Liu Zilang tilted his mouth and shrugged the shoulders.

     So Li Muqiu replied, "Well, this problem mainly depends on the arrangement of our coach Su boss, but what I can reveal here is that Sloth will be playing today as planned."

     Hearing this answer, the audiences off the court were all looking thoughtful.

     The next question is about Liu Zilang...

     When asked about the deranged 4AM game in the smoke of this game, are you worried about being surrounded by former teammates in the future?

     Liu Zilang was very elegant and easy-going, saying that 4AM is a reasonable person, and he called on everyone to look at the game rationally, and then blah blah said a lot...

     And seeing his "seemingly stable like an old dog, but in fact a panic" appearance, the audience off the scene and the live broadcast room couldn't help but laugh again.

     In this cheerful atmosphere, the short inter-match interview soon ended.

     After returning to the backstage lounge, Su Changming was returning to the game, analyzing their tactical choices in the early landing and mid-term crossing, and the mistakes in the late advancement route.

     After the analysis, Su Changming glanced at Misaka Kotomi and said with a smile, "Kotomi played well in the last game, then we will continue as planned in the next game.""This game is a desert map. The battle may be more intense. You can't relax vigilance just because you eat a chicken. Come on!"

     After some analysis and encouragement, a staff member soon notified that the game was about to start, and the players from each team returned to the stage competition from the backstage lounge.


     "Hello everyone, viewers and friends in the live broadcast room, welcome to come back again, here is the scene of our PCPI Jianghai Finals!"

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy smiled at the camera:

     "After a short break, all the teams we played in the game have also adjusted their state. I believe that the next game will bring us a more exciting second game."


     Nodded on the side, and then raised his hand to signal the big screen, "But before that, the background statistics of our last game are also given. Let's take a look at the scores of the major teams in the last game."