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1016 The Jedi Brawl!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
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? Hearing the commentary, the audience's attention off-site was also entirely focused on. On the big screen behind the stage, a long list of rankings jumped into everyone's eyes.

     First: Se7en2; Points: 600!

     Second: OMG; Points: 390!

     Third: 4AM; Points: 250!

     Fourth: RNG; Points: 210!

     Fifth: IDS; Points: 180!


     After the top five players were announced in the game, the picture changed on the screen showed the scores of the next fifteen players in turn.

      In addition, the screen quickly returned statistics such as [Kills], [Headshot Rate], [Output Damage] and [Farth Walking Distance].

     Liu Zilang ranks first in the [Kills] and [Damage Output], and the first in [Headshot Rate] is dominated by Shen Zeyan, because the headshot rate is calculated as the proportion of the number of headshots to the total shot.

     Shen Zeyan shot few shots, and he only had heads in his eyes, so the headshot rate was naturally quite terrifying.

     After the statistics of the game were given, the commentary quickly gave the personnel rotation of each team in the game.

     Many of the teams ranked after ten in the last game chose substitutions.

     At this time, the players on the competition bench were ready, and there was a roar of airplanes in the stadium.

     On the big screen, I saw a plane slowly approaching from the sea level in the distance of the desert.

     Host the commentary stage.

      "All right, the game has started, let us enter the second game of the PCPI Jianghai Finals."

     "Well, this game is a desert map, let's look at the route first.""Oh! This route is interesting. It actually crosses the map from the port at four o'clock on the bottom right of the map. The route only passes through the Lion City, the old industrial area and the coastal town on the west bridge of the prison island."

     "Then the resource points below the right route are a bit pitiful. I feel that there are no decent resource points except Lion City, which is a bit uncomfortable.

     "Well, it is true, but if you are floating or looking for a car, there are still many places to go, but I am afraid that the Lion City will become the new Picardo in the desert map in this game."

     "It's possible. After all, as the largest city in the desert map, Lion City can accommodate a lot of teams. Oh! There are already teams on the port side... OMG!"

     "It seems that OMG's tactics tend to choose the starting station of the route."

     "Well... I think the starting station also has the advantage of the starting station, that is, it can land earlier and have more development time than other teams."

     "Hehe, but if this choice is placed in the passersby, there is another saying that is to die early and overtake birth, and the next one is another hero..."


     While explaining the route and the situation on the field, the plane has flown over the port and gradually arrived over the Lion City.

     "Get ready, we are going to jump."

     Liu Zilang glanced at the points marked by his three large warehouses in the northern part of the Lion City and said.

     Li Muqiu smashed his lips, cannot bear saying, "This kind of route...should there be a lot of people in Lion City?"When Liu Zilang heard this, there was a wise smile on his face, "Think about it...If everyone thinks like you, how can there be more people in Lion City?"

     "Yeah, it makes sense!" Misaka Kotomi nodded vigorously at the side.

     "Is that right?"

     Li Muqiu is somewhat uncertain, turning his head and seeing Misaka Kotomi who nodded like a chicken pecking rice, but couldn't help muttering in his heart, "Silly girl, it makes more sense when you get wet."


     When the plane arrived in the sky, several people parachuted at the same time.

     Standing upside down, Liu Zilang leaned over and fell down at a rapid speed.

     Unexpectedly, just halfway through the flight, I suddenly heard Li Muqiu flustered and exasperated shouting, "Labor and management are really believing in you! Is this too few people?"

     Liu Zilang turned his head and looked around, the corners of his eyes twitched slightly, and he saw the parachute "covering the clouds and obscuring the sun" from high above, as far as the eye can see, there are people everywhere.

     However, he quickly steady aura and said with relief, "It's okay, the Lion City is so big, we still have a lot of room for development in the early stage."

     "Let's hold on to it. If we counsel this time, we will lose."

     Misaka Kotomi was a little embarrassed when she saw that many people around her, but when she heard Liu Zilang's words, she straightened her chest and cheered herself up.

     Ok! Wet right!

     Can't counsel!


     The three warehouse marked by Liu Zilang is at the top right of the Lion City. Although this place is not very fat, it is very suitable as an initial development point for landing.After searching, you can either choose to extend towards the wild area or take a strategic route of "rural surrounding the city".

     But when he landed at a low altitude and opened his parachute, the second team finally discovered that Liu Zilang's face was really not ordinary black!

     In such a big Lion City, it stands to reason that even if all 20 teams jump in the game, it can be spread out.

     Even if there are many teams in this game, it is obviously impossible to jump here.

     However, besides the four of them in the air around Liu Zilang, there are still two teams that plan to jump here.

     On the big screen, after the director's shots were given, the three commentators were stunned.

     "Tsk tut? This place is so good? Actually, three teams are going to grab this place?"

     "And have you seen that, two of the teams are still the top three in the game."

     "Hehe, the second team and 4AM are really fate! I think they are the two teams that have encountered the most in this PCPI event, right?"

     "Possibly, I remember that in the group match last week, the two teams met at the airport at the beginning."

     "Um... I think this may have something to do with Vic. He was the core at 4AM. He is still the commander of the second team. 4AM is affected by his past personal style. It is inevitable that there will be some decision-making thinking collision."

     "Then the second team and the 4AM landing encounter are actually a good thing for other teams. After all, these two teams are currently ranked in the top three points, especially the second team. If they can land in a chaos. With Bo, I think his team must be very happy to see it happen.""But there is still one N. It's more embarrassing. They didn't score a lot in the last game. If they fight with these two teams, it will be more hurt."

     "Yeah, but I feel that there should be changes later. It is impossible for all three teams to be crowded here."

     "Oh! N's side has already turned, and it feels like they are heading towards the small ruined buildings in the south."

     "Not only N, but the players of the three teams seem to be scattered and falling."


     The explanation is correct.

     In this situation, it seems safer to land in a group.

     But if a team of four people are all in a house without a gun, the one next door just got the gun.

     Then even if the opponent has only one person, he can easily kill the four in the group.

     The three teams obviously took this into consideration, so they chose to land separately to increase the chance of getting guns on the ground, and then group together.

     But that's right, but at this moment, Liu Zilang is shiver coldly on the roof of a warehouse.

     In Okura, two figures rushed over, rushed over to a gun separately.


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