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1018 Great Horror Between Life And Death!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Hearing these steps, Liu Zilang's heart suddenly "ge-deng"!

     No, someone is here.

     He licked a gun and couldn't get any more bullets, so he quickly walked around to squat behind the cargo box.


     The bullet was pushed into the chamber.

     Liu Zilang held the UMP9 he had just licked in his hand, holding his breath, and staring at the side door of Okura that had just heard footsteps.

     However, a little bit beyond his expectation, at this time, the side door of Okura was quiet, and it seemed that the sound of footsteps just now did not exist.

     But Liu Zilang was sure that he couldn't have heard it wrong just now, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

     On the big screen, the footage of the director was given, and the audience in the off-site and in the live broadcast room saw the silent confrontation between the two people, and for a while they became somewhat anxious.

     On the commentary stage, MSjoy looked at the game screen and said, "We can see that the first person to chase is Wei Shen. Wei Shen also has UMP9, and he has a second-level head on his armor."

     "Well, if the two sides fight, Wei Shen has a chance to second Vic, but Vic has no chance to second Wei God."

     "Yes." Or nodded, the interface continued, "However, Wei Shen hasn't done anything for a long time. I guess he may want to stabilize his hand and wait for the support of his teammates to come and stand side by side."

     "We can see that Lone Cun is about to arrive, and Xiao Xingmu is also rushing here."

     "What about the support from the second team? Menhera sauce has no guns. Ze Shao has just found a gun, but it is difficult to quench his thirst in the distant water. Although Qiu Shen has a gun, it is consumed with N's purple blue. Vic is now isolated and without help.""Yes, if Vic really let the 4AM three people pack it in the next, with just a UMP9, without any armor on his body, I feel that he can almost be sentenced to death in advance."

     "Hehe, I don't think this is necessarily true. Vic using the few to defeat the many has a lot of records. Maybe he can wear three more shows in this wave..."

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy hasn't even finished his sentence, smile on face gradually disappeared...

     Under the lens of the big screen director.

     Liu Zilang suddenly squatted, quietly walked around the cargo box, and touched the back door.

     Obviously, this guy is going to slip away.

     Seeing this scene, the audience could not help laughing loudly!

     "What about the commentary? Don't stop, lick! Keep licking!"

     "Vic: I slipped away! Goodbye!"

     "Puff haha! Vic is too embarrassed, but because the commentator blows you like that, it's a man who just left!"

     "I feel that this wave of Vic may not necessarily be able to escape. The back door of Okura has already arrived."

     "Huh? What are there still two people behind?"

     At this moment, the sharp-eyed audience in the audience suddenly realized something was wrong.

     Because in the direction that Gu Cun came together, not far away there are still two figures are also touching towards Ocang.

     The footage of the director was quickly given, and not surprisingly, the two were naturally N's two players.

     Their teammate was killed by Aluka, and Aluka was stolen by Liu Zilang's to drop from the sky punch. Naturally, N was unwilling to lose a teammate in vain.So in addition to the Zilan who was still fighting with Li Muqiu, the monkey and the rabbit quickly found the guns and quickly touched Okura where their teammate was killed.

     Seeing this picture, the three commentators on the stage couldn't help but look at each other in dismay, and they were a little uncertain about the development and direction of the next situation.

     But at this moment, without omen, the gunshots on the field suddenly sounded!

     The footage of the director was quickly given, and the muzzle of Wei Shen holding a UMP9 was flashing blazing light, and dense bullets burst out of the muzzle!

     He was not hitting Liu Zilang, but the two N who were behind alone outside.

     "Oh! N's two were discovered by Wei Shen!"

     "They just seemed to want to steal their loneliness, but they haven't had time to do it."

     At this time, there was a burst of rapid "bang bang" shots on the court again, and the sound of "what thing" was torn and shattered.

     The next moment, a System Notification flashed on the screen.

     "4AM-Gucun knocked down N-rabbit with SKS headshot!"

      has to say, the reaction of being alone is too fast.

     He didn't know the situation behind him at first, but at the moment when Wei Shen fired the gun, he immediately reacted without even reminding him. He pulled the gun directly, and the backhand was a very fast wave of SKS dots.

     One of the bullets just hit the green first-level head on the rabbit's head, and it shattered and torn it instantly!

     N was dumbfounded!

     They didn't expect this wave of unsuccessfully trying to steal the chicken. The remaining one had no time to replace the lonely one, and hurriedly rushed to the back of the bunker.But he was beaten back abruptly, and the lonely existence with only half of his health did not rush up.

     Instead, he immediately found a shelter nearby and put a bandage on the spot.

     Because he knew that the enemy was more than this team, and there was the most dangerous person in Okura.

     But Aluka’s perspective on death was stuck. The 4AM trio obviously hadn’t thought that the dangerous man who had been to be very scared and on edge had sneaked away...

     In Wei Shen's imagination, this cunning and insidious guy has been dying to death. He must be hiding in a corner of the warehouse at this time. When they enter, he will shame them abruptly, just like he shamed Aluka just now. ..

      This time, the audience unconsciously opened their eyes.

     Because in the big-screen game screen, the direction Liu Zilang touched outside after coming out of the warehouse was unexpectedly touching the side where N's remaining monkeys were.

     Seeing the scene that was about to happen, the audience off the court suddenly couldn't help talking.

     "This wave feels that Vic wants Monkey Steals The Peaches!"

     "No, it should be stealing monkey peaches!"

     "But he seems to be seen in this direction alone! It seems that this wave still can't tell who is the monkey and the peach..."


     In the game competition, Li Muqiu and the others couldn't support it. Naturally, Liu Zilang would not smash with 4AM here.

     Seeing that there was a fight outside, he immediately ran Expeditious Retreat out of Okura from the back door and ran in the direction of his teammate.

     But after walking a few steps, Liu Zilang suddenly felt something was wrong!

     be quiet!

     The court is too quiet.He felt puzzled in his heart, and couldn't help but glanced back, but his pupils shrank suddenly.

     It turned out to be the lonely being bandaged behind the bunker. From the perspective of the angle of view, a figure slipped out of the back door.

     He immediately removed the bandage on his hand, and quickly took out a handful of SKS.

      Between life and death, there is a big horror!

     Seeing the muzzle of the black hole in his field of vision quickly lifted up, Liu Zilang felt a sudden, almost foreseeing that the amplitude of the opponent's muzzle was lifted a little bit higher and then the bullets screamed towards his head...

     During this Life and Death Instant, Liu Zilang subconsciously wanted to squat down, but there seemed to be a louder voice shouting in his mind:

     Can't squat! ! !