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1022 Jin Chan Escaped!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Looking at the burning fiercely flames and the black-and-white pictures on the screen, Wei Shen and Gu Cun and the commentary on the stage were all dumbfounded. They never expected Liu Zilang to play such a hand.

     In this situation, everything on the field seems to have returned to a similar problem with the "Top Ten Unsolved Mystery in the E-sports Circle".

     Why are there two motorcycles in one street?

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy shook his head and said with emotion, "Really didn't expect, this wave of 4AM will cause car crashes!"

     "I think there are two major mistakes in the 4AM wave."

     Or rubbing his chin, "The first is that they shouldn't chase Vic's motorcycle. This guy's driving skills are as agile as a loach in the desert map. It's too difficult to grasp."

     "Oh? You didn't say that just now."

     Msjoy teased with a smile, and continued to ask, "Then another point what is?"

     "This... now and then."

     Maybe I was slightly embarrassed, coughed dryly, and continued with a smile, "Another point is that 4AM shouldn't be allowed to ride a motorcycle alone, it’s lonely driving skills..."

     "Haha, you are a bit dark." The dumb girl beside her cannot help but laugh.

     Msjoy also said with a smile, "I also heard about the car skills of being alone, but I think it was Wei Shen who was holding UMP9 just now, but the one who was left alone was SKS sitting in the back seat and couldn't shoot. The two got into the car. When I was busy chasing people, I didn’t have time to change the gun, so I had to leave alone on the bike."

     "Well, that's true, there is only one eye-catching left in 4AM right now.""Hehe, that's a little different from the past. What 4AM survives in the end is not alone, but a small eye-catching. Can he keep the fire?"

     "Xingmu is still on the Beisancang side. He has changed positions and is now hiding in the house, so if the second team wants to find him out, I think it will take some time."

     "Yes, but I guess they shouldn't have time to find it. Now the first circle is over. This circle is more friendly. It's in the center of the map, but the Lion City is not in the circle."

     "In addition, there is still one problem with N's Zilan side. He just blocked Qiu Shen with AK, but now that N's three teammates are killed, Zilan is also facing the same situation as Xiao Xingmu."

     "But Zilan's choice is different from Xiao Xingmu. Xiao Xingmu's side is completely autistic. Zilan now feels like waiting for an opportunity, looking for opportunities at any time."

     "It seems that Zilan is not reconciled. This is looking for a chance to steal the second team."

     "Well, but I think this is still too risky. Even if one is stolen, it is likely to ruin the hope of the whole team. It is better to keep the fire like a small eye-catching."


     The commentator on the stage analyzed for a while, but Liu Zilang had already licked off the two boxes next to the motorcycle.

     He originally had only a UMP9 in his hand, but now he has more SKS.

     However, Liu Zilang just filled SKS with bullets, but suddenly he heard a faint sound of "rustling" footsteps from the opposite side of the house.

     The footsteps were very quiet.Obviously someone heard the sound of the car and the explosion, lowering their footsteps and groping here.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but twitched his eyes, secretly said in heart unlucky.

     He has not had time to replenish his state at the moment, and he doesn't know how many people the opponent touched, so he can naturally put a bold face on it to fight the opponent.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang glanced at the smoke bomb he had just licked from the box, and suddenly had an idea in his mind.

     At the next moment, he only heard a "clam", a smoke bomb was thrown under his feet, and a large cloud of smoke filled it.

     Liu Zilang slowed down, and the cat slid back towards his teammate in the north.

     "It's the Se7en team! They should have been attracted by the sound of cars and explosions just now."

     "Well, both the lonely existence and Wei Shen just committed suicide, they should still do not know that this is Vic."

     "Huh? Don't Vic ride a bike?"

     "The cycling movement is too loud, he may be trying to seal the cigarette to confuse the opponent to take the opportunity to slip away."

     Under the camera of the big screen director, I saw a team of four people from Se7en quietly touching the corner with guns.

     Seeing the smoke ahead, the SSR walking in front instantly looked turned cold and said, "Be careful, there is a cloud of smoke ahead."

      CoCo, who was following behind, squatted down expertly and glanced at from the SSR crotch.

      he cannot bear guessed, "Well, maybe it's just after the fight, and the people inside are closing the cigarette to fight medicine."

     The more anxious 90God in the team heard what the two said and immediately said, "No matter how much he is, let's try to throw a thunder first.

     As he spoke, a grenade slipped out of his hand.SSR didn't stop him when he saw it. Compared to detecting smoke on the face this time, thundering is undoubtedly a not bad's choice.

     The movement is a little bit bigger, which may attract other teams who don't know where they are lurking.

     Thinking of this, SSR couldn't help looking around, and glanced around vigilantly.

     When his gaze swept across a corner of the wall, he suddenly had his gaze fixed and saw a figure running out from their direction.

     what's the situation?

     Someone touched it again?

     No, you shouldn't run in the opposite direction.

     For a while, SSR's brows frowned slightly and fell into contemplation...

     Immediately afterwards, what interrupted his contemplation was the "boom" a loud sound. The grenade that 90God had just thrown exploded in the smoke, and the floating fire light could be seen through the smoke.

     However, after the explosion, everything returned to silence, as if nothing at all had happened.

     In a moment, SSR keenly felt wrong.

     It's too quiet.

     Whether it was before or after the explosion, the smoke was too quiet to hear even a trace of footsteps.

     It seems that the other party doesn't need to hide at all, so avoiding is sure that this thunder will not blow him.

     But is it possible?

     Recalling that I had just seen the back in my mind, SSR felt that he had vaguely grasped the key.

     I saw him suddenly holding a gun and rushed over towards the smoke.

     The three teammates in the back were stunned when they saw this, and they didn't understand how this guy had always been stable, but suddenly became reckless.

     "Be careful that the person is still in the smoke!" 90God reminded, and quickly followed with his gun.words exceede 5100