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1023 Did You Lead The Devil Here?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? has to say, "Beat and be beaten" will always coexist in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

     Just when Liu Zilang was overtaken by a team of four people who slapped their heads.

     North of Lion City.

     Li Muqiu, Shen Zeyan and Misaka Kotomi were also slamming others and beating them violently.

     "The response from the first team was quick. They found something was wrong and they have caught up."

     "Well, Vic has never had a chance to make up for it, now it's a bit weak to fight back."

     "That's right, Vic's current state of fault tolerance is too low. A careless person will fold himself in. I think the best way is to meet with his teammates first."

     "However, Qiu Shen and the others are besieging Zilan. Zilan should have been blocked in the building because of stealing people."

     "Well, now Qiu Shen is guarding below, and Ze Shao is attacking the building with Menhera sauce. This wave of purple and blue seems to have been eaten to death."


     On the presiding commentary stage, the three of you looked at the game screen and you analyzed the situation every word.

     In the game.

     Next to a three-story building in the north of Lion City.

     Li Muqiu was standing downstairs with a Thomson submachine gun, tilted his head, concentrate one's attention completely, staring at the windows on the second and third floors above.


     There was a loud explosion from the building!

     Li Muqiu below couldn't help tweak one's ears and scratch one's cheeks anxiously, "Ze Shao, don't throw thunder, and face directly! That kid will definitely not be able to stand it, so I will jump down and I will continue!"

     Thinking of the start of the game, Zilan had been squatting for a long time with his AK, and he got a little itchy with anger.Unexpectedly, Shen Zeyan said deadpan, tone was light, "I didn't throw it."

     Misaka Kotomi also said angrily on the bun's face, "Hmm! It was thrown by the guy above, damn it! I didn't let the dens attack the building!"

     Hearing Misaka Kotomi said panting with rage, Li Muqiu thought that he was not stupid, how can it be let you go up?

     Suddenly, his eyes rolled, and his tone suddenly slowed down, and the guide patiently and systematically said:

     "Leave him alone, Xiao Qinmei, you can just rush forward. You Ze Shao will definitely have no problem behind."

      "Huh?" Misaka Kotomi was taken aback, suddenly curled her lips, and muttered in a low voice, "Akishin, Wo thinks you are cheating..."

     Li Muqiu heard this and suddenly corner of the mouth twitch!

     Hemp egg!

     Why did that guy Liu Zilang flicker, but he didn't work.

     Li Muqiu was about to say something, suddenly Liu Zilang screamed in his voice!

     "Old Qiu be careful!"

     Li Muqiu shivered when Liu Zilang shouted, and subconsciously raised his head and looked upward.

     However, at this time in clear and boundless sky, there are no people in the windows on the second and third floors.

     He was a little annoyed that Liu Zilang was screaming, but Liu Zilang's voice came again in his voice.

     "Not the top! The back! The back!"


     Li Muqiu subconsciously turned around.

     He hadn't seen anyone yet, but there was a clear gunshot in his ear!


     A team of snipers SSR pulled the trigger!

     In the flames and flames of the gun, only a 7.62mm sniper bullet jumped out of the muzzle!Passing through the gap of the house, flying over a distance of more than 100 meters in a blink of an eye, it accurately hit Li Muqiu's head.


     The bullet burst into the soul and shredded the first-level head on Li Muqiu's head. The moment the scarlet blood burst, he suddenly fell to his knees with a "plop".

     "Se7en-SSR knocked down Se7en2-Lech with a headshot of Kar98K!"

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, there was an inhalation sound from all around the field!

     "Fuck! This is really mysteriously and inexorably Se7en, the first and second teams are doing it again."

     "Wait! Wasn't you just chasing Vic? Why did Qiu Shen fall here."

     "Nonsense, Vic is not slippery, but Qiu Shen is stuck downstairs in this wave. Who doesn't beat him?"

     "A person or an apparition is on show, only Qiu Shen is being beaten. I feel sorry for my Qiu Shen for a second."


     During the game competition, Li Muqiu suddenly fell to his knees and was stunned!

     What the hell?

     Who did I piss off?

     At this time, a smoke bomb was thrown beside him, and a large swath of smoke suddenly spread.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang suddenly whispered, "I told you to be careful."

     Li Muqiu, who was kneeling on the ground, suddenly reacted to one shivers.

     He suddenly rolled his eyes, and his lips trembled with anger, "Fuck! Did your kid lead the devil here?"

     Liu Zilang gave a dry laugh, and said, "It's a team, all of them are their own brothers, so it's not good to be a devil."

     "Madan! My brother beat me up?" Li Muqiu's old face went dark."Don't worry don't worry, Qin Mei come down to save Qiu Shen." Liu Zilang said immediately.

     On the second floor, Kotomi Misaka stared upstairs intently.

     Unexpectedly, hearing Liu Zilang's words, she was slightly surprised, her eyes widened suddenly, her tone of surprise exhibit one's feelings in one's speech.

     "Sky Duck Ward! Autumn God, you are down again?"

     "..." Unexpectedly, Yusaka Kotomi's repairing knife opened up the scars, and Li Muqiu's old face suddenly became dark!

     This is not to blame your second-hand master!


     This Xiao Qinmei is also a black-bellied monster!

     on purpose!

     It must be intentional!

      Thought until here, Li Muqiu couldn't help feeling depressed!

     It wasn't until Misaka Kotomi not saying anything further that she immediately jumped downstairs and ran into the smoke to help him, that Li Muqiu sensed the care of his teammates.

      At the same time, after a shot, the SSR of the first team was also stunned.

     He just suddenly saw someone not moving, and subconsciously pulled Zhuan Xin from the side holding Liu Zilang and fired a shot. He didn't expect this person to be Li Muqiu.

     "Fuck! It's the second team again."

     "Why did Qiu Shen just stand?"

     "I guess they might be attacking buildings."

     "Then in other words... Are there two teams over there?"

     "Brothers, our chance is here!"

      After spoke until here, the other three people in the first team also reacted, fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms!

      It should be noted, since the start of PCPI, Se7en2 has gradually been called "History's Strongest Second Team". The pressure on the shoulders of the first team that has been firmly pressed underneath them is also getting bigger and bigger, and even feels like an impossible to breathe .In several collisions in previous games, the two sides have always ended in the defeat of the second team.

     But the spirit of eSports is "surpass and never admit defeat." As a professional player, how can a team of four people be really willing? They have been eager for a one more time duel for a team.

     So when the opportunity is now before their eyes again, their hearts are suddenly hot, and there seems to be two fireworks burning fiercely in their eyes!

     In an instant, as the commander, SSR make prompt decisions quickly commanded his teammates to pull the shot line and surrounded the small building.

     Their goal is simple, and that is to first make up for Li Muqiu who was knocked down in the smoke, and then take advantage of the fight in the building, little by little gradually eat away.

      At the same time, after Misaka Kotomi jumped downstairs to smoke and help people, Liu Zilang quickly rushed upstairs with a gun.

     He knew that before responding to the outside team, he had to resolve the hidden danger upstairs.

     So when I climbed to the second floor,

      In his hand, he cut out a grenade, and pulled out the tab with a "clang" sound.

     Exclamation from the station!

     "Oh! Vic... Vic is going to open the way and rush directly?!"