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1024 I Should Work Hard With Your Performance
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the small building, fighting could happen at any moment.

     Liu Zilang vigilantly stuck on the obstacle on the wall that looks above at the entrance of the corridor, silently counting the countdown in his mind and also estimating the direction and route of thunder.

     Shen Zeyan on the second floor found a team of people approaching from below.

     At this time, Kotomi Misaka was still helping people in the smoke below. If a group of people touched and threw a little thunder into the smoke, then this wave might be finished for both of them.

     So Shen Zeyan immediately took the sks and opened the window on the right side of the second floor to start setting up a gun, looking a little cautious.

     He had to be careful in this wave.

     Shen Zeyan knew that the other party had a 98k, but he only had a second-level head in his mind, and only sks in his hand.

     Without knowing the specific location of the opponent's sniper, if he accidentally gets a headshot, Liu Zilang will also be restrained.

     When the time comes, the purple and blue on it will become their biggest threat first.

     So at this time, I saw Shen Zeyan's body flashing back and forth in the window like an electric flash, and the speed of shooting the gun was extremely fast. The whole person seemed to have a feeling of ghosts and animals, and his usual high coldness was simply different .

     "Tsk tusk! I heard that super-class snipers have super-class body skills. Today I am considered experienced."

     "Now the offensive momentum of the first team has been suppressed by Ze Shao, but there are still two people who touched it from the other two directions. Then enhera sauce has to hurry up to save people."

     At this time, the director's shot was suddenly shown to the third floor.

     "Huh? Zilan seems to realize that vi is about to throw thunder to attack the building. Does he want to jump down?"Ding Ding Ding—!

     During the game competition, Liu Zilang also realized the slight changes in his footsteps upstairs.

     While thinking about it, he suddenly turned around while standing under the corridor!

      without omen ground

     He threw the grenade in his hand that was about to be thrown after warming up, and threw it backhand toward the window behind Shen Zeyan!


     The grenade whizzes away!

     The moment he flew out of the window, a figure landed from above.

     Perfect docking!

     Boom a loud sound!

     The purple-blue who jumped out of the window hadn't reacted yet, and the light of burning fiercely below was reflected in his pupils, and the whole person was swallowed up by the expanding flame in a blink of an eye.

     "Se7en2-vi killed n-perse with a fragment grenade!"


     Seeing the shocking picture of abruptly arising, a burst of exclamation suddenly broke out off the court!

     Countless "666" were also flashed on the barrage of the live broadcast room, and the audience and friends were stunned by the thunder of Liu Zilang!

     "Fogweed? This is absolutely perfect anyway!"

     "Strong invincible! Vi, this thunder is too dazzling."

     "This connection can be said to be perfect, and it feels like the two have cooperated in the exercise."

     "2333 said that the exercise was too much, and Zilan really used his life to perform."

     "Distressed for a wave of purple and blue, I feel that he just wants to show a flying grass, but it is a pity that he met vi, the flying mountain monster."


     Downstairs, Kotomi Misaka in the smoke is saving people.

     At this time, I only heard a "clang", what thing fell to the ground.Misaka Kotomi couldn't help being startled, and subconsciously hurriedly said, "It's wet! Someone jumped down!"

     After talking about psoralen, she realized that this person seemed to be immobile.

     And it seems to be a box.

     At this time, she remembered the explosion and the killing, and suddenly reacted in her head. She couldn't help her small face blushed, a little embarrassed to stuck out the tongue.

     After a thunder came into his soul, Liu Zilang moved his gaze to the bottom and smiled, "Hey, the one above has been solved, now it's time to say hello to the first team."


     Misaka Kotomi followed with a smirk and then muttered in a low voice, "It's wet, you smile so sinister."

     Li Muqiu almost laughed loudly, and said to Misaka Kotomi, "Did you find out now? You are wet and more sinister and cunning than you thought."

     Liu Zilang's face turned black when he heard this, and he regretted not putting Zilan down to make up for these two guys.

     As if to hear the regret in his heart.

     The next moment, just listen to "gang-dang"!

     I don't know where the grenades flew from and hit the wall and bounced back into the smoke downstairs.

     "Oh! The 90gd of the first team has gotten closer, this mine is very accurate!"

     "Could it be that Qiu Shen and Enhera sauce are going to be blown down again? The second team will be difficult to fight in this wave, maybe the first team will fight back."

     "Wait! Qiu Shen has been helped up! Is there a chance to run this wave?"

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.The moment the grenade hit the wall and landed on the ground, Li Muqiu was also helped up. The startled two quickly turned around and rushed over to the door on the first floor.

     When the audience saw it, they stared at the big screen nervously.

     The next moment, the moment the two rushed into the door, there was a rumbling behind their backs, and the raging fire and expanding waves suddenly swept over.

     After the violent fire and smoke, Li Muqiu and Misaka Kotomi survived inconceivable.

     Under the camera of the director, I saw that the wooden door behind them was scattered and smashed, and the sawdust was flying.

     On the commentary stage, Sjy's eyes widened in surprise, "My God! The wave of Qiu Shen and Enhera is really mortal danger, escape alive."

     "Thanks to Qiu Shen who closed the door just now." I also said with emotion when looking at the battered wooden door in the picture, "if this is not the case Qiu Shen closed the door behind him when he entered. Looking at the power of the explosion, the two estimated that they could enter the house, but they should have been blown into it."

     Sjy smashed it, smashed it, and recalled the random level just now, cannot help but laugh and said, "Well, and looking at Qiu Shen's hand speed, he should be the kind of player who closes the door when he starts to search for things. It is a subconscious operation."

     Listening to Sjy's words, the dull girl also nodded smiled, "I used to hate those who close the door easily, because he closed the door and was not searched inside, but I don't know, but now it seems that I have to learn. ""Then the second team not only succeeded in addition to the internal troubles upstairs, but also very successfully saved the firepower, and there was no attrition. Now if the first team is hard, it will be 4v4."

     "Yes, the other second team is the defender who guards the building and has a certain advantage. Does the first team really want to do it at this time and the second team irreconcilable until death?"


     The interpreter’s doubts are also a problem for the first team.

     Just now after Liu Zilang killed n's Zilan with a thunder, he saw System Notification and several people in the first team were stunned.

     What about the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind unaware of the oriole behind?

     Why did the cicada get cold so quickly?

     For a time, the four players in the first team were a little shaken. After all, the first lap has not yet been brushed, and most of the teams on the field are still saving their strength.

     If you meet the second team at this time, it would be okay to win. If you lose, it will be out of fifteen.


     Still not up?

      this is a problem.