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1025 Words Exceede 5100
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? A team of four is not a philosopher, and there is not much time left for them to think.

     But at this moment, there was a cry of exclamation on the stage!

     "Vic's position... how did he get there?"

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     Liu Zilang didn't know at what time he had already turned out from the back window, but he did not fall, but stood inconceivable on the edge of the outside window.

     After a few steps carefully, he suddenly climbed with both hands and immediately climbed to the top of the building along the canopy on the balcony.

     Seeing this, countless spectators on the scene turned their heads up and stared at the big screen. Their faces were inconceivable, and they looked so open that they could fit two eggs.

     "Vic is really not taking an unusual path!"

     "I took it! Is this Nima PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or Assassin's Creed?!"

     All of a sudden, there were discussions in the audience.

     Everyone stared at the game screen closely, and wanted to know Liu Zilang's next move.

     After Liu Zilang got on the top of the building, he quickly fell down and crawled forward cautious and solemn.

     As the saying goes, standing tall, pee... No, it means seeing far, and he quickly found the trail of a team.

     While a team was staring at Xiaolou hesitantly at this time, SSR cleared his throat and wanted to say something.

     However, he did not expect to kill him, Liu Zilang was actually lying on the top of the building and peering at him quietly.

     A team chatting voice.

     "Ahem..." SSR gave a dry cough, "I think it's a bit unreasonable to attack buildings now, let's try to be strategic first..."Bang bang bang —!

     Unexpectedly, SSR's hasn't even finished his sentence, suddenly two bloody flowers burst on his head, and the whole person instantly kneels down on the ground uncontrollably.


     SSR was slightly dazed for a moment, recalling the flash of gunfire and fire, suddenly one shivers in my mind!

     "Be careful! The other party is on the roof!"

     "Find a cover quickly."

     "You wait a moment, I will seal a cigarette for you!"

     The teammates got busy with everyone lending a hand (eagerly but somewhat chaotically).

     But Liu Zilang didn't mean to make up for someone. He quickly turned his gun after knocking down one.

     However, the response of the first team was faster than he expected. When he played the second man, the opponent already knew his position and quickly found the cover.

     "These guys are reacting very quickly now." Liu Zilang mumbled, climbing up from the roof.

      At this moment, the few shots abruptly arising just now shocked the remaining three people in the team!

     No one knows whether Liu Zilang has discovered his position just now, so naturally he doesn't look at it randomly.

     For a time, he just stood there like this.

     Holding SKS in his hands, there is only one simple double lens on SKS.

     But no one on the court dared to show up.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Tsk tusk, isn't this guy afraid of being struck by lightning while standing there?"

     "Haha, but has one to say one, Vic was a little bit fierce just now!"

     "Well, I feel like it's AM. The wave is deadly and it doesn't give the opponent a chance to react."Then what does the team say now? It's unrealistic to get knocked down first and then want to attack the building."

     "Attack the building? Don't be kidding, I think the first team should go straight away."

     "Yes, and now that the first wave of poison has shrunk, we can see that the remaining elephant teams and ARK in the Lion City are already preparing to transfer."

     "Well, but Vic seems to have reserved his hand. Just now he used SKS's continuous attack. There is no direct and effective cover between the SSR of the first team and him. After being knocked down, the time to climb to another cover is not enough. , So in fact, he just had the opportunity to make up the SSR."

     "Huh? It seems to be the case, why didn't Vic just make up for him?"

     "That's why Vic left a hand. If you make up for it directly, the team will have nothing to worry about. In this obviously unfavorable situation, most of them will choose to leave directly, but now the SSR side is covered by smoke. The team must try to save people first."

     "Tsk tusk, think about it this way, Vic has a really big appetite."

     "Oh! Qiu Shen has already been given medicine. Are he and Menhera going to rush?"

     On the big screen of the game, Li Muqiu and Misaka Kotomi were holding their guns, pushing open the broken wooden door and rushing out of the building.

      At this time, a slightly puzzled voice came from the station.

     "Huh? Why didn't Ze Shao and Vic move here? Are they not going to go together?"

     Upon hearing the commentary, the audience off the court was also puzzled.

     Is this preparing to carry forward the "code of chivalry" and have a positive and fair duel with a team?But this is not right!

     Let’s not mention whether Liu Zilang has this kind of spirit. Even if it is a fair matchup, they can at least come up with three talents.

     Next, as Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan kept firing, the commentary on the stage and the audience off the court gradually reacted.

     What is this "code of chivalry"!

     This Nima is clearly bullying!

     What has to say here is that when the Se7en team just touched them, they had already regarded the two teams in the building as cooked ducks.

     In order to prevent the ducks from flying away, the four of them scattered and opened gun lines to surround the building from different directions, with the purpose of not letting a fish that escaped the net.

     However, at this moment, it became their fatal weakness.

      It should be noted, Liu Zilang didn't shoot immediately when he was lying on the top of the building. Instead, he took down one person after he had mastered the movements of a team of four.

     At this time, he and Shen Zeyan both occupied the high point, and the two snipers held the remaining three scattered in a team.

     Hit whoever moves.

     At first, the first team thought that the other side didn't want them to run out to save people.

     But when Li Muqiu brought Misaka Kotomi to the easternmost person, they "ge-deng" in their hearts, and suddenly reacted—the other party wanted to destroy them one by one, just like they just did. what!

     "Hiss! The second team is a bit ruthless!"

     "Your second elder brother is still your second elder brother. It seems that the first team is about to fall back in this wave. Now they only have 90God and CoCo left.""Oh! Qiu Shen has taken Menhera and rushed towards CoCo again. What do you say about this wave? Can a team sit and wait for death here!"

     "My God! CoCo threw a thunder! He rushed out from behind the bunker, this wave of anti..."

     Bang bang bang —!

     SKS's unique gunfire sounded again!

     Msjoy swallowed the "anti-strike" in Msjoy's mouth unexpectedly.

     Because Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan set up their guns high in the distance, even if CoCo restrained Li Muqiu and Misaka Kotomi with grenades to gain the upper hand by a show of strength, it would be difficult to beat the two upstairs even...

     But soon, the audience off the court discovered that this wave of a team did not seem to be ready to fight back.

     Because at the moment when CoCo rushed out, 90God in the other direction took advantage of this opportunity to rush out.

     I saw him running like a rabbit in the bullet rain, and disappeared into the city in a blink of an eye.

     "It's a pity." Liu Zilang shook the head.

     "Forget it, just leave them a fire." Li Muqiu said cheerfully, who had just taken a head.

      But at this moment, before they had time to turn around to make up for them, they suddenly jumped out of the screen to kill.

      At the same time, the upper right of the screen is a stream of flashing...


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