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1028 Other People’s Motorcycles!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Buzzing—!

     The motorcycle engine roars in the ear!

     on the road.

     IFTY, who had just jumped into the car and was about to go home, looked at the motorcycle rushing up, and all four of them were a little stunned for a while!

     "What kind of motorcycle is this? So fierce?"

     "Happy motorcycle?"

     "Well, that would be really happy."

     "Leave it alone, let's go."

     In IFTY’s team chat voice, the last one is Big Brother A+ one strike sets the tone.

     A+'s choice is very sensible. Staying here for a second will be a bit more dangerous.

     Regardless of whether the motorcycle is directed at them or not, they can't be held back here.

     However the trees long for peace but the wind will never cease.

     A+ They got off the road immediately after getting in the car and drove from the sandy land south of Picardo to the west.

     Their destination was not Picardo, but the field house not far to the west of Picardo.

     But to their surprise, the motorcycle behind them seemed to be lingering. The sound of hōng lóng lóng's engine was always in their ears.

      Bully intolerably!

     The four of IFTY can't stand the bird anymore!

     They had four people and two cars, and the person in the co-pilot could shoot.

     The violent gunfire soon sounded.

     However, both sides are in the desert of high speed movement, so the opponent's marksmanship seems inaccurate.

     Just look at Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle behind swaying left and right. Bullets occasionally fall on the front of the car and splash sparks, but most of them can only shuttle from both sides.

     On the main commentary stage.

     The three explanations were also puzzled."What is Vic doing? Why are you so chasing IFTY?"

     "Moreover, he is too out of touch with his teammates now. He can't shoot on a motorcycle alone. It seems that he can't do anything even if he catches up?"

     "Where are the others in the second team? Aren't they coming to support Vic?"

     The doubts of the narration were also the doubts of the audience off the court, but the scene of the director found the remaining three of the second team.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     They were driving the pickup that Liu Zilang had just stolen from ARK. At this time, they were touching behind ARK. It seemed that the master wanted to come here to "thank you".

     Everyone quickly understood the intention of the second team.

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy looked at the game screen, rubbed his chin and said some hesitation, "It looks like... the second team wants two blooms in this wave."

     The one on the side shook the head and disagreed, "Well, speaking of two blossoms, there's hope that Qiu Shen and their three people may not be able to bloom flowers on Vic's side."

     "Then why did Vic chase IFTY?" Msjoy scratched the head, and became more and more puzzled. "The wave before IFTY didn't seem to hit him either."

     Daimei's eyes rolled, and she suddenly wondered, "Could it be that Vic stared at the airdrop and wanted to follow IFTY to see where they went last?"

     "It means stepping on it?"

     Msjoy embraced his arms, with a looking thoughtful expression on his face, "Um... it's not impossible, but I don't think it will be possible.""Well, and it doesn't fit Vic's style." It's okay to say with a smile, "What is this guy fancy, shouldn't he just go straight? Where are these twists and turns?

     At this moment, there was a surge of exclamation from the audience!

     The three commentators raised the head to look on the big screen, and all eyes suddenly became round!

     When Liu Zilang crossed a sandy slope in the hilly desert in the bullet rain shooting ahead, the whole car stood straight along the slope!

     "666, this is a dynamic charge!"

     "Vic is a proper speeding party, there are few who dare to ride a motorcycle like this in the first person of FPP."

     "Happy motorcycle want to know more, happiness is over."

     "No, maybe Vic is going to play some new tricks?"

     "Why do I have a bad feeling!"


     In fact, not only the audience in the audience, but also the IFTY driving in front was stunned.

     In the passenger seat of the desert jeep, A+ leaned out the window holding the AK.

     He looked back at the motorcycle above the rear, and the corner of his eyes also couldn't bear twitched twice.

     Why is this guy flying so high?

     Are you afraid of falling to death?

     For a while, A+ couldn't help but thought with some malicious intent.

     But the next moment,

     His pupils shrank suddenly!

     In mid-air, I saw that Liu Zilang's motorcycle had stopped its upward momentum under the action of the world's best physics engine, as if sensed by Mother Earth's call, fell diagonally downward like a fallen leaf.At this moment, the motorcycle is somewhat out-of-control while falling from the air, and Liu Zilang's fingers are beating quickly on the keyboard, and the center of gravity of the motorcycle is adjusted by pressing the front and rear wheels, so that the whole car seems to be moving in a targeted manner Howling down in a certain direction below.


     Da da da-!

     The fierce gunfire suddenly sounded!

     At this moment, gunfire came from the top of the hill where ARK was located.

     "It's Qiu Shen and Ze Shao!"

     "ARK seems to be attracted by Vic, and Ze Shao has already taken one down."

     "Then both parties are now 3V3. I think there is a chance in this wave."

     "Tsk tsk, this is the advantage of having a strong sniper in the team. Before the two sides exchange fire, they can always complete a strong sniper and reduce the opponent's personnel."

     "But ARK's response is not slow, it seems that this wave is not easy to say."


     Seeing the battle between the two sides could happen at any moment.

     The attention of everyone has just shifted and gathered, but the director's camera has been pulled back!

     Everyone off the court was somewhat uncertain, and suddenly heard a "gang-dang" sound in their ears!

     The next moment, the audience was in an uproar!

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw that Liu Zilang's motorcycle to drop from the sky was like a bear down on one with the weight of Mt. Tai. The motorcycle crashed on top of the Jeep on the right of IFTY.

     Suddenly, the head of the driving jeep suddenly sank, and it suddenly hit the sand in front of it.The huge inertial effect caused the rear of the car to slouch up unpreparedly, and the whole car flew up in a forward flight, and finally looked like a bastard. Four legs facing the sky bang sound fell on the ground!

     At the next moment, the sudden expansion of the front of the car stood straight, accompanied by the ear-splitting explosion, the raging flame swallowed the Jeep in an instant.

     And Liu Zilang's motorcycle flew out of the flames like a chariot of evil spirits, and quickly turned to avoid the A+ fire from another IFTY car.

     The next moment, the screen starts to swipe!

     "4AM-Vic detonated the vehicle and killed IFTY-VK!"

     "4AM-Vic detonated the vehicle and killed IFT-SoSo!"



     Seeing this picture, there was an instant controversy in the audience around the scene!

     "Mist grass! This is also possible?"

     "Is this a horse riding a flying swallow?"

     "No, it's clearly Nine Heavens Thunderclap double pedals!"

     "I took it! Other people's motorcycles are vehicles, and Vic's motorcycles are murder weapons!"