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1029 Specify No Good Juice To Eat!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? In the lively discussion of countless viewers in the live broadcast room, Liu Zilang rode a motorcycle around and quickly returned to the place where it just exploded.

     I saw him using the motorcycle and the four-legged desert jeep as a cover, and he squatted after he squatted down.

     In the game.

     A+ is also a little dumbfounded at this time!

     Just now he could say that he was watching that motorcycle to drop from the sky.

     However, when he realizes the purpose of the other party and reminds him, everything comes without enough time...

     At this time, looking at Liu Zilang's face in front of oneself, he actually ran back to lick his teammate's box.

     This is no less than "the husband is committed now"!

     For a while, A+ and TK couldn't help but the corners of their eyes throbbed, and their heads were about to smoke!

     "Arrogant! This kid is so arrogant!"

     "Unbearable, this is absolutely unbearable!"


     Several people frantically condemned Liu Zilang's "best behavior".

     However, after talking for a long time,

     But there is no intention to go back.

     In fact, if it is someone else, IFTY may have grievances and complaints.

     But when they saw Liu Zilang's ID in the kill prompt, several people couldn't help shaking at the same time.

     No way, the shadow of the famous tree.

     The three letters "Vic" during the PCPI start of more than half a month are simply synonymous with "deranged".

     But this guy is planning before acting. At present, no one in the domestic battle team has taken advantage of him.

      This kind of people, since he dared to rush over so deranged.To say that they would not believe that they were killed without a backhand, there must be teammates preparing to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits to ambush them.

     A+ smiled from the corner of his mouth, coughed dryly and said, "for a nobleman to take revenge ten years is not too long, let’s take some points first, we don’t lack equipment, and now even if we go back and kill it, we can only take ten, but if If you are ambushed, you may not be able to come out."

     "Big Brother is right."

     TK, who was driving, nodded quickly, "Risk and reward are not proportional, so let Vic be proud of him for a while. In the finals, he didn't have a good juice."

     "Yes! Specify no good juice for him!" The elder brother added viciously.

     In the team, VK and SoSo, who had just been killed or bombed to death, glanced at each other, and both saw the bitterness in each other's eyes, silently turning the head and looks to A+.

     Brother, you have changed...


     Host the commentary stage.

     "Huh? The remaining two of IFTY actually left? Doesn't this look like the style of the big brother and their team?"

     "I'm also wondering, A+ and their team are not always reckless, what do they do when they see people?"

     "Hehe, I can only say that every item has a weakness. Maybe when I meet Vic, I can only find a stable hand on Brother A+."

     "Yes, although it looks like there is only Vic alone at this time, in fact, Qiu Shen and Ze Shao on the top of the mountain they already grasp it and victory is assured, and only the last person on the ARK side.

     "Oh! The last one was also dropped by Qiu Shen!"

     "In that case, once Vic fights here and the hillside doesn't have any sight obstructed, the second team can provide long-range fire support at any time.""ARK is a shame in this game. It is said that Qiu Shen drove their car when they first touched it. I don't know if this is regarded as show the wolf into the house."

     "I can't talk about show the wolf into the house, it's always a bit aggrieved anyway."

     "Actually, I'm more curious who took the M24 from the airdrop gun just now? If it were on the two people who were killed by a motorcycle, IFTY's airdrop dream was purely working for Vic."

     "If I remember correctly, the sniper VK was setting up a gun just now and there was no chance to lick the airdrop."

     "I remember the airdrop was licked by Big Brother."

     "Hehe, this is okay. Now the first circle is about to overlap with the border of the safe zone. Let's see what the next circle says?"

     Along with the commentary, the attention of the audience off the field and in the live broadcast room was also cast on the deep blue radiation grid, while also staring at the safe area on the small map at the bottom right to refresh.

     Soon, the drug circle and the border of the safe zone overlap, and the next circle is refreshed!

     "Oh! Concentric circle! Actually brushed a concentric circle." The commentary exclaimed from the station!

     In the game competition, many teams can't help but see this circle let out a relaxed breath!

     Compared to the airport circle of the island in the last game, and the final circle of the "Cape of Good Hope" in the southeast of the airport island.

     In this desert map game, the first circle is painted in the center of the map, Picardo, and the second circle is a concentric circle, which is undoubtedly very gentle and friendly.At the same time, this is also a fairer circle for most teams. Although there is a team's destiny in the circle, there is no need to run poison, but there will not be a diagonal circle that requires long-distance transfer.

     "According to this situation, the finals of this game are likely to be Picardo."

     "Well, I think it depends on how to do the next round, right?"

     "There are already five teams in Picadory, and two of them have just come down from the northern mountain."

     "Well, it seems that some teams have already decided to bet on Picador, but if there are more teams, I am afraid it won't be too quiet for Picador."

     "Huh? Brother, aren't they going to enter the city?"

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     I saw A+ and TK driving a desert jeep, passing by the blue-bottomed high-rise building in the southwest corner of Picardo, and drove straight to a wild spot housing area on the outskirts of the wilderness.

     At this time, the remaining A+ two of IFTY in the car didn't feel much, but they were a little bit regretful that they couldn't happily go back and engage in Liu Zilang.

     But as soon as the commentators on the stage saw this picture, they were all overwhelmed!

     It turns out that there is already a team stationed in the housing area they are going to, and the car is still very hidden and hidden. It looks like a family inherited "black shop" waiting for customers...

     The owner of this black shop is no one else, but the SSS team where NB211 belongs.

     In an instant, the barrage in the online live broadcast room suddenly appeared.

     "Tsk tusk, brother is going to clean up the sect?"

     "I think it's difficult, SSS is a three-person team, one more than them.""And it's still wait at one's ease for the exhausted enemy. It would be miserable if it was overcast."

     "It seems that this wave of eldest brother and them is likely to be cleared by the portal 2333."



     In the "black shop" long building, SSS quickly heard the sound of cars from far and near.

     "Finally a car has arrived!"

     The assaulter SASA in the team took a peek from behind the window, and his heart was full of excitement of unable to hold back.

     "By the way, you didn't pick up the drinks on the first floor just now." Vvovo confirmed.

     "I didn't pick it up, I put it on the ground."

     The smile on SASA's mouth grew stronger, "Make sure that the other party thinks this is an undeveloped place, and you must search the building."

     "That's good, I go to the toilet and put a medical kit behind the door."

     "The medical kit is too expensive, will it cause suspicion?"

     "That's right, then the first aid kit."


     The three of them were discussing hopefully.

     At this time, there was another sound of motorcycle engines from far and near.


     There are guests coming?

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