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    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
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On the motorcycle, Liu Zilang tightened the throttle.

     He narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at the desert jeep slanting forward towards the house.

     In fact, Liu Zilang was originally prepared to quit while one is ahead, but in the two boxes that were just killed by a motorcycle, he did not find anything that made him feel "good", or to be more precise, there was no air-dropped gun.

     But Liu Zilang didn't think about playing the same old trick at this moment, because that would be too disrespectful to his opponent.

     Although he followed the remaining two people in IFTY, he still stepped on and stalked, waiting for Shen Zeyan behind them to drive over.

     In the long building of the wild district, NB211 followed the sound of the car and looked out the window, his brows frowned slightly.

     "The motorcycles came from the northeast, as if the Jeep was not in the same team."

     SASA nodded, "Well, I seemed to hear gunshots just now. It should be the jeep who is riding a motorcycle."

     "Is this really a lone wolf and a two-person team?" vvovo couldn't help but guess, "how do you say? Which one should we eat in this wave?"

     "Children do multiple choice questions."

     NB211 stretched his fingers, the flashing light in his eyes suddenly clenched fists.

     "I want it all."

     "Well..." SASA nodded slightly when he heard the words, and smiled on his face, "It seems to be okay."



     The three made a hearty sneer.


     At this time, a small car hit the back wall of the long building.

     Host the commentary stage."Big Brother and TK have already stopped the car behind the building. They didn't seem to realize that there was someone here, so they just turned in from the rear window."

     "This wave of SSS is a bit insidious. There are drinks and guns on the ground on the first floor. It seems that they are trying to create an illusion that not only is there no one here, but has not been searched."

     "Yes, now the three people of SSS are fishing in the toilet on the second floor. There should be a chance to do sth when least expected in this wave."

     "Huh? Wait, brother, they picked up their drinks, but they don't seem to have the idea of going upstairs to continue searching."

     In the game screen on the big screen, I saw A+ and VK flipping in from the rear window of the long building and just picked up the things in the aisle on the first floor.

     Soon, the two of them squatted on both ends of the long building, listening carefully to the sound of the motorcycle engine outside.

     Obviously, they were still very jealous of Liu Zilang at this time, and did not have the effort to distract others.

     Or maybe it's like what A+ said, they don't lack anything, so they don't have the idea of going upstairs to expand the "winners".

     However, no matter which one of these two are, they are not what SSS wants to see.

     "This is a bit awkward."

     Msjoy raised his head and rubbed his nose, with a wry smile on his face, "SSS has all the bait scattered on this side. The problem is that people don't eat half of the fish. How do you play this?"

     Dai Meier looked at the game screen and suddenly said, "But now IFTY also doesn't know that someone is fishing. They are far apart from the left and right of the long building. Do you think it is possible to come down and make a surprise attack?"

     "Hehe, I think it's difficult."

     He could not help but laugh after hearing the words."Now the building is so quiet, the two of IFTY's people are squatting and not moving. The SSS three in the toilet on the second floor are not saying they want to make a surprise attack. They will be heard even if they open the toilet door."

     "The current situation is that IFTY doesn't know that there are people upstairs and will not go up, and SSS knows that there are people downstairs but dare not come down. The two teams are now frozen."

     "I don't think it will be enough to freeze, Qiu Shen and Ze Shao they already drive almost there."

     "Oh! Vic rides a motorcycle and posted it directly."



     Liu Zilang was riding a motorcycle, and the real estate in front of him was getting closer and closer.

     "Hey, we are almost there!" In the voice, Li Muqiu's voice sounded, "You don't have to worry, when you meet with unexpected failure, no one will save you."

     "It's okay, they have entered the long building." Liu Zilang chuckled, "I will find the way for everyone first."

     The motorcycle is fast.

     While talking, Liu Zilang arrived at the room.

     IFTY’s team chat voice.

     "Fuck, this guy is really the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed!"

     "Be careful! I listened to Picardo as if there was a car coming."

     "Could it be Qiu Shen and Ze Shao?"

     "Regardless of him, they will stay here anyway!"

     Compared to the gnashing one's teeth of IFTY on the left and right ends of the first floor, the three SSS behind the toilet door on the second floor are green in the face.

     How come someone is here again!

     They originally thought it was a two-person team with a lone wolf, and they all ate also no problem.But now there is another car coming from behind. No matter how good the mouth is, it can't stand it!

     But soon, they thought of another possibility.

     I saw SASA staringly said, "The new team will definitely have to fight with us downstairs!"

     "Yes, yes! We'll go up when they fight." Vvovo's tone was also excited, cannot help but laugh, "They definitely didn't expect someone upstairs."

     "It seems that we are still earning and not losing money in this wave!" A smile appeared on NB211's face, and the mood of the three became happy again...

     And at this moment, Liu Zilang stopped his motorcycle behind the house and turned in from the back window of the house vigorously.

     Looking at Li Muqiu before they arrived, Liu Zilang would naturally not be reckless with a gun alone.

     That way, once he was knocked down, he might not even have the chance to be lifted up.

     But doing nothing is not his style.

     In such a situation where he could not attack, Liu Zilang started his "long-range attack" and quickly slid out the grenade.

     "Oh! Will Vic throw thunder!"

     "Uh... A+ and TK are squatting near the door and there is no window. It is a bit difficult for Vic to blow up people."

     "But wait... Vic this thunder... he seems to be thrown to the second floor!"

     "My God! That location..."

     Accompanied by the exclamation from the commentary stage, the audience immediately jumped their hearts to the throat.

     It turned out that the thunder that Liu Zilang threw on the second floor actually flew towards the window of the second floor toilet, but there were still three people from SSS squatting in the toilet!

     There was a snapping sound, and the grenade broke the glass.The three of SSS were holding their breaths, elatedly waiting for the unaware of the oriole behind.

      at this moment ...

     Seeing this unexpectedly flying in, the grenade hit the wall with a "clam", and then bounced off the grenade that fell to the ground, and the three of them were suddenly a little confused!

     Have we been discovered?

     This idea flickering in an instant in the minds of the three of them, but they have no time to think about it now.

     SASA sharp-eyed and deft-handed opened the door, then yelled, "Run!"

     In fact, without him reminding them, NB211 and vvovo are already like cats with their tails stomped on, rushing out toward the door quickly.

     But It should be noted that the door of the toilet is not wide, NB211 and vvovo can barely get out.

     SASA just took a beat, and turned his head, the whole person was dumbfounded!

     Ahead, I saw two teammates perfectly blocked the door, giving him left behind one farewell back...


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