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1033 It's Time To Show The Real Head Iron!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"My God! This thunder on the IDS side of the building...!"

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy's eyes widened suddenly, staring at the game screen unblinkingly.

     "This is a low-throwing hook!"

     The one on the side cannot bear saying, "It's over! Qiu Shen and Ze Shao who are fighting drugs downstairs are all squatting together. I'm afraid this thunder is not going to bloom three times!

     "If the second team is blown down by three, then Vic will face the four-man formation of IDS."

     Hearing the explanation, everyone seemed to see the body that was flying when the grenade exploded, and they couldn't help but jumped to the throat.

     However, in the next moment, countless audiences off the field were dumbfounded!


     In the game, Kotomi Misaka was actually cried out in surprise!

     Liu Zilang also caught the black spot that quickly fell from the top of the building in his field of vision.

     But unlike Kotomi Misaka, Liu Zilang didn't fantasize about an airdrop like her second classmate, but was startled suddenly on his face!

     In my mind, I subconsciously wanted to take out the pan behind my buttocks to "swallow flashback".

     However, at this instant, his body did not perform this operation.

     Because it already comes without enough time.

     The height of the four-story building is short or not, let alone high.

     But the action of pulling the pot takes time, plus the time to run over and swing the pot.

     Liu Zilang ran over, maybe Lei had already landed as soon as the pot in his hand was raised.

      During thoughts revolve, countless thoughts rolled through his mind, and he suddenly gritted his teeth.In the next instant, I only heard Misaka Kotomi's exclamation before it fell. Liu Zilang slammed his foot on the ground, and his body instantly turned from static, rushed over to Misaka Kotomi as fast as lightning!

     And after Kotomi Misaka cried out in surprise reminded her teammates, she was so scared that she got up to run while squatting down to fight the drugs.

     Squat down!

     At this moment, Liu Zilang's voice suddenly came from her ear.

     In an instant, as if the robot received some kind of instruction, Kotomi Misaka was subconsciously covering the head and squatting.


     A figure flew past her, and a faint "boom" came from above her head.

     Why is it wet?

     Kotomi Misaka recovered his wits, and his head was somewhat dazed.

     But at this moment, she suddenly heard a "clang" in her ear.

     Kotomi Misaka turned her head to look, her eyes widened suddenly, her mouth opened so that it could fit two eggs!

     In fact, it is not only Misaka Kotomi.

     The commentator on the stage and the audience off the stage saw the scene just now, and the whole person is not good at this time.

     Under the big screen director lens.

     Just now everyone saw Liu Zilang leaping over Misaka Kotomi in an electric form, and he used his chest to fly the grenade that fell fast!

     Of course, what is even more inconceivable is that the top-flying grenade just flew to the jeep that was parked against the wall, issued a kuang duang'ed impact, and bounced toward the other side of the desert jeep.

     At this moment, the scene suddenly fell silent and fell into a quiescent silence...

     The next moment, the silence was broken.Because there was a loud ear-splitting noise from the live audio equipment!

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw a sudden burst of flames behind the jeep, and the smoke filled the sky. The entire jeep was blown off the ground and "jumped" suddenly.

     And seeing this picture, the three of Li Muqiu couldn't help but take a deep breath!

     Obviously, if this is not the case, if this is not the case Liu Zilang "chest the ball" incomparably this limit, it should be them just now.

      At the same time, the official live broadcast rooms of major platforms exploded even more!

     "666! This wave is spicy for me!"

     "Wow! It won't work, it won't work, why is this guy wearing good clothes."

     "Vic Xiu Xiu Xiu, fans love love love!"

     "Come on! Get my Fair Heaven Painting Halberd, I want to give Xiu'er a middle point!"

     "Wow! Did you just lick it without going through the process?"


     The barrage of the live broadcast burst instantly.

     During the game match, Lcc, who had just threw thunder on the top of the building, was stunned at this time. He said somewhat uncertain, "I just threw it wrong?"

     The junction of the third floor window and the outer ladder.

     Just witnessed this scene. Teammate Po1son couldn't help but stop and stop when he heard the words. Finally, he couldn't help but speak out.

     After the three teammates heard it, the whole person was dumbfounded for a while, and their eyes twitched.

     What kind of fairy operation is this special?

     However, without waiting for them to think about it, the footsteps downstairs suddenly became clear.

     "No! They are going to attack the building!""Hold it! Come and keep it at the door!"

     "Yes, you can't let them go upstairs."


      In the blink of an eye, the defense of the entire IDS team becomes effective.

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy couldn't help but takes a deep breath when he saw it, "The second team really has revenge and grievances. As soon as the opponent threw thunder, they started attacking the building."

     My eyebrows are frowned slightly, "But I think the second team has no advantage in attacking the building. Look at the Red House, the elephant team has not won the 4V3 attack on Tyloo until now, let alone the second team. Wave is still 4V4."

     Msjou nodded slightly, "Yes, the defensive side can wait at one's ease for the exhausted enemy when defending. It must have a natural advantage, but I think it depends on the tactical deployment and play of the second team. "

     At this moment, the dumb girl on the side suddenly exclaimed, "Eh! Look at the airdrop, the airdrop fell on the roof."

     On the roof of the Picador Boxing Stadium, I saw a red and blue airdrop box lying obliquely there, and attractive red smoke gently drifting in the wind.

     "Uh... really fell on the roof?!"

     "This airdrop... a bit difficult to take, right? Can it only be blown down?"

     "I remember there was a place to jump on the roof of the boxing gym..."

     The audience talked for a while.

     The camera of the director switched to the corridor of the blue-bottomed tall building again, and saw Liu Zilang and the four quickly climbed up the corridor, and soon came to the third floor.


     Listening to the subtle footsteps upstairs, Liu Zilang rolled his eyes and immediately said:"It should be all upstairs. Our two groups attacked the building. We were all blocked in the corridor and the fire could not be pulled. Kotomi would follow me."

     "Hmm." Misaka Kotomi smiled with joy, like a chicken pecking rice repeatedly nodded.

     When Liu Zilang saw this, he stopped talking, and rushed into the door, and walked over to a corner.

     There is a gap between the third and fourth floors, which can be climbed up through boxes.

     On the presiding commentary stage, Msjoy was a little surprised and uncertain when he saw this and said, "Vic, does this want...Haidilao?"

     At this time, after hearing only two sounds of "bang" and "bang", Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan in the corridor had already turned the corner and greeted grenades and flash bombs toward the door on the fourth floor.

      At the same time, in the corner, Liu Zilang also showed a genial smile to Misaka Kotomi.


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