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1034 King Of Guns!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing the smile on Liu Zilang's face, Kotomi Misaka couldn't help shrinking her head, feeling a bad feeling in her heart.

     Why is it so wretched?

     Liu Zilang didn't have this kind of self-consciousness, and still kept genial's smile.

     He gestured to the gap on the top of the floor in the lower corner, "I see the hole, I count 1, 2, 3, let's go together."

     When Misaka Kotomi heard this, her small face turned pale involuntarily.

     "Wet..." She stammering screamed.

     "Rest assured, the teacher will be behind you." Liu Zilang's smile was full of encouragement and encouragement.

     Kotomi Misaka couldn't help but "feeling trembling", as if being beaten.

     She stared at the hole on the top of her head, sucked her nose vigorously, and finally put a bold face on it and climbed up.

     In fact, the gap in the corner is not an unknown shortcut.

     Although Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan attracted the attention of the other overwhelming majority from the corridor, in fact, the footsteps that Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi showed when they walked downstairs have already made the IDS people above guess some after hearing them. Watching there quietly.

     So when Misaka Kotomi quietly climbed onto the box first, and immediately poked her head out of the hole in the corner like a gopher, she saw the muzzle facing her head!

     She blinked and exclaimed suddenly!

     "The nest of ducks!"

     The next moment, when the gunfire sounded, she hurriedly shrank her head and returned.

     Whoops whoops—!The bullet passed through her head and fell on the wall, and countless black bullet holes were shot out among the dust flying.

      After the calamity, renewed life's Kotomi Misaka reacted, Angrily turned to Liu Zilang and said, "It's wet, you are selling dens again!"

     "How can this be said to be selling?" Liu Zilang's expression remained unchanged and his tone was determined, "This is a tactic!"

     "What tactic?"

     Misaka Kotomi suddenly became curious.

     "Sell...hehe, seduce tactics."

     Liu Zilang gave a dry cough and looked at the top of his head looking thoughtful and said, "It seems that the opponent has already taken precautions a long time ago, so we can only change a tactic."

     With that, he looked at Misaka Kotomi again, "Come on! Try again, you don't need to climb up, just say hello to the other person like you did before."

      "Ah?" Misaka Kotomi's bun's face suddenly wrinkled, and said silently a little nervously, "It's wet, I don't want to say hello to them..."

     "That's impolite." Liu Zilang smiled kindly.

     Kotomi Misaka lowered her head...

     Since I can't resist Liu Zilang's lust, I can only execute closes the eyes.

     She takes a deep breath and silently recites "True Tie Tie" in her heart.

     The next moment, I saw Kotomi Misaka climbing with both hands, and suddenly went up through the hole like a gopher.

     This move immediately aroused the exclamation of countless audiences off-site and in the live broadcast room!

     "What's the situation? Didn't Menhera sauce just get beaten up? Do you dare to go?"

     "Wow! Worthy of being an iron head baby! Menhera sauce's head is too iron!"

     "Just now, I saw that Vic and Menhera sauce seemed to have said something. It should be Vic's idea.""Uh...Is Menhera sauce being intimidated by Vic?"

     "Menhera sauce! If you are intimidated, you blink, we will arrange someone to rescue you now!"


     The audience commented.

     During the game, Kotomi Misaka suddenly panicked when he poked his head out of the hole.

     However, Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan in the corridor are launching a new offensive at this time.

     The person responsible for holding this place may have just attracted attention, or he has never seen such an iron man, and never expected Kotomi Misaka to be beaten down in mortal danger, escape alive, and dare to be beaten at this time. Climb up again.

     So I couldn't find her immediately.

     Seeing that she hadn't been discovered, Misaka Kotomi herself was taken aback, and her small face suddenly showed a cheerful smile.

     "It's wet! They didn't see the nest!"

     "This shouldn't be." Liu Zilang murmured.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, someone on IDS may have a feeling, and suddenly turned the head around ...

     In the next moment, the two sides four eyes met ...


     Da Da Da—!

     The violent gunfire suddenly rang!

     Misaka Kotomi couldn't shrink her head, and a bloody mist burst out of her head, and her little durable second-stage head suddenly shattered.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang standing aside below was eyes shined, sharp-eyed and deft-handed, and threw the shock bomb in his hand.


     The shock bomb exploded!

     The gunfire of the other party stopped suddenly.

     Obviously, this is a hit.Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang hurriedly said, "Lao Qiu is coming soon! The other side was flashed over!"

      At the same time, just after Misaka Kotomi retracted, Liu Zilang quickly climbed up with his hands on his side.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Ah! IDS has something wrong with this wave of hamsters."

     "Vic's explosive bomb is a bit insidious. Both Lcc and Xbg from IDS were caught."

     "Oh! Vic climbed straight up. You can't shoot during this process. What about the others in IDS, this wave has a chance to kill him!"

     "Wait! Autumn God and Ze Shao in the corridor are straightforward! IDS is facing a lot of pressure!"

     Accompanied by the voice of commentary.

     The sound of gunfire in the corridor is like a tide, and bullets are like rain!

     Li Muqiu rushed forward holding the AK, not giving IDS any breathing space at all.

     Naturally, they had no chance to turn their heads to see Liu Zilang who had climbed up from the entrance of the cave.

     And when Liu Zilang climbed up at that moment, it can be said that the attack on the building was already finished.


     Da da da-!

     Liu Zilang twisted his waist and raised his hand. Spear Departs like a Dragon instantly swept across an arc and a half.

     The two IDS guarding at the door hadn't reacted yet, and the back of their heads burst into blood and fog almost at the same time. In a blink of an eye, they thump thump and knelt down at the door.

     Li Muqiu, who rushed up frontally, had only a trace of blood remaining, and the bullet on his body opened, but because of Liu Zilang's lore, it turned into ineffective damage.

     "Wow! This wave is okay!" Li Muqiu, who was almost cold, shivered.

     "Don't talk nonsense, there are still two." Liu Zilang said quickly.The stun time of this version of the shock bomb is five seconds. Although the time is not long, the opponent has obviously not recovered his vision at this time.

     After learning that their teammates fell to the ground, the two remaining IDS did not want to sit and wait for death.

     So they gritted their teeth and put a bold face on it, like a rotating irrigation sprinkler, a wave of "little tops" shot around.

     When the audience saw this, they were stunned, they couldn't help but laugh!

     However, the next moment, everyone smile on face suddenly stiffened, and their eyes widened instantly!

     Because the IDS wave not only hit people!

     And it's a double kill!

     "IDS-Xbg knocked down IDS-Lcc with AKM!"

     "IDS-Xbg knocked down Se7en2-Lech with AKM!"

     In the corner of the wall, Kotomi Misaka, who had put two bandages and hurriedly climbed up, showed her head when she saw Li Muqiu, who was happy, kneeling down at the door, and immediately covered her mouth and let out a familiar exclaim...