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1035 Flying Boy Police?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? He's a ruthless man!

     Seeing this scene of having ups and downs, Liu Zilang's Adam's apple also couldn't bear rolled down.

     However, despite this, Liu Zilang still made up the hapless man who was accidentally injured by his teammate and scored the kill points in great detail. Then, before Xbg regained his vision, he pulled the gun and swept his backhand.


     Scarlet's kill was printed on the screen, but the commentary on the stage was a bit stunned.

     Msjoy scratched the head, with a wry smile in his mouth, "Uh...Xbg this wave..."

     "Helpless action!" is also funny sighed saying, "you can only say Xbg nothing else way..."

     "Wow! I didn't expect the second team to really win the IDS in this 4V4 frontal attack."

     The dull girl's tone was full of surprise!

     Msjoy and Ye Hao couldn't help but twitch their eyes twice when they heard the words, and wondered where did you see him attacking the building head-on.

     Especially when I think of Liu Zilang's insidious flash bomb, utmost feeling in the heart is speechless...

     But anyway, it's like history is always written by victors.

     At this time, after the second team successfully won the blue-bottomed high-rise building in the southwest corner of Picardo, they had a foothold in the city.

     And compared to other teams, their position is relatively good.

     Not only can you get a high view from the top floor, but the whole building is also in a remote corner, and you can avoid unnecessary fighting.

     If the final round of the game is really in Picardo, then their position is undoubtedly an excellent harvest position.However, after helping Li Muqiu to lick the bag, a few people turned out the window and walked up to the roof of the building, watching the airdrop on the roof of the boxing gym, Liu Zilang suddenly stopped thinking.

     "I think... maybe we should move." Liu Zilang suggested.

     "Move? How to move?" Li Muqiu who just climbed up behind cannot bear ask.

     "Look at that roof." Liu Zilang continued.

     "Sa?" Li Muqiu turned his head.

     "His hiss ~ wet, it's an airdrop!" Misaka Kotomi got up hehe.

     "Hehehe." Liu Zilang also let out a hearty sneer.

     Seeing the appearance of the master and apprentice, Li Muqiu's face twitched.

     He takes a deep breath and tentatively said, "Don't you... want to lick that airdrop?"

     "Why not?"

     Liu Zilang suddenly used a rhetorical question.

     Li Muqiu suddenly choked and couldn't help but black face and said, "Why your brother-in-law! Let's not talk about how to get up so high! You can't get hit by someone as a target!"

     Misaka Kotomi tilted her head when she heard the words, and seemed to feel it made sense. She immediately broke away from the fantasy and shrank her head quietly.

     And at this time, suddenly what thing flew towards the airdrop box on the roof.

     Cang Dang!

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     The smoke slowly spurted and released, and in a blink of an eye the airdrop box was enveloped.

     The few people on the roof couldn't help but stunned.

     Li Muqiu swallowed when he saw it, and said somewhat astonished, "Is anyone really going up?""Had, I was the quick-footed climb up first." Liu Zilang looked bitter and hateful, as if the chicken at home had been stolen.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Oh! The one who just threw the cigarette in the boxing gym was Da Jing of Team 17. Is it true that 17 is really going to get this airdrop."

     "It looks like it should be. Ma Niuniu is already climbing up the railing. He is trying to jump on the door. If he jumps up, he should be able to climb the roof."

     "Then 17 must be careful here. There are two teams in the red building opposite."

     "Yes, but the elephant team and Tyloo in the building seem to be a bit deadlocked. Now the two teams are living together in layers from the corridors on the second and third floors."

     "Let's take a look at what's in the airdrop box first, and whether it's really worth taking the 17th risk."

     Following the commentary, the director's footage was quickly delivered, and the materials in the airdrop were immediately presented to everyone.


     Tertiary head!

     Good luck!

     Sniper expansion!

     Medical box!


     In fact, when I saw AM, there was a burst of exclamation in the audience off the field!

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy also takes a deep breath and exclaimed, "Value! The absolute value of this airdrop!"

     "This wave of 17 seems to be going to let Ma Niuniu go up alone." It is also good to keep his eyes fixed on the game screen, "Then this wave depends on whether he can live up to expectations and get the airdrop."

     At this time, under the scene of the director, Ma Niuniu jumped on the door after trying twice, and then saw him climb with both hands and easily climbed onto the ceiling of the boxing gym.Seeing this scene, the audience off the scene could not help but raised their minds.

     However, unsurprisingly...

     Before the Ma Niuniu on the roof took a few steps, a gunshot came from the southwest!

     Whoops whoops—!


     Bullets like a shuttle!

     Bleeding on Ma Niuniu's shoulder.

     "It's on the top of a tall building with blue bottom!"

     "Hurry up and help with the gun!"

     Fortunately, 17 had already prepared, and immediately reacted.

     The people in the building quickly found the output position. From the window on the south side of the third floor of the boxing gym, there was a burst of shots against the shaking figure on the top of the tall building in the southwest.

      At the same time, Ma Niuniu, who had just been shot and had little blood left, also speeded up his pace, rushed over the smoke that enveloped the airdrop box diagonally above.



     A dull gunshot suddenly sounded, as if the stapler had unconsciously completed a closing.

     The next moment, the edge of the smoke was coldly stained with a layer of blood, and a sniper bullet pierced the sky!

     As soon as Ma Niuniu relaxed after entering the smoke, he staggered and knelt down on the ground.

     "Se7en2-olves use M24 to knock down Douyu17-47Gamer!"


     There was an inhalation sound at the scene!

     "Wow! Ze Shao is up again!"

     "I haven't seen Ze Shao shoot before. I dare to hold back a big move."

     "6666, then this horse is uncomfortable!""Well, he has already hidden behind the airdrop box in the smoke, but the teammates below are afraid that he can't be saved!"

     The eyes of the audience are discerning.

     In fact, it was not just Liu Zilang who were looking at that side at this time.

     This wave of guns on both sides just now has successfully attracted the attention of the Red Chamber.

     At this moment, except for the people guarding the corridor, Tyloo and the little elephants in the building went to the back window to stare at the boxing gym.

     All of a sudden, the remaining three people in 17 naturally did not dare to move.

     Then, as time passed by, the gunfire in the city gradually ceased.

     Although the blood bar does not fall quickly, it is under a promising situation.

     And at this moment, this situation this scene...

     Ma Niuniu looked at the slowly falling blood volume, but his eyes were gradually filled with a mood called despair...

     Hate! ! !


     Then, at the beginning of the third wave of poison on the field, the horse Niuniu behind the airdrop box kicked both legs and finally ended his sad life. The head shot that jumped out was naturally Shen Zeyan.

     The roof of a tall building with a blue bottom.

     Seeing this, Li Muqiu couldn't help but sighed to Liu Zilang, "I see it, that is yours learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor."


     Liu Zilang is an indifferent smile, "If I were to take this airdrop, I would definitely not use such a dumb method."

     "Stupid?" Li Muqiu couldn't help but sneered when he heard the words, "Hehe, don't you think you are a flying male policeman, can you still fly up?"