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1038 The Most Sad Sniper God In Asia! (2/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the game, when Bai Shaobin is preparing to return the favor of gnashing one's teeth.

     At this time, it was less than half a minute since the fourth wave of poison contraction on the field, and many players were moving towards the safe zone.

     "Time is getting tighter and there are still seven teams with 22 players left on the field, but Picardo still has no team to enter the circle."

     "Yes, the RNG on the north side of the city is the closest to the safety zone. They want to go up the mountain, but the location of the OMG on the mountain is directly above them, just blocking their way."

     "Well, but the row of houses north of Picardo City is just on the edge of the safe zone, so don't worry too much."

     "Yes, I think I should be more worried about SnakeTc coming from the gas station. There is no cover in their location. If they are noticed by the OMG on the mountain when entering the circle, they can only be targeted. ."

     "But the SnakeTc players seem to know this very well, so they haven't taken the action to enter the lap so far. They may want to wait for a suitable time."

     "Oh! The boxing hall 17 has moved, they already withdrew from the boxing hall. Looking at the movement, it seems that they want to go to the row of houses in the north of the city to occupy a spot by the circle."

     "Well, there is also the little elephant team in the Red Mansion. They are also starting to move... Wait! The little elephant team doesn't seem to want to run poison..."

     "They are going to attack the building!"

     Accompanied by the exclamation of the commentator, the scene of the on-site director was suddenly pulled over.

     In the big screen of the game, I saw Jiaozi and AiDi, the assaulters of the little elephant team, rushing from the second floor to the third floor quickly along the gun and along the corridor.It should be noted, the reason why the small elephant team in the red building "lives together" with Tyloo.

     It was because I couldn't attack the building for a long time before, and I was unwilling to let the opponent go, so I simply blocked it downstairs.

     Naturally, both sides also know their roots.

     However, Liu Zilang's shot that was as fast as an electric flash just now was probably just a test shot or an "AM warning" for Liu Zilang, who knew he couldn't make up for it.

     However, for the little elephant team downstairs, it is an extremely rare opportunity!

     The four of them discussed a little bit, and they chose to eat Tyloo first between poison running and building attack.

     Although the fourth wave of poison is more, it is not unbearable for a short time.

      In comparison, if they were stolen from behind by Tyloo while they were running poison, then that would be a real life burden.

     Ding Ding Ding—!

     Listening to the sudden rush of footsteps in the corridor, the Tyloo three upstairs couldn't help but be taken aback!

     The long "peaceful cohabitation" and the just hand-in-hand attack on Liu Zilang almost made them forget the threat at their feet.

     After reacting, the three of them immediately complexion big change!

     "Fuck! The team downstairs is here again!"

     "Some of you are already upstairs."

     "White team! What we do??"

      It should be noted, Tyloo upstairs originally had only three people, and only two were left after Liu Zilang snatched one out.

     At this moment, facing the outrageous charge of the little elephant team downstairs, there is still one Bai Shaobin waiting to be rescued next to him.

     Tyloo suddenly fell into a very painful situation.

     Suddenly—!Da da da-!

     There was a fierce gunfire in the corridor!

     Ziming, who was behind the door on Tyloo's side, had already rushed upstairs with the opponent and the two turned the fire.

     But two fists are hard to beat four hands, this wave of spears obviously suffers a small loss.

      Between life and death, Bai Shaobin frowned!

     At the next moment, he suddenly sighed saying.

     "Forget it, can't fight, you go!"

     After saying this, Bai Shaobin closed his eyes somewhat relieved, as if exhausting all his strength.

     At this time, the sound of footsteps approached again, and the voice of teammates rang in the voice.

     "The White Team..."

     "Leave me alone, go!"

     Bai Shaobin opened his eyes, but two black hole muzzles were in sight.

     Where are the teammates around...

     The corner of Bai Shaobin's eyes twitched twice, before he could speak, the penetrating bullet took away the temperature.

     "Then what... White team, take care." Ergou and Ziming heard a little embarrassed voice.

     The two jumped downstairs from the rear window to avoid chasing by the little elephant team, and hurried around the fence and ran towards the boxing gym...

     Seeing this incomparably real picture, the audience off the scene also made "cannot help but laugh"!

     "233 my white team was sold again!"

     "Although it shouldn't be, but I really want to laugh inexplicably, puff haha."

     "Wow! You still have humanity!"

     "Loving my white team, the most sad sniper god in Asia, without "one of"..."

     "After all, it wasn't the dog thief that Vic was doing things, huh? Vic was better than where did it go?"

     "..."At this time, the director's camera followed Tyloo's two people who fled in embarrassment across the boxing gym.

     The audience off the court did not react at first, and then suddenly found something's wrong...

     Liu Zilang behind the ceiling drop box is gone!

     In fact, Liu Zilang slipped far faster than the audience imagined off the court!

     As soon as the gunshots from the red building rang, he guessed in his heart, naturally he would not stay and be beaten.

     He heard the footsteps of the 17th evacuated in the boxing gym, so he licked a lot of first aid kits from the box behind the airdrop box.

     Like a medical soldier, Liu Zilang quickly jumped in from the gap in the ceiling of the boxing gym.

     But his front foot was just landed and he heard footsteps outside.

     Correspondingly, Ziming and Ergou, whom Tyloo had just jumped out of the window, and Ergou heard him.

     "There are jio steps!"

     "Huh? 17 in the boxing gym hasn't left yet?"

     "Be careful, let's go around."


     Liu Zilang in the boxing gym is motionless like a statue, hesitating in his heart.

     But what he hadn't thought next was that the opponent actually evacuated the boxing gym before him.

     Although he didn't know what was going on, Liu Zilang was also relaxed.

     Then he quickly went downstairs, looked at the situation outside from the main entrance to the west of the boxing gym, and quickly walked towards the place where the three of Li Muqiu met.

      at the same time, the countdown ends.

     The radiation grid around the desert shook suddenly as if receiving a signal, and continued to shrink toward the middle.Swallow the City of Sin little by little, the most central part of the desert...

     In this situation, the rest of Picardo's team was naturally all forced to the row of houses to the north of the city.

     Liu Zilang and the others were in the two houses on the westernmost side of a street in the north of the city at this time.

     Obviously, there is a "neighbor" next door, and it is also a bad neighbor who may draw a gun at any time.

     This situation is certainly uncomfortable, but compared to coming from a gas station, there are no bunkers around and can only close the cigarettes. .

     The current situation of the second team seems to be also not at all so unacceptable.

     The only thing worthy of their worries at this time is when the wave of drugs overlaps with the border of the safe zone.

     The next finals...

     How would you brush it?

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