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1041 This Son, So Terrible!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Host the commentary stage.

     "I am impulsive, Qiu Shen is impulsive."

     "Mainly, he shouldn't have thought that the next door is actually a full four-man team. Stealing one is like stabbing a hornet's nest."

     "Then the three of RNG have caught up, and there is only one Menhera sauce left on the second team's smoke side."

     "What do you say about this wave? Can Menhera sauce pull strongly against a crazy tide?"

     "Uh... don't let it go. There are three people on the opposite side. You can send one gun to three guns."

     "Huh? RNG has already made up for Qiu Shen, but they haven't found Menhera sauce yet."

     "Menhera sauce is lying on the ground, afraid to move! She is not moved!"


     For a while, both the commentator and the audience in the audience opened their eyes wide, staring at the "mascot" in the smoke lying on the ground wearing auspicious clothes without blinking.

     At this time, RNG knew that Liu Zilang had gone up the mountain, but he was not sure if there were anyone left in the smoke, so the three of them would naturally not be relieved.

     At this time, Shuai Shuai with S1897 in his hands walked two steps to the left, seeing that the next step was about to step on Misaka Kotomi.

     Suddenly, the breathing of countless spectators off the court suddenly rose!

     However, at this moment, the handsome footsteps who had reached Misaka Kotomi's head suddenly came to a stop, and then turned around and ran out of the smoke with his teammates.


     Scared to death.

      Kotomi Misaka of Life Hangs by a Thread suddenly let out a relaxed breath, she cannot bear, raised his hand and patted his chest, then straighten the chest.


     My Kotomi is not Coward!At this time, the audience off the court stared dumbstruck.

     How to fatten four?

     This is too metaphysical!

     Koi must follow the basic law!

     But Msjoy on the stage reacted first and immediately said, "I understand...it's the poison ring! The poison ring has begun to shrink."

     Hearing what Msjoy said, the audience off the field recover his wits and look at the big screen!

     is not it!

     I saw that the poison from Picardo contracted from the south was approaching the smoke. This time RNG didn't even have time to rescue the teammate who had just been knocked out by Li Muqiu, let alone find someone in the smoke.

     After the smoke came out, the RNG three quickly rushed over to the safe area on the mountain.

     In fact, it's not just RNG.

     At this time, the remaining Tyloo double team and the full-made little elephant team and the 4AM Lone Wolf little team are eye-catching.

     They also seized the opportunity and quickly moved to the safe area on the mountain.

     Speaking of it, Xiao Xing became a lone wolf at the start of the game in Lion City. At this time, it was not easy to be able to advance to the finals with the hope of the 4AM team.

     Just now, after a thunder head fell off Shen Zeyan, he was alone, so to speak, he was surrounded by enemies.

     So RNG's front foot had just entered the smoke to find someone, he thought about it in his mind, and soon chose to spread the smoke and touched it along the direction that Liu Zilang had just entered the circle.

      It should be noted, the mountains to the north of Picardo are full of rocks, range upon range of mountains, it can be said that there are many bunkers.

     In addition, Xiao catchingly knew that Liu Zilang was in front, so he had no idea of stealing another hand.Regarding this point, "revenge" only occupies a small area, and it is more because the second team is a real "division" team in the last game.

     Now that Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu have been fallen to the ground, it seems that there is only one Liu Zilang left.

     If this game can stop it in the top five, it will be a love to hear and see not only for 4AM, but also for other teams in the top ten.

     However, what Xiao Xing didn't know was that his front foot had just closed the smoke up the mountain, and the three people on the back foot of RNG also chose the same direction and followed up the mountain.

      At the same time, the people from OMG on the other side of the mountain were also raised one after another.

     At this time, the elephant team was the first to bear the brunt, and they met OMG as soon as they reached halfway up the mountain.

     As for Tyloo, who went up the mountain with the little elephants, this wave is very sensible, and they didn't add a mess.

     Since the eldest brother is in the front, you can't hold back if you want to make a profit, right?


     On the commentary stage, Msjoy rubbed his chin and watched the game on the big screen.

     "The situation on the court is a bit weird now. Vic is on the mountain on the left and OMG on the mountain on the right. It feels like Vic suddenly became the same camp as OMG and became the obstacle for the team downhill to go uphill.

     "Uh...is this another story about a young dragon slayer finally becoming an evil dragon?"

     "Hehe, I don't think it's an evil dragon. Although Vic's position blocks the team uphill like OMG, he is alone and weak. It is estimated that it is too late to hide.""Well, but Menhera sauce also slipped out of the smoke. She also followed the RNG three people into the circle. This is the rhythm of playing hide and seek."

     "Does the second team want to play a wave of flanking back and forth?"

     "Wait! What is Vic doing? Why is he undressing?"

     Suddenly, the dull girl seemed to be frightened, and her tone was somewhat agitated.

     In fact, it's not just a commentary on stage.

     The audience off the field also looked up at the big screen with dull faces at the moment, seeming to see some puzzling and anxious picture.

      At this moment, behind the rock on the left, I saw Liu Zilang stripping his clothes clean.

     Of course, if it's just that, it's also understandable.

     After all, the overall tone of the desert map is yellowish. In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, except for the black baby, the yellow-skinned ones are relatively hidden in the desert map, but they are also limited.

     However, the problem right now is that Liu Zilang not only strips off his clothes, but he is still on the rocky side of the mountain like a stall, placing a dozen first-aid kits one after another on the ground in a row, even the backpack third-level head and AM are lost. Down.

     This Nima...

     What is Walter AreYou doing? ? ?

     Suddenly, off the court, his face was stunned!

     "What the hell is this?"

     "Spring hangs on the phone? Is Brother Zaozi you?"

     "I don't understand, I don't understand... But I feel like Vic is going to do something again!"

     "By the way, where did this guy get so many first aid kits? Isn't this a medical soldier?""Uh... I remember it seemed like the boxing gym licked it from a box of horses and cows."

     "Huh, wait..."

     At this time, someone off the court called out in alarm.

     The next moment, as if the mute button was pressed, the discussion in the entire stadium suddenly disappeared, and the surrounding audiences fell into a strange silence...

     At this moment, under the lens just now, Liu Zilang's figure is already vanish from sight.

     There is only one piece of equipment and a row of first aid kits sticking to the rocky cliff, which looks like an unmanned exhibition.

     Of course, this is just an in-game picture.

     Under the director's God's perspective, the audience off the field clearly saw Liu Zilang holding a gun on the row of first aid kits.

     He was completely fuse together with the first aid kit, his hands and feet were hidden by the rocks beside him.




     After the silence, there was a breathing sound of up here, down there all around!


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