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1043 Earth Bursts Into The Sky!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? "Aaaaaaahhh! Wet!"

     "To die! To die!"

     Kotomi Misaka's voice was loud and small, and was screamed by the two RNGs.

     In fact, there is a shelter in her place, so you can avoid RNG's gun line by lying in the gully.

     But Liu Zilang just gave her a "death order" and made she must jump in front of RNG.

     So even though Kotomi Misaka had hit two or three shots in a row, she still couldn't retract. She could only make a big fuss to make Liu Zilang hurry up.

     And Liu Zilang didn't intend to procrastinate, it's just that the trick he started right now requires energy.

     At this time, the warm-up was completed, and the moment Liu Zilang "separated" from the first aid kit, he threw the grenade towards the middle of the three RNGs with his hand.

     "Wow! Vic this thunder..." exclaimed from the stage!


     Before the grenade hit the ground, it exploded on the heads of the three, making a loud ear-splitting noise!

      caught off guard under...

     Staring cat and Jiyun who were closer among the RNG trio were blown up on the spot and vomited a mouthful of blood, looking like they were hit by a heavy hammer.

     Only the handsome guys around responsible for being on alert were far away, and they managed to survive. In shock, inside his mind was somewhat uncertain.

     Where are the people from?

     The next moment, Shuai Shuai turned his head and looked at the naked body on the pile of first aid kits not far behind him, holding a handful of M16 Liu Zilang.

     He suddenly rounded his eyes and opened his mouth to fit a first aid kit!


     Handsome one shivers, quickly pull the gun and sweep.However, this time, fireworks burst into Liu Zilang's muzzle, and the merciless bullets have spewed out!


     Da da da-!

     The bullets screamed and shuttled through the air.

     However, in the face of Liu Zilang, known as the "Asia's fastest M16", when he was beaten back, Shuai Shuai was actually not able to resist much.

      pū pū pū pū —!

     The dull sound of hitting the body sounded!

     In a blink of an eye, Shuai Shuai's knees softened and thumped to the ground.

     All this is cumbersome,

     It happened only between Lightning Spark.

     The audience off the court only saw Liu Zilang starting a "Chibaku Tensei (Planetary Devastation)" to blow up the two, and then he took out his gun and pointed at Shuaishuai's back for a while, and the screen suddenly flashed three bloody lines Kill!

     "Fuck?? This is the end?"

     "Hi! Vic's combo is a little quick!"

     "Tsk tusk! As expected, he is the fastest man in Asia, I'm so hot!"


     From the perspective of death, after Staring Cat and Jiyun saw Liu Zilang running over with the naked body, they were still a little confused, and both were stunned.

     After a while, Jiyun couldn't help complaining to the handsome responsible for being on alert, "Aren't you looking around, people are touching our faces."

     Staring at the crotch, the cat also asked somewhat suspicious, "Handsome, you can't help but hit the guy below with us?"

     Hearing the words of his teammates, Shuai Shuai suddenly got wronged. He takes a deep breath and his face became somewhat weird. "You know, where did that ratio come from?"

      "Huh?"words exceede 5100OMG and the Elephants team couldn't deal with each other, but the two Tyloos who followed behind were very "audience ethics" focused on OB, determined to wait for the Elephants team to lead the way for them.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "We can see that there are only the last four teams left on the field, two full formations and two double teams."

     "It stands to reason that the four-man little elephant team and OMG should be the two teams with the best hopes for this game, but the problem is that they are playing fiercely now, and it is likely that they will be reduced."

     "That's right, and there is a Tyloo glare like a tiger watching his prey under the two teams. Next, I am afraid that Tyloo will pick up a big leak."

     "However, it is only 30 seconds before the third-to-last wave of poisons is refreshed. The next safe zone is on the higher mountain in the middle. At present, the four teams on our field are not in the circle. They will definitely be transferred later. of."

     "Well, but speaking of this mountain to the north of Picardo, it is not easy to climb. In some places you can go up but you can't go up, and in some places you can't seem to go up. In fact, you can still jump twice. Climbed up."

     "Oh! OMG is ready to move."

     "Huh? Wait...Does OMG want to divide the troops?"

     Upon hearing the commentary, the audience off the court also noticed the change of OMG.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw OMG and the little elephant team fighting... The smile and Xiaohai in the team suddenly stopped their guns, not a word or movement, and moved towards the safe area behind them."Oh! OMG is a good tactic. As long as two people enter the circle, not only can they respond, but they can also occupy a live high and look down shooting position, and the remaining lion and SlientBT can hold the opponent. ."

     "That's right, the next step is to see if the little elephant team and Tyloo below can discover each other's intentions in time."

     "Yes, this wave of poison is quite painful, no one can withstand it. If the lion cub and SlientBT are really entrusted with the poison in the end, then I think OMG might rather fight the two without leaving, it will be very I am willing to put all the people below in poison."


     The three commentators on the stage analyzed the next situation with one word and one word.

     In the game competition, after Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi licked their bags, they picked up the Weapons and Equipment on the ground.

     At this time, I saw the poison ring shrinking soon,

     He planned the next route in his mind, and immediately led Misaka Kotomi from the other side towards the mountain.

     Genius remembers this site address in one second: .. Mobile version reading URL: m.