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1044 Falling Pheasant! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? At the same time, in the two teams of the Elephant Team and Tyloo.

     The so-called The person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clear.

     The first thing that noticed the wrong was not the little elephant team fighting OMG, but Tyloo below.


     "Brother Gou, how do I feel that the firepower above has weakened." In the voice, Ziming rubbed his chin and said.

     At this moment, a silhouette appeared in Ergou's field of vision, and he immediately couldn't bear saying, "Eh? I saw it. Someone on the mountain went back."

     "Going back?"

     Ziming was stunned when he heard the words.

     The next moment, both of them reacted at the same time.

     "Worse! They are keeping people on the sidelines, and they are divided into circles."

     "Then what should I do? The Harpy team in front of us still does not know."


      Both of them were stunned by spoke until here.


     They knew it was useless, the key was that the little elephant team in front knew it.

     If the little elephant team does not find each other until stuck at the front, then they can't get up even if they know it.

     "Why don't you just steal a wave of the previous team?" Ziming probed.

     "No way, no way."

     The two dogs immediately shook the head, brows slightly wrinkle and looked at the front and said, "There are four of us on the opposite side. Two of us on the opposite side are not fools. It is impossible for no one to look at the back. If we are discovered, we will be really passive."

     Ergou’s worries are actually not groundless.

     Moreover, it was discovered by the little elephant team. The sound of the gunfire also meant that it was discovered by the OMG above.

     Once held by two teams, they really don't even think about going up the mountain.After the two of Tyloo weighed the pros and cons, they saw that the poison circle had more than ten seconds to refresh.

     After gritting their teeth, the two of them decided not to a word or movement first, and it didn't matter what they could touch.

     After all, as close as possible to the upper safety zone, it is better than doing it underneath.


     And as the time for the poisoning process approached, although the little elephant team hadn't noticed that the two OMGs above kept changing positions and playing crossfire.

     But seeing the shrinking poison is imminent, they must also be transferred at this moment.

     Be reckless if you are not determined.

     As a new team of PCPI this season, the reason why the Little Elephants can be famous is because their style is simple and rough, and they dare to fight.

     At this time, they didn't know the situation of OMG above, and they didn't think so much at all.

     If someone asks them why they are rushing at this time, perhaps they will say that because the circle is on the top.

     Then, Mang is over!


      at the same time, on the commentary stage.

     The three commentators spoke quickly.

     "It's only ten seconds before the next wave of poison, and there is still no one in the safe zone."

     "Well, but Vic and Menhera from the second team and OMG's smile and Xiaohai are very close to the next safety zone. You can enter the circle by climbing a little higher."

     "Oh! The little elephant team below has also begun to spread smoke upwards. It seems that they have a good sense of smell, but they still found something wrong."

     " do I feel that the little elephant team has to run poison, and if they find out, they should have rushed early?""Ahem...Anyway, the four guns of the little elephant team are now pushed up, OMG strong in appearance but weak in reality, I am afraid that it is a bit unable to withstand the offensive of the little elephant team.

     "That's true, and there are two Tyloos not far away. Tyloo definitely doesn't mind raising a small elephant team at a critical moment."

     "But the smile on the top of OMG and Xiaohai will soon enter the circle. They will soon be able to provide a high-level fire support. At that time, the elephant team and Tyloo below are a little uncomfortable."


     The next situation was as expected by the explanation.

     A wave of four of the Cubs rushed to double the pressure on the Lion and SlientBT on the side of OMG. Tyloo on the flanks showed up to harass them and they retreated in a flash.

     But at this moment, the smile on the top of the hill and Xiaohai quickly took their place.

     The two seized the opportunity to be a wave from top to bottom, like a rain of bullets hanging upside down like a galaxy, and the little lion and BT's counterattack...

     In a blink of an eye, dense bullets covered the little elephant team and Tyloo!

      It should be noted, judging from the height of the smile and Xiaohai, the other party's cover in their eyes does not exist.

     Therefore, under the caught off guard, the little elephant team can only immediately shut down the cigarettes when they counterattack with a gun.

     But when the smoke clears...

     The original four-man little elephant team has already fallen two, and even Tyloo has fallen one under the crossfire of OMG.

     At this time, the surrounding radiation grid has begun to be oppressed by the surroundings. The normally speaking OMG Lion and SlientBT cooperate with the teammates above.When the two fight and retreat, they can eat all the little elephant team and Tyloo below in poison.

     But things are not as expected. Liu Zilang, who never wanted to take Misaka Kotomi to climb the mountain from the other side, has become the biggest change in OMG's harvest!


     On the top of the mountain, OMG's smile and Xiao Hai were fighting in a high degree.

     Although the two sides are separated by a certain distance, the AM in Liu Zilang's hand can smooth the distance.


      The sky above the mountain rolls over a dull thunder!

     When Smile heard the gunshots, it was too late.

     The helmet on his head shattered and immediately thumped kneels down on the ground.

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down OMG-Xiaorong with an AM headshot!"

     Xiao Hai on the side was taken aback for a moment, and immediately reacted, squatting down to find the shelter.

     Looking back, he just wanted to close the cigarette to save people.

     Unexpectedly, just listening to the gunshots of the other party, the smiling kneels down on the ground was shot "pupu" on the body of the bullets, and the blood was chaotic. In a blink of an eye, he left one's mortal frame...

     "Se7en2-Menhera used SKS to finally kill OMG-Xiaorong!"


     The audience exclaimed!

     "Tap! Vic, the old Yinbi stole another one."

     "6666 Xiao Qinmei is too fast to make up people, right? I don't give a chance at all!"

     "Turtle! The two masters and disciples kill one by one and make up for it. This cooperation is a bit powerful!"

     During the game, Xiao Hai's eyes twitched twice as he watched his teammate being filled.

     This is too cruel!At this time, he wanted to avenge his teammates, but remembered the cold and ruthless AM kill, he immediately squatted down obediently and honestly...

      At the same time, the fire support from the top was cut off, and the cubs and SlientBT below were also dumbfounded.

     Faced with the pressure of the radiation grid, the little elephant team and Tyloo, who had red eyes, gritted their teeth and stuffed their heads on their faces.

     In the last wave of firefight, there was also not much blood left, the little lion and SlientBT, who had not had time to replenish their status, how dare they stop them any more.

     The two hurriedly closed the cigarette in the opposite direction, and ran toward the mountain with Expeditious Retreat.

     However, how can the little elephant team and Tyloo, who have just been beaten so badly behind them, take a break.

      hail of bullets The hail of bullets shrieked constantly, and the shuttle bullets tore through the smoke.

      Without omen, SlientBT was suddenly hit in the back of the head by a stray bullet, and he instantly thumped kneels down on the ground when he was dissatisfied with his blood volume.

     The little lion on the side was surprised when he saw this!

     Saving someone right now is tantamount to following the path to one's own doom. He can only say sorry and turn his head and continue running towards the mountain.


     Finally, when the border of the drug circle and the safe zone coincided, and when the Second Last finals were refreshed, there were only four teams and six players left on the field.

     They are the two teams of the second team and OMG respectively. As for the remaining two of the little elephants on the way into the circle, Tyloo's two dogs "reversed" and stole a hand. At this time, they are all lone wolves just like Tyloo.

     But the real alarming at this time is still the position of the next finals.

     On the host commentary stage, the three of them looked at each other and couldn't help but suck in a cold breath!

     "This circle...a bit cruel...""It seems that our players have to be careful when they enter the circle. When the next one doesn't pay attention, they may become a'lost boy'."


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