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1045 Falling Pheasant! (in)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? On the mountain to the north of Picardo, the Second Last circle was brushed on where the stacks of cliffs protruded.

     If the four teams on the mountain want to enter the circle, they must jump along the rocky hillside.

     One carelessness is the end of a fall, which can be said to be death or injury.

      The second last wave of poison has a shorter countdown than the last wave of poison, only one minute. Once it starts, it will swallow all areas outside the circle within fifteen seconds.

     Twenty seconds have passed now, and the teams on the field are all approaching the safe zone intentionally or unintentionally, except for being wary of people close to each other.

     There was something wrong with Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi, because OMG’s Xiaohai was just on their way into the circle. In other words, the other side was closer to the safety zone than they were.

     On this kind of mountain road, even if the opponent has only one person, as long as they hold back one's troops without moving, they have firmly taken the initiative.

     But then, as time passed by bit by bit, Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi hadn't moved yet, and Jiaozi and Tyloo from the bottom elephant team were a little anxious.

     Because the situation of the two of them is exactly the same as that of Liu Zilang. The little lion from OMG was still stuck underneath, and the situation was even more embarrassing than Liu Zilang's side in comparison-they had to climb around before entering the circle. Then jump down again.

     At this moment, seeing the wave of poison pressing in on one's eyelashes, Tyloo and the little elephant team below are a bit anxious, but they dare not rush forward.

     After all, the little lion wait at one's ease for the exhausted enemy, and the two one by one is purely for nothing.And they don't want to form a temporary alliance, but the alliance relationship in the finals is too fragile.

     Even if they form an alliance, it is difficult for them to unite, because there are only four teams left on the field, and they are all alone wolves.

     Who fell first,

     The remaining one can enter the top three.

     Then what they are going to face is not a knife in the back, but a hit and a knife in front of you.

     So in this case, Tyloo and the two lone wolves of the little elephant team know each other's thoughts well.

     At this time, neither of them wanted to make wedding dresses for others, so they could only throw thunder madly at the little lion above.



     Suddenly, thunder was rolling on the mountain, and those who didn't know might think that someone was here.

     The little lion on the mountain shivered after being bombed, but he thought of his mission.

     He gritted his teeth and persisted, holding the pan and looks below vigilantly.

     Seeing this somewhat joyous scene, the audience off-site and in the live broadcast room suddenly became happy.

     "Pop-pan haha, little lion, this is a bit messy!"

     "Tsk tusk! God K really deserves to be'little Vic', it looks so much like that ratio."

     "The idea is correct, the key is to hold it. If this wave is not potted, it will be cold."

     "K, hold on! Waiting for a home run!"


     Tyloo and the two of the little elephants tried to blow up a life and death road with thunder.At the same time, Liu Zilang and Kotomi Misaka, who were stuck on the mountain by Xiaohai, also took action.

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     I saw the "iron head baby" Misaka Kotomi lead the charge, Liu Zilang held AM with a gun in the back, as long as the opponent dared to show his head, he would throw a shot.

     The reason why Liu Zilang hesitated just now was largely because he didn't know how many OMG people were stuck there.

     But at this time, hearing the other side of the mountain explode so intensely, there were only four teams and six people left on the field.

     Then Liu Zilang naturally has nothing to hesitate.

     Immediately released Misaka Kotomi to take the lead, holding AM follow behind.

     He wanted to see if it was Misakakoto's head iron, or the opponent's head was harder!


     Facts quickly proved that Xiaohai's head was even worse than Misaka Kotomi's second-hand.

     Misaka Kotomi ran happily in front, while Xiaohai looked at Liu Zilang, who was holding the dark green AM and following behind him.

     He tried to raise his hand and shoot several times, but when he thought of the end of his smile, he suppressed this impulse.

     After all, the third-level head of the smile couldn't withstand it, let alone his second-level head.

      Thought until here, Xiao Hai could only choose to give in and advance to the lap, and immediately said to the little lion, "I have it here, two people have already come in, it should be Vic from the second team, what do you say?"


     The little lion heard this subconsciously frowned.

     Hearing the following words, he couldn't help but was full of black lines and said, "The two harpies below me are still throwing thunder, throw them away, today I still don't believe that they are not running poison.At this time, the Second Last wave of poison is approaching the last ten seconds countdown.

     Xiaohai on one side and Liu Zilang from the second team step back. If you don't block me, I won't chase you.

     All three have successfully entered the circle.

     The little lion, Ergou and Jiaozi on this side felt like they were smashing to the bottom.

     The little lion was unwilling to retreat, and the two dogs and Jiaozi below could not move.

     Ten seconds can't be said it's short.

     Long said, but also fleeting.

     Seeing that only the last three seconds were left, Jiaozi and Ergou finally forced an "alliance". After throwing a smoke forward, the two simultaneously attacked with guns.

     Is it finally here?

     The little lion behind the cover licked his lips, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     Ergou and Jiaozi, one after the other, rushed over in the cloud of smoke ahead. It seems that the goals of the two sides are the same, and it seems that they have reached a certain "consensus."

     "Tsk tusk! Did Tyloo and the Elephants finally decide to join forces?"

     "Then this wave of lions wants 1V2, but he has the advantage of terrain, it depends on the performance of both sides."

     "Wait! Ergou seems to be squatting over here!" On the commentary stage, Msjoy suddenly raised his voice.


     Who is squatting?

     The attention of countless spectators off the court was instantly attracted, and everyone opened their eyes wide and stared at the big screen without blinking.In the picture, Ergou did not continue to rush upwards after entering the cigarette, but suddenly squatted down with the gun, as if listening to the steps behind.

     At this moment, the shocking scene even more appeared. I saw that the dumplings of the little elephant team suddenly closed their guns when Ergou entered the smoke. He pulled out a grenade with his backhand and threw it hard after it was slightly warmed up. Into the smoke.

     Commentary on stage:...

     Audience off the court:...

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, everyone is speechless!

     It is said that a "consensus" is reached!

     How come Nima is more Yin?

     At this moment, the two dogs in the smoke heard their footsteps approaching and suddenly shot out smoke!


     Fire from the muzzle burst, bullets burst out!

     After throwing thunder on the dumpling side, I was about to come up for a "mortem examination", but hadn't thought that the other party actually played such a hand, and immediately felt sad!


     What a cunning villain!


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