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1046 Falling Pheasant! (under)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

?Say to be each other's angels?

      Under the caught off guard, the muzzle of the dumpling had just been lifted, and he was beaten backfliped with blood on his body.

     He fell directly on the hillside, and his body slid down the hill like a ground gourd.

     In place, only left behind one box.

     "Tyloo-ToDog used AKM to kill ELEPHANT-Jiaozi!"

     All of a sudden, the four teams on the field suddenly became three, which means that Ergou successfully brought Tyloo into the top three in this game.

     Thinking of this, Ergou couldn't help showing a smile of relief on his face in the smoke.

     At this time, the radiation grid behind him had already been pressed towards him, and Ergou naturally had no idea of going down and licking his bag.

     After stealing the dumplings with his backhand very quickly, he brushed his clothes away, and turned around in three and two steps and rushed upward through the smoke.

     Although he knew that there were tigers in the mountain at this time, he could only knowing well there are tigers in the mountain.

      life and death are ruled by fate!

     How to win if you don't fight?

     However, Ergou just ran two steps here, but in his heart he vaguely felt something's wrong...

     Unexpectedly, he didn't wait for him to think about it, his feet suddenly banged a loud sound!

     The two dogs felt that their body was lighter, and the angle of view instantly increased, as if Rocket Jump stood straight, as if they were to stand straight shoulder to shoulder with the sun, and their blood volume was to drop a thousand zhang in one fall.

     With a dazed expression on his face, he said "fuck" in his heart, and the next moment, he heard a crackle, and Ergou suddenly fell to the ground from a height.

     "ELEPHANT-Jiaozi used a fragment grenade to blow up Tyloo-Todog!"Not far away, the little lion, holding a gun, was waiting with a blank face and looked at a corpse on the stone in front of him suddenly to drop from the sky, his facial muscles twitched violently, utmost feeling in the heart Very bored!

     It feels like a sand sculpture netizen received the welfare of the group owner, everything is ready, and when I opened it, I found that it was a collection of Peppa Pig...

     The lord of the sand sculpture group with the amount of rain! !


     These two guys are too involved, it's a waste of labor and management!

     Although the little lion was entangled in his heart, at this time the radiation grid behind had already been crushed.

     He didn't have time to think too much, so he quickly put away his gun and joined his teammates.

      At the same time, after seeing this, the audience was stunned for a while, and suddenly they couldn’t help but laugh!

     "6666 This Nima is too real!"

     "Sure enough, it's a plastic ally, LMAO hahaha!"

     "Ergou still thinks he is a werewolf, but he didn't expect that the opposite is a wolf!"

     "Death language: Destroy an enemy!"

     "2333, this wave of God K is a bit awkward, I guess he vomits blood in depression!"

     "Then the second team and OMG2V2 are left now!"

     "Turtle, it seems to be the battle of Tianwangshan!"


     In the happy laughter and cheerful voices of the water friends off the field and in the live broadcast room, the little lion has already entered the circle and meets Xiaohai.

      At the same time, the radiation grid shrunk from the surroundings also coincides with the boundary of the safe zone.

     The last finals was refreshed!

     But the moment they saw this circle, the corners of the eyes of the four people from the two teams twitched at the same time...I think you are embarrassing my fat tiger!

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy also couldn't bear happily when he saw this. "Tsk, the final round of today's competition was very unfriendly to our players. How do you want people to enter this round."

     "It seems that our lap mechanism still needs to be improved." Nodded with a laugh, touched his chin and continued, "At present, what we know is that the default mechanism is that the finals will definitely not be brushed in the water, because the water cannot be opened. Gun, but I think it’s like this kind of brushing on a piece of sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces right now, it’s also a bit inappropriate."

     "This circle reminds me of'Luofengpo'."

     The dumb girl on the side smiled and said, "It's the kind that will slide down a split fork and become a box when you hit the slope."

     "Haha, but the reduction time in the last lap is relatively sufficient for our players, a full three minutes and fifteen seconds, and now there are three minutes."

      Spoke until here, Msjoy couldn't help laughing.

     "It seems that our system mechanism is relatively reasonable. We know that we may not be able to make the last lap, so we leave enough time for the players on the court to solve it by themselves."

     "That's true. Now the second team has the same number of people as OMG. There are no obvious advantages and disadvantages between the two teams. From the players' individual strength, although K is fierce, Vic has experienced the tempering of the World Championship after all. I think it is better The best one."

     "Well, but this is not a card game after all. I don't need to say that my paper strength is stronger than you and I can win. There is no need to fight, just to thunder yourself, so it depends on the final play of both sides."But OMG knows that Vic has AM in his hands. They don't seem to plan to give each other a chance with the gun."

     "Well, they are now using the two dogs and dumplings just now, and they are flooding the second team."

     "Since the opponent is not showing up, our second team is also starting to throw thunder and fight back."

     "Oh, then this is more luck. In case any thunder is blooming, you have no place to reason."


     In the game, the grenade of both sides is one after another.

     Amid the violent rumbling, the top of the mountain was filled with intense fire and smoke.

     The four people on the field seemed to be trapped in a bombing zone, and each step they took to be very scared and on edge.

     However, when the grenade was as exhausted as the bombing zone, after the grenade thrown by both sides were about the same, the field suddenly fell into silence and quiet, forming a sharp contrast with the previous one.

     At this time, the two sides are separated by a hill, and the mountain road is rugged.

     Under this circumstance, unless the other party is willing to show up and face the gun, taking the initiative to touch it is equivalent to handing the initiative to the other party.

     Next, time passed by one minute and one second.

     Seeing that the last wave of poison was about to shrink in only half a minute, Liu Zilang finally couldn't wait.

     "Kummi...Would you go and take a look?"

     He tentatively said.

     "Wet...Will the nest be beaten to death?" Misaka Kotomi said in low voice a little nervously.

     Although she is tough, she is not stupid yet.

     Liu Zilang smiled and was not embarrassed to mention it again.

     The mountain road is uneven, and Liu Zilang's side is relatively low.Although he can use an AM gun in the back, there are many places where his vision is blind-that is, the opponent hit Kotomi Misaka, but he can't hit the opponent.

     So Misaka Kotomi's anxiety is not without reason.


     "The grenade battle just now did not tell the winner. Both sides are now moving towards the safe zone position. It seems that they are ready to bet on the last hand."

     "If this is the case, when the two sides are getting closer and closer, then it is really a small-scale temporary reaction and the pinnacle of determination."

     "Yes, one second is the difference between life and death."


     Finally, the poisonous circle around suddenly shocked!

     The surrounding radiation grid quickly shrank, ruthlessly swallowing the last pure land in the desert.

     The four people on the court were holding guns and leaping along the steep cliff rock towards the safe area.

     In the next moment, the two sides suddenly met!


     Da da da-!

     Gunshots exploded, bullets screamed!

     Fortunately, there were bunkers on both sides, and they both returned quickly.

     However, the poison behind it is already on the ass, and it doesn't give both parties any room to breathe.

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     The footsteps of both parties were only slightly paused, and they leaned out from behind the bunker again almost at the same time, running poison towards the middle slope, while shooting at each other!

     "Se7en2-Menhera used M416 to knock down OMG-Xiaohai!"

     "OMG-Lionkk knocked down Se7en2-Menhera with a headshot of M16A4!"In a blink of an eye, the people in front of both sides fell down.

     And at the moment Misaka Kotomi fell to the ground in the front, Liu Zilang opened the camera in an instant, and he flicked his quasi-mind, and shot the little lion's head with a shot!

     Unexpectedly, the little lion seemed to be when good fortune comes the mind works well, almost a subconsciously crouching body, it was actually the limit to avoid Liu Zilang's killer shot.

     At this time, the two had already eaten poison.


     As soon as the body was eroded by radiation, the blood volume dropped crazily, and the blood drop rate of the last wave of poison almost caught up with the shot.

     The little lion did not dare to shoot in the poison, and Liu Zilang also ran the poison.

     Below the sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces is the safe area, but there is no way to get there in front of the two.

      Between Life and Death Instant!

     I saw that the two actually jumped at the same time and jumped directly from the rocks on both sides of the mountain.

     The audience suddenly exclaimed!



     "I'm afraid it's not that both of them will fall to death!"

     "Hi—! How do I feel that Vic fell to death first?"

     At this moment, just listening to bang sound, a muffled thunder rolled in the air!

     There was a sudden swipe of kills at the top right of the screen.

     "OMG-Lionkk fell from a height and fell to his death!"

     The next moment, the picture freezes suddenly!


     The audience suddenly exploded in the audience!


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