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1050 Feudal Superstition Is Too Bad!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? has to say, Ma Niuniu's proposal is very tempting.

     At this time the second team did not even notice them.

     If they touched in from the other side of the fishing village, searched for the equipment and hid in the house and waited for a few people from the other side, it is very likely to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits to take the head.

     In the face of this temptation, if it is in normal times, the 17 team that has always been daring to fight and fight may pass by one vote.

     But this time is different. Team 17 is more embarrassed in the points situation and is in a position where it can be up and down.

     If you don't keep it for a while, God may let the PGI ticket in your hand slip away, so they won't be able to keep their hands steady.

     Dajing frowned in thought, then shook the head, marked a point on the map, and said, "Forget it, be steady, let's go to the farm on the north side of the hillside, and wait to see how to brush the first circle. "

     Hearing this, Ma Niuniu couldn't help shrugged the shoulders. Naturally, there's nothing about it.

     So the four of them quickly walked through the woods and up the hill, and moved towards the farm north of the fishing village.


     Host the commentary stage.

     "The car exploded so suddenly, it seems that no one can get to the airport in this wave of Qiaotou."

     "Well, but the 17 wave is very cautious. I thought they would catch up and try again."

     "I think it's better to be steady. The second team is not a Good Man Faithful To Women, let alone this game, but a completely physical Se7en2. If this is 17th, it will be no good to be less to more. ."

      This time, the camera switch of the director gave a full view of the picture."All right, let's take a look at the situation of other teams."

     "This game in P City was occupied by SSS and the Little Elephants. OMG chose the power plant at the terminal of the route, but the terminal seems to be a bit crowded."

     "No way, the resource points directly below the course of this game are too poor, and scrambles are inevitable."

     "Well, and I feel that every team in this game seems to have let go, and there is a strong smell of gunpowder everywhere from the beginning of the game."

     "It may be because of the deciding game. If the teams that are ranking behind don't get high kills in this game, they won't get the spot even if they eat chicken, so they have to fight for it."

     "Um...that's true, it seems that this game will be very exciting and exciting in the early stage."

     The commentator on the stage was talking, and there was a fierce gunfire when the director camera arrived!

     The OMG of the power plant and ARK and other teams have already entered the "Starting chaos" link. At the top right of the screen, line by line knockdown or kill prompts are continuously displayed.

     Facts have proved that OMG deserves to be a strong team from two rounds of fighting in the loser group.

     They are obviously very experienced in this kind of opening encounter, and at present, they have a clear advantage in the big power plant.

     And unconsciously, the first safe zone on the court was also refreshed.


     "How is the airport circle?"

     In West Bridge Fishing Village, Li Muqiu said a little depressed, "I'm still going to finish searching here to block a wave of bridges."

     Obviously, he still keeps in mind constantly about the airport.In fact, they can also block bridges in this circle, but compared to blocking people coming from the north, Li Muqiu obviously prefers to block those "hard men" coming out of the airport.

     No way, the fishing village of this game is really a bit poor.

     Several people searched more than half of the fishing village, and now Liu Zilang is still holding a Thomson assault bridge.

     The SKS equipped with a double mirror in Shen Zeyan's hand is already the team's "strongest combat power".

     In the end, Liu Zilang searched a toilet on the east side of the fishing village and picked up five bandages from it.

     He has a handful of Thomson in his left hand.

     Right hand... still a Thomson.

     At this time, Liu Zilang looked around and wanted to find another place to equip him.

     Finally, he cast his gaze on the "Golden Zodiac" on the east side of the West Bridge, smashing it, smashing the mouth, and said evil to the guts, "I remember that there was a good team jump, or I will see their harvest. So, can you get some autumn breeze."

     The three of them could not help corner of the mouth twitch.

     What do you want to fight the autumn wind, this is so obvious that you want to "kill people and looting"!

     However, several people are also a little moved. After all, this is the fastest way to make money in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

      but at this moment, there was a buzzing sound suddenly over the north.

      has to say, there is no such thing as Kotomi Misaka, who makes a big fuss every time, yelling "It's so wet.

     At this time, Liu Zilang was still a little uncomfortable, and he was a little stunned, before he realized it in his mind.

     Obviously, this game is an airport circle, and the airdrop must fall in the safe zone.Liu Zilang was thinking about it, and the plane arrived over them in no time.

     Li Muqiu suddenly raised his gun and fired at the air "suddenly", obviously trying to try his luck.

     After a while, he touched his nose with some embarrassment and put away the gun in his hand.

     Liu Zilang slanted his eyes when he saw this, turned his head and said with a smile, "Brother Gao, don't you come?"

     Gao Yunyang, who was sitting on the chair, opened his eyes when he heard the words, and then pulled out the P1911 from his waist, and shot a burst of "bang Bang Bang" in the air.

     Liu Zilang corner of the mouth twitch.

     Li Muqiu on the side saw this but in deadly earnest shook his head and said, "A superstitious behavior is too bad, let me say..."

     Unexpectedly, he hasn't even finished his sentence, and a small black spot appeared under the plane over the sea.

     Seeing this picture, Li Muqiu's mouth hadn't closed yet, and he suddenly opened in surprise!

     Liu Zilang laughed out of his heart!

     He raised his hand and patted the shoulder of Li Muqiu, and said with relief, "If you want to start, Lao Qiu, I can't blame myself for his ugly face."

     Li Muqiu: ...

     Since the airdrop is in the sea, there is nothing to say.

     Liu Zilang pulled up Li Muqiu, and the two ran along the seaside of the fishing village, and soon found a boat.

     But at the same time, the "Golden Zodiac" team also discovered the airdrop dropped on the sea.

     After they found the ship under the West Bridge, they quickly boarded the ship and headed for the landing.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Wow! I'm not mistaken, the airdrop was hit by Sloth?""Hehe, it looks like this plane is very shameful, knowing that Sloth will be on the court for the first time as a meeting ceremony."

     "It seems that this wave of Se7en civil war is about to happen again. The airdrop was also found on the first team, they are already on board."

     "Well, and I think the first team should be one step faster than the second team."

     "Wait, across the sea from the airport island, SnakeTC, who is jungler along the coast, seems to be interested in this airdrop. They have also found the ship."

     "Tsk tusk, I didn't expect the first airdrop in the game, and it was still in the sea, the competition would be so fierce."

     "Then the next step is the tripartite talks."


     On the coast.

     When Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu got on the boat, they also saw the speedboat coming from the east sea.

     "Oh! Someone wants to grab the airdrop from Brother Gao!"

     "Take him!"

     Before he could turn around to pick up someone, Liu Zilang took Li Muqiu directly to make prompt decisions rushed over.

     If this is late, nothing will be lost!