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1051 The Most Realistic Naval Battle!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? The sea breeze slowly, the waves are rippling.

     Under the big screen guide lens, only two speedboats dragged two long white trains, galloping towards the landing point of the airdrop on the sea.

     At this time, both sides naturally discovered each other.

     There was no need for much words, the gunfire could happen at any moment, and the two sides soon turned over the fire.

     Or to be more precise, it was Liu Zilang who was on the boat being beaten here.

     No way, let's not say that the incident happened in a hurry, there were only two of them on board.

     It is said that Li Muqiu has only one S686, one Uzi submachine gun, in comparison Liu Zilang, who wields Thomson, is considered a "local tyrant", which is destined to be beaten when facing the first team.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Tsk tsk, this wave of Se7en civil war is currently the first team has a full advantage."

     "Yes, the firepower of the three guns on a team of speedboats is too strong. Although Ze Shao and Sloth on the shore are also holding guns, but at this distance, and still on the sea, they can't create enough pressure."

     "But wait, SnakeTC's ship also came from the direction of the airport island in the south. There were also four people on their ship."

     "Oh! The Snake team ran away towards the airdrop box during the Se7en Civil War. They wanted to fish in troubled water."

     "Well, the first team decisively gave up the pursuit! They also realized SnakeTC's intentions."

     In the big screen game screen.

     I saw a team of speedboats, Divine Dragon Tail Swipe, swiping an exaggerated arc on the sea, and then rushed over directly below the airdrop.At this moment, the airdrop is not far from the sea.

     Once it falls, the hand moves faster like a "bag licking monster" like Liu Zilang, and it is estimated that it can be licked in one second.

     So if SnakeTC gives the quick-footed climb up first, then the intestines of a team will probably regret it.

     In this way, Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu naturally seem not so important.

     Of course, this is when each other does not know who the other is.

     If a team knew about the ship they were chasing just now, it would be Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu who were "single".

     Is this airdrop still so important in their eyes? But it is not easy to say...

      At the same time, on the ship of SnakeTC.

     As one of the few professional teams with female players in this PCPI, the atmosphere in the team was driven by the big sister's head foam, having high fighting spirit, and everyone's eyes only had the airdrop box slowly falling from the sea.


     There was a sound of boats in my ears.

     The four of the snakes turned their heads and saw that the speedboat that was chasing people had returned.

     "Nenn him!!" Mozi roared, SnakeTc instantly Full Firepower!

     However, the Se7en team was naturally not a free team. Under the command of SSR, they started to fight back while circling quickly.

     The same is true for SnakeTC.

     For a while, the airdrop has not yet fallen.

     The two boats on the sea looked like a "two-person turn", and began to circle around the sea where the airdrop dropped, and everyone was dumbstruck in sight.

     "Is this a naval battle? How does it feel not quite the same as I imagined.""Puff haha, the first team and the snake team are too engaged."

     "Hehehe, I feel that Vic and the others are a little sad, they don't even take them to play with them."

     "It seems that this airdrop has nothing to do with them. If the first team really fights with the snake team, it would be fine, but going around in circles like this is equivalent to surrounding the airdrop box."

     "The key point is that Vic and Qiu Shen are weak. I was afraid that they were not going to be targeted at this time."

     "Huh? Wait! Where's Vic?"


     Some spectators found something wrong off the court!

     At this time, when the director's footage was again given to Liu Zilang's speedboat.

     Just like Supernatural Event(s),

     There is only one Li Muqiu on the boat, but Liu Zilang's figure is not always vanish without trace.

     After everyone was stunned, some kind of speculation suddenly appeared in their hearts...

     No way!

     In the next moment, the director lens pulled up to give God's perspective above the sea.

     In an instant, everything below was immediately and clearly presented in front of everyone.


     What a big fish!

     Tiger Shark!

     In the sea, Liu Zilang was throwing his arms and kicking the hard-working dog.

     When the first team played the "two-man turn" with the snake team, he had noiselessly come down from the sea to not far from the two teams.

     At this time, the airdrop was almost within reach to be almost within reach, and Liu Zilang sneaked out of the sea to fill his lungs with moist air.

     Then he plunged into the sea again, like a tiger shark, swimming quickly towards the airdrop in the middle.At the same time, the two teams on the sea saw that the airdrop was about to fall, and they also stopped fighting for a long time without making anyone come.

     In the next moment, just like two cavalry on the ancient battlefield charging each other, the two speedboats suddenly face to face toward the airdrop rush forward!


     Da da da-!

     The violent gunfire came like a tide!

     Obviously, the two sides are going to have a real wave of airdrops this time!

      ding ding dang dang —!

     The bullets screamed constantly on the sea, and the bullet hit the hull of the speedboat with a harsh metal tremor.

     Under the sea, Liu Zilang looked above "swish" of the ship that passed over his head suddenly, and his heart suddenly became anxious.

     If this is approached by the opponent, no matter who goes into the sea first, he will have nothing to do.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang hurriedly said to Li Muqiu who was parked not far away, "Hurry up! They're going to go on, harass them!"

     Li Muqiu was taken aback when he heard the words, glanced at the S686 and Uzi submachine guns in his hand, and couldn't help but said with a black face, "Madan, do I use my head to harass?!"

     This distance...

     And still on the sea...

     Needless to say S686.

     Even if the bullet of the Uzi submachine gun can pass, it is estimated that it is not even a tickle.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as Li Muqiu's words fell, Liu Zilang gave him an affirmative answer and firm eyes.

     "Yes, just use the head to harass, it's too late to say more, hurry up...Ah, hurry up!"

     "Madan! You think I am your stupid disciple of your iron-headed baby." Li Muqiu secretly said in heart with bad luck.However, even though he said that, he still rushed forward to this side as soon as the boat speeded up.

     The first team and the snake team SnakeTC were chatting with each other, and suddenly heard the sound of boats from far and near.

     The two teams turned their heads and looked, only to find a speedboat inserted directly in from the middle.

     "What the hell?"

     The four members of the snake team were stunned.

     The first team reacted immediately.

     "It's the ship we chased just now."

     "Fuck! They dare to come back."

     "Tender him!"

     In a blink of an eye, the bullet rain seemed to be blown by the sea breeze, and suddenly smashed towards Li Muqiu splitting the head and covering the face.

     After the snake team recovered his wits, it seemed that someone dared to fish in troubled water under their noses.

     Naturally, there was no reason for them not to fight, and immediately set fire to Li Muqiu.

     In the sea, Liu Zilang flopped and finally approached and came under the airdrop box.

     At this moment, I just listened to the "boom" a loud sound, there seemed to be what thing exploded on the sea...


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