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1054 Who Is Whose Fish?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     At the bridgehead, there was a sound of brakes.

     1246 hid the car in great detail, and then the four jumped out of the car swiftly. The team leader Zixuan looked at the people around and said regular and thorough:

     "Promise and Xiaotian went to look for a shelter on the hillside on the left. Look at the opposite side of the bridge.

     "Tian Xuan and I are behind the bunker on the right. Let's stare to the north."

     "When people come down, let's get closer and hit them directly!"

     While he was speaking, several teammates quickly took their place.

     Obviously, the unsatisfactory 1246 game in the first two games was let go, and I wanted to become a "bridgehead bully" to block the bridge and eat a wave of points.

     However, at this time, behind the grass slope west of the West Bridge, there were four pairs of eyes staring at them.

     "This team wants to grab our business." Li Muqiu looked at Liu Zilang on the side, raised his eyebrows and said, "How do you say, do we want to go and take back the site."

     Liu Zilang touched his chin when he heard the words, and looked at the two people squatting behind the defensive bunker at the bridgehead, "They are a bit scattered in this position."

     At this time, facing the first direct combat in this game, Gao Yunyang, who had been squinting his eyes, also woke up.

     He understood what Liu Zilang meant, and smashed his mouth twice, "Well...it's a bit bad to catch everything in the one net, or else...I will detour from behind and go across the road?"

     Although the two people at Qiaotou were exposed under their gun lines, it seemed that they could be killed at any time.

     But after killing these two, the remaining two people of the other party are a bit difficult to catch.

     The first wave of poison has already begun to shrink, and I believe someone will come soon.If In that case, the remaining two people in this team will undoubtedly become a hidden danger for them to block the bridge.

     But considering Gao Yunyang's words, Liu Zilang shook the head again.

     "If it was me, someone will definitely be arranged to look at the back. We don't know the location of the remaining two people. You will probably be found if you touch it, and it will also arouse the vigilance of the two people at Qiaotou."

     "Then I have nothing to do." Gao Yunyang couldn't help shrugged the shoulders when he heard Liu Zi's words.

     Li Muqiu lifted his hand and unbuttoned a flowery shirt in his team uniform, and licked his lips, "Or let's just leave it alone. Let's make a lick of these two people."

     Obviously, at this moment, Uzi with his left hand and Li Muqiu with a spray on his right hand were full of desire to lick the bag.

     Liu Zilang heard that hesitated.

     To be honest, he was also a little moved about Li Muqiu's proposal.

     At this time, although his fifteen times sister was in control, there was only a Thomson submachine gun in another hand.

     However, before Liu Zilang made a decision, there was another traffic sound on the north road.

     "Oh! Another team is coming from the north!"

     "It's the QM team from G town!"

     "But they seemed to be a little jealous of the bridge head, and didn't drive directly to the bridge head."

     "Oh! The QM team has gone to the beach west of West Bridge. They seem to want to find a boat."

     "Uh... looking for a ship?" spoke until here, the three commentators on the stage looked at each other in dismay.

     The beach with Vic...

      how can it be leave you a boat?

     However, QM coming from the north is clearly not aware of this.Under the guide lens of the big screen, they saw the four of them driving a motorcycle and a small blue car, crossing the road and driving straight toward the beach.

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang, who was lying on the slope grass, was fine.

     1246 at Qiaotou was stunned when he saw this, and he felt regretful...

     Zixuan shook the head, "I made a mistake. It seems that this team is going to go to the sea. They had already gotten the boat up.

     "Madan, this team is too stable!" Promise vomited.

     "Curse they have no boat..."

     Xiaotian said maliciously.

     Several people in Qiaotou were talking.

     Unexpectedly, just at this moment, the sound of cars that hadn't been long before came from the west along the coastline.

     Several people of 1246 look at each other in dismay, and their faces suddenly showed the look of be wild with joy!

     "Did you see it! Did you see it!" In the team chat, Xiao Tian looked like I was right.

     Tianxuan raised his hand and patted his shoulder excitedly, "Fuck! Xiaotian, you can crow's mouth!"

     Xiaotian was crying over there.

     He suddenly turned black when he heard this.

     The team commander Zixuan quickly said, "Don't make trouble, don't make trouble! Pay attention to concealment, ready to pick up guests!"

     When the three teammates heard this, they held their breath and stared at the west coast.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang, who had just been lying on the slope of the grass, had already climbed up and walked around the two-story long building near the bridge.


     They got the boat down.

     Can this be far-sighted!At the moment, unless the team intends to abandon the car and swim in the sea, it is impossible for them not to return to the bridge.

     Therefore, Liu Zilang and the others quickly moved to another position, waiting for the two teams from Qiaotou to come to the "Shuanglonghui".


     Car sound getting closer and closer!

     The next moment, I saw a motorcycle galloping across the grassy slope and whizzing towards the bridgehead.

     And the blue car with three people kept a distance from the safe zone, hanging far behind.

     Obviously, the QM team is more cautious in handling things like bridge crossing.

     But what they hadn't thought is,

     1246 in Qiaotou is practicing "ninjutsu"!

     The motorcycle that QM Pathfinder had drove to the faces of the two people at the bridgehead defensive bunker 1246.

     But the two still squatted quietly behind the bunker, with no intention to shoot at all.

     QM's assaulter Yizz couldn't help but relax.

     After all, if he is beaten, the motorcycle will not be without danger no matter how fast, so naturally I still hope that there is no one.

     At this time he greeted in his voice.

     The blue car with three people in the back quickly drove along the grassy slope towards the bridge head.

     In a blink of an eye, the remaining three people of QM also reached the near point.

     Upon seeing this, Yizz jumped on the motorcycle again.

     Qiaotou this is only the first pass.

     Is there anyone on the other side of the bridge?

     As an assault scout, Yizz naturally had to go ahead and explore the way.

     As soon as he got into the car with clinker, there was a rustling change in his ear.The next moment, just across from him by a bunker, two black hole muzzles came out coldly.

     "Fuck! Don't come here, someone!"

     Yizz's voice in the voice has not fallen yet!

     The bullet hit by the scream passed through the body, blooming blood flowers in the air!

     However, at this time, there was no time to brake. I saw that blue car hit the fortifications of the bridge head, and the three people in the QM car quickly jumped off!

     Instant time!

     Gunshots are thundering, bullets are like tides!

     Under the hasty challenge...

     QM naturally did not expect that they were fighting the two people in front of them, but 1246 was on the opposite slope, but there were still two firepower points, and they suddenly retreated.

     However, 1246 two people on the opposite slope of Road 1 didn't expect to be when they set up their guns high.

     A figure holding UMP9 alone, but already touched them calmly.

     "Oh! It's Sloth!"

     There was an exclamation from the commentary!


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