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1056 Where Did The Human Head Dog Come From?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the view of the fifteen times lens, everything on the bridge is clearly visible.

     Just when the 1246 two at Qiaotou were preparing to solve the last one of QM and return to their teammates.

     Suddenly a rain of bullets hit the slope!

     It's just a breath blink of an eye, the QM two people who were just knocked down before they had time to make up, their bodies burst with blood, and they went away in a pool of blood in a blink of an eye...

     The two of 1246 were suddenly shocked, and immediately furious in their hearts!

     Damn it!

     Where is the head dog grabbing the head of labor and capital? !

     Soon, two kill prompts appeared on the upper right of the screen.

     "Se7en2-Vic used MK14 to finally kill QM-ufeng!"

     "Se7en2-Vic used MK14 to finally kill QM-jiyy!"

     The moment they saw this ID, the two of 1246 couldn't help but one shivers!

     They hurriedly scanned their surroundings vigilantly, a hint of coolness appeared out of thin air, entangled in their hearts like chains of death, and a bad feeling rushed into their hearts!

     Soon, the hunch became reality.

     In the sloping ground, without omen, a screaming rain of bullets suddenly hit!

     However, it was not the two of 1246 who fell to the ground first, but the last only remaining of the great lone wolf on QM.

     Even so, the two would not feel that the other was any friendly.

     This is so perfect it is grabbing people's heads!

     The next moment, the moment the gunfire sounded again!

     The two of them, Listening In On Arguments From Afar, quickly found the location of the sneak attacker, relying on the bunker to face Liu Zilang, a wave of fierce counterattacks!


     Da da da-!Fire from the muzzle burst, bullets tearing the air back and forth between the two sides with a faint smell of gunpowder.

     But what 1246 didn't think about was.

     At this time, Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan were the only ones facing their guns. Li Muqiu's gun line had been unconsciously pulled behind the second-story guard tower in the south.

     Looking at the 1,246 two people who were fighting with Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan.

     The corner of Li Muqiu's mouth couldn't help but chuckled, and a hand grenade slipped out with a move of his palm!


     The crisp sound of string pulling sounded!

     Li Muqiu counted a few silently in his heart, and then threw a jumper over it.

      kuang duang'ed!

     The grenade slammed into the bunker, making a trembling sound.

     1246 The two were startled, and ran out from the bunker, immediately facing Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan's bombardment.

     What Li Muqiu wanted was this opportunity!

     Holding Uzi in his hand, he did not shy away at all, and rushed up from behind the tower with a gun in his hand.

     The distance between the two sides quickly narrowed!


      Amid the loud noise of a heaven-shaking sound, the grenade exploded, and the waves of fire and gunpowder suddenly expanded.

     The smoke has not dissipated yet.

     Li Muqiu passed through the smoke and rushed to the face of 1246. The flame of Uzi's muzzle flashed and couldn't stop, and bullets poured out frantically at extremely fast rate of fire!

     Zixuan and Tianxuan of 1246 patronized Sao to avoid Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan, but they didn't expect Cheng Yaojin to fight in the slope.

     The bullet submerged into the body and made a dull sound.Under this wild double crossfire, the two went hand in hand to transform the box in a blink of an eye!

     In an instant, everything in Qiaotou was calm.

     However, at this moment, the hearts of the audience off the court have been difficult to be calm...

     Even with this wave of Se7en2 unaware of the oriole behind, everyone has prepared the mental preparation of "may become the biggest winner" in their hearts.

     But they still didn't expect the second team to win this wave so easily, so thoroughly...

     "This... is the perfect Se7en2?!"

     "Turtle! Sure enough, there is a little fierce, I feel that one person can be used as a team."

     "Being a team is a bit exaggerated, but Meng is really G2 fierce, this is not black."

     "Suddenly I can't wait for PGI! I really want to see the shocked expressions of those crooked nuts on the world stage."

     "Madan, listening to you such a saying, I am a little bit looking forward to it."

     "I heard that the European and American side is also a bit fierce today. I won't talk about SKK and C9. This time a super dark horse GTiger appeared in the European and American qualifiers, and even SKK got down."

     "I don't care! My second team World's First, I'm not convinced to argue!"

     "The big brother in front is an undercover, right? He started milking so soon?"


     The barrage in the live broadcast room continued to sweep like a tide.

     In the game competition, Li Muqiu and a few people ushered in the "harvest" season.

     The four of them slid on the boxes on the floor, and the equipment on their bodies was bird shotgun replaced by cannon, look completely new.On the commentary stage, Msjoy couldn't help but smile and said with emotion, "Sure enough, blocking the bridge and robbery is the one and only way of Make money. It's no wonder that every team wants to block the bridge when they see it."

     "Haha, but this wave of the second team is not a blockade and robbery. They are the ones who robbed and block the bridge." There was also a smile on Ye Hao's face. Fatter."

     "I think it depends on the timing. After all, opportunities wait for no one."

     "Well, now the first wave of poison has shrunk to the mine in the north. Except for the second team on the west bridge, neither the 17 nor the FPX coming from the north have crossed the bridge."

     "What did the second team say? Do you continue to be stuck at the bridge?"

     "It's a bit difficult to continue to block. They had conflicts with the second team at the beginning of the 17th game. They know that there are people in Qiaotou fishing village, and it is impossible to have no defense on Qiaotou.

     "Well, even though FPX is flying high from the north side of the route, they should have heard gunshots when the fire was crossed at the bridge head. It seems that they would not cross the bridge rashly.

     "Oh! FPX's car has already headed towards the east farm. I guess they might want to go to the east coast to find a boat to cross the sea."

     "There are also 17, 17 here is very interesting, how do I feel they want to detour to P Port to find a boat."

     "Uh... the road is a bit far detour. It seems that the 17th game has experienced a loss of staff at the beginning. The style of the whole team can be said to be very stable.""In this game, there were a lot of teams gathered on the East Bridge, but there were a lot of boats near the East Bridge. Now most of the teams such as OMG and SSS have sailed across the sea, and the bridge head has not been too intense. Conflict."

     "Well, let's see how to clean the next safe zone..."


     Interpretation analysis predicts the situation on the court.

     West Bridge Bridge Head.

      After elatedly licking the bag, Liu Zilang glanced at the poison ring to the north, but there was some hesitation in his heart.

     On the one hand, he naturally wants to continue to block and expand another wave of results, and no one is too much equipment and materials;

     But on the other hand, Liu Zilang was also worried that the delay here was too long, and people were not blocked. It would be a bit uncomfortable if someone blocked the other end of the bridge.

     His mind was running at a high speed. After some weighing in his mind, Liu Zilang decided to cross the bridge first.

     The four were originally without a car.

     However, with the "funding" of the two teams of 1246 and QM, they had a fleet of one in a blink of an eye and formed a luxury motorcade. Liu Zilang led the motorcycle quickly toward the safe area across the bridge.

     But after reaching the other side of the bridge, they were not blocked yet, but the next safe area had already been refreshed.

     "This circle..."