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1057 Time And Space Rift, All Staff Dropped?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"This circle..."

     On the presiding commentary stage, Msjoy said in some hesitation, "The safety zone at the airport is the center, and the final round is impossible at the airport?"

     "Well...it's hard to say now."

     Maybe he pondered, and then smiled again, "However, the luck of the 4AM and IFTY match is good. There is no need to transfer the first two laps. It can be said that the previous battle was avoided to the greatest extent."

     "Well, this is actually quite good. Although you can get head points and expand the advantage of Weapons and Equipment in the previous fight, there is also a lot of risk."

     "Yes, if it is another team in the top ten, I might approve of them doing this, but the current total Point Ranks fourth 4AM is not in a hurry, they only need to steadily and surely."

     "Let’s take a look at the situation in the safety zone. There are currently 15 teams with 53 people left on the field. IFTY in the circle occupies the airport C building, while 4AM is two on the elevated and two on the K In the building, both parties are temporarily in a state of peaceful coexistence."

     "Such a strange, then it is not good news for other teams entering the circle..."

     The fact is indeed so.

     The two teams at the airport didn't fight. If the team outside came across a reckless one, they would drive along the airport highway without knowing the situation.

     Two teams, eight guns.

     Don't say it's human.

     Even the car will melt instantly.

     Xiqiao Qiaotou, seeing this circle, Liu Zilang couldn't help but scratching his butt, a bit painful and said, "If we drive to the airport for this game, we might still be there to see the scenery.""That's not because you blew up the car." Li Muqiu cannot bear saying.

     "Hey, how can I be blamed." Liu Zilang immediately argued, "My name is to abandon the car and save the handsome."

     "Guarantee?" Li Muqiu said.

     Liu Zilang smiled reservedly, "Just keep your handsome, you can't rely on me for being handsome, right?"

     Li Muqiu: ...

     Hearing the two of them were talking about each other, Gao Yunyang, who had been squinting his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes and interrupted them, "There should be no one on the north side of the bridge now. Let me talk about where we are going next."

     Liu Zilang was taken aback when he heard the words, then rubbed his chin and hesitated a little.

     "This circle... the airport is definitely the best place, but I remember that there are people flying high at the airport. We are afraid that something will happen in the past. Should we go to the mountain north of the airport to see the situation?"

     Li Muqiu heard this and immediately eyes shined!

     "It’s great on the mountain, we just happen to occupy a mountain and become the king, and another wave of robbery!"

     Obviously, after experiencing the jingle of a poor start and a wave of fat on the bridgehead, Li Muqiu has been deeply infatuated with this feeling of suddenly reaching the "peak of life".

     Next, Liu Zilang was thinking about the choice and specific tactics, and suddenly a violent buzzing sound came from his ear.

     Several people raised the head to look at the same time.

     A plane flew slowly over the southern side of the airport island, and before it reached the sky above their heads, it dropped an airdrop on the rolling mountains to the north of the airport.

     Got it!

     Don't think so much now.Liu Zilang opened the map and marked a point near the drop of the airdrop, and immediately jumped on the motorcycle. The other three also boarded their cars, and the group of four headed towards the drop point of the airdrop.

     But human thoughts can always collide with sparks, and the same is true for tactical thinking in the Professional League.

     At this time, Liu Zilang and others are not the only ones who have this idea and put it into action.

     When the perspective of the director passed through the rolling mountains and forests north of the airport, the camera suddenly pulled down.

     In the mountains and forests, I saw a small wooden house with yellow walls and red roofs on the northern hilltop.

     The four figures were lying secretively there, the gun line fanning towards the north.

     "Oh! It's EDG!"

     "EDG at what time is here? What are they doing?"

     "In this position... I feel that EDG should block those teams who want to go to the airport."

     "Well... this mountain range is so long, honestly speaking, it really depends on luck if they can block people like this."

     "Well, but the situation on the field seems to be somewhat changed now. This airdrop looks like it will fall on the roof of the cabin not far behind EDG."

     "Eh, really! Then even if other teams didn't plan to go here, they are likely to be attracted by the gap."

     "Hehe, it seems that this wave of EDG is a straight bait."

     "Oh! There is the sound of cars, as if someone is coming!"

     "It's Lstars!"

     Under the lens of the big screen director, I saw a jeep passing over mountains ridges from the north.

     Sitting in the car is a three-person team, apparently there was a loss of staff at the beginning of the transfer.At this time, in the Lstars team's chat voice, the three people's tone appeared some hesitation.

     Roman leaned out the car window, looked up at the airdrop ahead, and frowned slightly:

     "This airdrop is a bit hard to get, this circle, this time, there must be many teams coming over."

     Cn touched his chin and glanced at the terrain in front of him, "How about... let's do an ambush?"

     Dan, who was driving, heard eyes shined and said, "That's a good idea, or how about the hill in front, we must have no team faster than us when we came so early."

     Roman thought for a while and found it feasible, and it was much more stable than going directly below and waiting for the airdrop to land.

     So he made prompt decisions and said, "Well, then hurry up to get some points and hide the car first."

     "No problem." Dan hit the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator. Jeep immediately turned to the hill and went uphill.

      At the same time, the four EDGs lying on the top of the hill also heard the sound of cars from far and near.

     "Be careful, a car is coming." Love777 pricked his ears.

     "Does this car want to get an airdrop?" Jiuyan guessed.

     Milkbaby smashed his mouth twice, and said hesitantly, "How do I feel... this car is coming towards us, has it been found?"

     In fact, it is not only Milkbaby, as the sound of the car gets closer, the other three also have this kind of feeling.

     As if the car will drive to their faces in the next moment.

     Was it really discovered?

     Love777 brows slightly wrinkled, pondered for a moment, and quickly made a decision."Don't care about this. If the other party stops, we will fight. If we don't stop, we will not shoot. I'd like to see what kind of gourd is sold in medicine."

     Hearing "Xiao Qijiang", the other three of EDG also understood-if the other party did spot them, they would definitely not drive the car into their faces.

     Instead, they will find a place to park.

     At this time, the four gun lines have been opened, and at that time they can always find an angle to give the opponent a wave.

     But if the other party doesn't find them, then naturally the closer the other party's car is, the better.

     At that time, it will be the rhythm of a wave of wipeout, it is a car of "Oita"!


     Next, under the guide lens of the big screen, I saw the EDG four-person jeep all the way up the hillside.

     Finally, in the live and live broadcast rooms, countless viewers are becoming more and more confused and hard to believe...

     They actually reached the top of the hill safely inconceivable and stopped on the faces of the surrounding EDG four.

     EDG this is...

     Is everyone offline?


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