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1060 A New Generation Of Avengers!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

As the sniper position in the team, AM must give priority to Shen Zeyan.

     After replacing the 98K in his hand, Shen Zeyan quickly silenced the AM and sniper equipment.

     Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help touching his chin, and pondered.

     At this time, the two guns on his body were M16 and Meikong, but Meikong just picked up a rapid expansion magazine, which can be used as a submachine gun in a fully automatic situation.

     Although not long enough, the outbreak is strong!

     And when face to face each other, as long as one bullet hits the head.

     Even if the opponent is a third-level head, he can also hit a damage that makes the opponent's heart tremble.

     In addition, when the distance between each other in the early and mid-term is generally far, two sniper positions in the team can also give the opponent greater deterrence.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang no longer hesitated, and quickly leaned over and picked up the 98K that Shen Zeyan had replaced.

     Next, several people went back and licked a wave of packets.

     But Shantou has experienced such a wave of fierce battles, and the sound of gunfire has spread to the ears of nearby teams.

     If it is under normal circumstances, the teams will naturally subconsciously avoid this dangerous place.

     But at this time everyone looked at the kill prompt.

     Damn it!

     It's the second team that "divides".

      It should be noted, in the deciding game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the division of dominance to the ranking behind the team is like learning domineering to learning scum, it is simply "everyone gets punishable"!

     Not to mention Liu Zilang and others like Tyloo and SnakeTC and a team of "old enemies"...

     At this point, the director gave it to the God's perspective.Everyone off the court can know that the nearby teams are moving after hearing the sound, like "All Birds Looking Up To The Phoenix", following the gunfire in the memory from the east side and west side along the mountains and woods towards the second team. Fumbled over.

     Seeing this scene that looked like a bandit, the three commentators on the stage couldn't help being stunned!

     Damei'er tilted the head suspiciously.

     "Huh? Why are so many teams here? Are they even picking up airdrops?"

     "It would be great if it was an airdrop."

     It’s also good to watch the game screen, cannot help but laugh shook the head, "I’m afraid that everyone’s airdrop is fake, and it’s true to beat the second team."

     Msjoy couldn't help but smile when he heard the words, "No way, people hate so much!"

     "Haha, the second team is hated not only by dividing too much." Ye Hao said with a smile immediately after hearing the words. Let people swim back from the middle of the sea."

     "And halfway, Vic also killed a team of people in the sea, in comparison, I think this is the most hated."

     Looking at the first team and the snake team coming from the west side of the mountain under the big screen director camera, Msjoy was also speechless after hearing this...

     Feelings are not just plain "smashing local tyrants to divide fields", but legendary "Avengers"!

     During the interpretation and ridicule on the stage, the four teams that Liu Zilang were on were touched noiselessly in the rolling hills between east and west both sides.

     The two on the east are Tyloo and SSS, and the two on the west are the Se7en team and the SnakeTC snake team.It can be said that no trace of politeness, no matter which one of these four teams is singled out, they are the first-class domestic teams.

     The two teams in the east have top-notch core players.

     The "Avengers" composed of such four teams is simply a combination of Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America!

     Who can stand this!

     All of a sudden, the barrage in the live broadcast room has been swept wildly!

     "666, this is too deranged!"

     "Vic has offended many people!"

     "Could it be that the second team was about to be beaten on the ground after the second team was forced?"

     "But it looks like they haven't found the specific position of the second team."

     "Shao Ze, run! Someone is coming to catch you!"

     "Cherish life, stay away from Vic!"


     Just when the audiences and friends were tense in the audience, Liu Zilang and the four on the court were still unaware of everything around them.

     At this time the second wave of poison had begun to shrink.

     After Liu Zilang licked his bag, he glanced at the direction of the airport, raised his hand and rubbed his chin, smashed his mouth.

     "This circle... I still feel like going to the airport, how can I say? Are we going to continue the robbery or drive away?"

     "Robbery? I'm afraid it's unrealistic." Li Muqiu sorted out the shirt under his team uniform.

     Standing on the top of the hill, he faced the airport with a melancholy sighed saying, "We have just been so fierce, now which team dare to come and die."

     "Oh! Invincible, how...what..."


      without omen...A sniper bullet traversed the mountains, tearing through the sky with a sharp scream, and hitting Li Muqiu, who hadn't even finished his sentence, on the head with great precision!

     In an instant, with a "swish", Li Muqiu's blood volume instantly turned sharply and fell into a state of red blood.

     In the next instant, the clear gunshots from the east of the mountain ridge reached several people's ears.

      "Fuck! Someone is coming?"

     Li Muqiu was a little dumbfounded. If it weren't for the previous "Big Harvest" licked a third-level head from a few people's boxes, he would just kneel on the ground and talk...

     After regaining his senses, Li Muqiu immediately squatted on the spot beside Bounce!

     as expected!

     On the east side of the mountain,

     A series of bullets hit again!

     The opponent apparently failed to kill with a headshot, and someone next to him followed the gun.

     This is a gang crime!

     Liu Zilang also reacted here, and quickly found someone after reacting.

      has to say, he has always been amazingly sharp in Listening In On Arguments From Afar!

     After opening the fifteenth magnification lens, Liu Zilang saw a figure shaking in the east in just a second.

     And because he and Li Muqiu are not together, the other party is still looking at the match on the top of the mountain. At this time, he was beaten and "shiver coldly" Li Muqiu did not realize that Liu Zilang had found him so soon. !


     The crisp sound of sniper guns echoed over the mountains!

     A sniper bullet exploded and flew over a distance of nearly three hundred meters in a blink of an eye, bleeding flowers blooming on the head of a person behind the tree on the east side!"Se7en2-Vic used Kar98K headshot to knock down Tyloo-ToDog!"

     Is it Tyloo?

     Liu Zilang was stunned, a smile turned up at the corner of his mouth.

     What he didn't know was...

     The crisp 98K shot just now is like a flare in the night, instantly making the other three teams who are struggling to find and search in the mountains eyes shined!


     For a while, under the director's God's perspective.

     I saw the other three teams flocking in the direction of this crisp and sweet smell like sharks smelling blood in the sea.

     Soon, SSS and the three teams of Team One and Team Snake discovered Liu Zilang and others from Shantou one after another.

     However, the other party that many people approached like this, and Shen Zeyan, who had been vigilant around him, immediately discovered the abnormality.

     "Be careful, there is more than one team around."


     Anyone else? !

     Li Muqiu was shocked when he heard it!

     This seems to be a bit different from the S2 script that he imagined as "the Great War shakes the Eight Wastes"...


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