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1061 It's As Difficult As Climbing!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Kang Dang—!

     Hearing Shen Zeyan's warning, Liu Zilang shook his hand and dropped a smoke bomb on his foot.

     Immediately afterwards, with a burst of "chi chi" sound, a large swath of smoke suddenly spread.

     The top of the mountain was white in a blink of an eye.

     "East should be two teams."

     "There is also a team on the south slope and north slope to the west."

     As Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan reported their emotions, Li Muqiu's face couldn't help but twitch.

     These days... all those who are not afraid of death have come together?

     He licked his blood, licked his lips, watching the direction where his eyes had just hit him.

     "These guys are here to surround us? How do you say? Do you want to go to the airport?"

     Liu Zilang saw that the poison circle around his eyes had shrunk to half, and he couldn't help faintly muttered to oneself.

     Although this circle is based on the proportion of the airport in the safe area, the possibility of the safe area being brushed at the airport is higher.

     But in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the refresh mechanism of the safe zone has always been elusive.

     In case their front foot just got out of the encirclement of the fourth team, the safety area of the back foot was brushed at the airport.

     That would be a bit painful.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang said, "First hold back one's troops without moving, and see how to do the next round."

     "Hold back one's troops without moving?" Li Muqiu's mouth twitched twice, cannot bear saying, "What if we don't move, what should they do?"

     As soon as Li Muqiu's words fell, before Liu Zilang had time to answer, a muffled thunder suddenly rolled over the mountains!

     It's gunshots!

     Silence AM's gunshots!Not far from the east side of the mountain, I saw SSS alone holding a gun, seeming to want to move closer to find the way.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as he ran out of the bunker, an amazing blood mist burst out of his head!

     Soon he thumped blood and knelt down on the hillside, and quickly crawled back with his face full of embarrassment, clutching his belly...


     "My God, this is too accurate!"

     "Pretty! Ze Shao's moving target headshot is really suffocating!"

     At the next moment, hit kill on the top right of the screen to display it.

     "Se7en2-loves knocked down SSS-SaSa with AM headshot!"

     Seeing this kill, in an instant, the team on the east side and west side of the mountains couldn't help but take photos!

      Before that, they only knew that Liu Zilang had 98K and sister control, but they never expected that the other party had AM.

     And it was the man called "Godkiller" who got it...

     At this moment, there was another unique and violent gunshot from the hill in the middle.

     Under the big screen guide lens, I saw that the smoke bombs thrown by the teammate on the SSS side had not dispersed yet, and there was a sudden burst of mud and turf around the body.

     It's sister control!

     Liu Zilang's fifteen times sister fired with a pressure gun!

     In the next moment, countless bullets fell on SaSa's body like "bang bang", crackle rattle.

     With this level of explosive shooting, where can SaSa's beautiful body bear?

     Soon he trembled,

     Go straight...

     "Se7en2-Vic used MK14 to finally kill SSS-SaSa!"


     There was an inhalation sound from the field.At this moment, not only SSS, but the other three teams couldn't help but stop trying to get closer.

      Learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor is right in front of you, and you can make up for it right away if you get hit.

     Who can stand this Ah!!!

     "Tsk tsk, Vic and Ze Shao's cooperation is a bit ruthless!" On the commentary stage, Msjou couldn't help but exclaimed, "No wonder that the team has a sniper. If there is a treasure, Vic and Ze Shao are deterrent in this situation The force is too great."

     "Well, even though we can knock down the second team, everyone loves to hear and see." He laughed and said, "But if you want to reduce the number of people, I am afraid that no team will choose to do this. ."

     "Yes." Msjoy nodded slightly and turned the head and looks to the game screen. "Then both sides can't move now. Although Vic and the others are very deterrent, they are only the deterrence of With Stillness, Move. If If they really want to let them out of smoke, they really won't be able to fight with enemies on all sides."

     "Yes, but our next safe zone will be refreshed soon. If we swipe up the mountain next time, Vic and the others will be in a much better situation." They also rubbed their chin and said.

     "Oh? What do you say?" Msjoy asked.

     He also laughed funny, and analyzed, "If the circle comes back, other teams will go up the mountain. There will be more people at that time, and it will be difficult for Tyloo and SSS to target the second team from so many teams. After all, even if you want to target, you have to distinguish people first, right?"

     "Um...hehe, this is indeed a problem." Msjoy also laughed.At this moment, the dull girl on the side suddenly asked. "Then if the next circle... what do you say when you brush the airport south?"

     "Swipe the airport to the south?"

     He was also stunned when he heard the words, and immediately laughed, "Uh... Then I think the second team is almost cold..."


     Just as the three commentaries were on the stage, analyzing and predicting the situation on the field, the surrounding radiation grid and the border of the safety zone were getting closer and closer.

     At this point in time, there were only eleven teams with 37 people left on the field.

     It is reasonable to say that most of the teams should bet on the airport, but the hatred of Liu Zilang and the others in this game is really too stable, causing nearly half of the teams on the field to be on the mountain north of the airport...

     At this time, seeing the poison circle is about to overlap.

     At this moment, there was a roar of airplanes under the setting sun to the west!

     In an instant, this immediately attracted the attention of all teams on the field.

     The gazes of everyone off the court also followed the director's camera, moving slowly with the airdrop box.

     "This plane should be an airdrop, right?"

     "It must be an airdrop."

     "Why don't you fall, throw it away!"

     "Hapi, the airdrop must be in the safe zone."

     "Eh! Lost it!"

     Suddenly, there was a surprise sound from off the court.

     Under the lens of the director of the big screen.

     I saw that when the plane passed over the apron on the south side of the airport, a black spot suddenly appeared underneath, which immediately zoomed in as it fell!

     This is naturally an airdrop.And the moment the airdrop landed, the audience off the court might not have realized anything, but some players on the court suddenly "huh"!

     The whole face is directly green!

      It should be noted, according to the system game mechanics, the airdrop must be in the safe zone.

     And now that the airdrop landed on the tarmac south of the airport, how could Liu Zilang on the mountain look green?

     At this moment, the radiation grid coincides with the boundary of the safe zone, and the next circle is refreshed!

     as expected.

     This circle not only reaches the airport below, but it is also relatively south.

     Then it means that Liu Zilang and others, who had to run poison on the northern mountain, fell into the situation of being framed by the four teams on the east side and west side.

     Next, as long as these four teams do not run poison, Liu Zilang wants to run.

     It's as difficult as heaven!


     .. m.