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1066 Get Closer To Science!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Hearing Li Muqiu's mutter, Liu Zilang's face twitched twice, and there was a faint bad feeling in his heart.

     At this time, the radiation and safety zone boundaries coincide.

     The next circle is refreshed!

     The safety zone brushed a chamfered circle in the north. For Liu Zilang and others on the apron to the south, it was the Divine Scourge that could not be in the diagonal circle of the Scourge!

     The moment I saw this circle,

     Li Muqiu's expression also became extremely exciting, and he even became suspicious in his heart.

     Isn't that special... Isn't it my crow's mouth?

     However, aware of Liu Zilang's somewhat unkind look in his eyes, Li Muqiu immediately said with a serious face:

     "Prodigal son, we can't engage in idealism, believe in science, where does the crow's mouth come from in the world, do you say yes or no?"

     Liu Zilang choked upon hearing the words and glanced at Li Muqiu, and said in a somewhat complicated tone, "I used to believe in science, but since I met you..."

     Seeing that the two were going to be nonsense again, Gao Yunyang squinted, "What shall we say next?"

     At the end, he added the sentence "You are forbidden to talk next time you scan the circle".

     "..." Li Muqiu.

     "The eyes of the masses are still sharp!"

     Liu Zilang shook his head with emotion, and pondered for two seconds, "Our position is a bit bad, the circle is in the north, and we happen to be at the far south."

      "Un." Gao Yunyang is nodded and obviously realized this.

     Although OMG is said to be their "alliance" at this time, the opponent just was forced to join without mentioning.

      If there is an opportunity, the opponent will naturally show no mercy and turn to each other, uniting the other three teams to kill them in poison.In a word, it is not suitable to stay here for long!

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang a thought flashed through the mind, and immediately said, "Seal the cigarettes, our car can't let them hit casually now."

     "What do you mean... shall we drive into the circle?" Li Muqiu asked in surprise.

      It should be noted, after the wave of pulling just now? These two jeeps are used as vehicles and shelters, and the durability of the cars is about to become popular.

     At this time, so many teams in front of him were stuck, Li Muqiu believed that if he was replaced by him.

     Without a shuttle bullet,

     Half a shuttle can blow up the car.

     Liu Zilang heard the worry in Li Muqiu's words and couldn't help but deliberately said, "Counsel?"

     Li Muqiu was stunned when he heard the words, and immediately blushed and said, "Just drive, who is our old Li? At what time?"

     "Yes, it's done!" Liu Zilang smiled, said.

     "What's the matter?" Li Muqiu warned.

     "Wait for you to drive head-on." Liu Zilang complexion turned proper.

     "Ah? What about you?" Li Muqiu was dumbfounded.

     "Let's drive around from outside." Liu Zilang looked as it should be by rights.

     "..." Li Muqiu.


     Host the commentary stage.

     "We can see that the next circle has been refreshed."

     "Yes, this circle is in the area of the elevated north side of the airport, the C building and the K building."

     "At the moment they are in the circle at 17 and 4AM, but the team on the tarmac is not so lucky."

     "Well, the countdown for this lap is two minutes. The team on the tarmac must find a chance to enter the lap.""Oh! The SSS who is closer to the circle is moving, and they are moving towards the pile of oil drums south of the A-shaped building."

     "Wait, there... not there!"

     "That's right, the three of 17's are all in the A building, and SSS will go over there and be blocked by 17!"

     "Then the situation is now more embarrassing, it should be the second team. They are held by other teams on the tarmac on the southernmost side. If they want to run poison, they have to break through the defense of the four teams.

     "Four teams? Isn't OMG just an ally?"

     "Hehe, I'm afraid this friendly army will become an enemy at any time."


     In the game, time passes by every minute.

     Gradually, when the countdown to shrink the poison was only 30 seconds, Tyloo and the first team couldn't take it anymore.

     I saw two teams, one going east and the other going west, with their backhands behind their backs, and little by little moved towards the safe zone north.

      Thus, apart from the OMG next to the airdrop box on the tarmac, only the second team next to the aircraft is left.

     At this time, although the distance between OMG and the safe zone is a bit more advantageous than Liu Zilang's several people.

     But in fact their position is very awkward, just caught in the middle by a few teams.

     So if they want to drive, they will face a team's strafe wherever they go.

      This time, the hearts of the OMG four are full of regret!

     Looking at the doggie in his hand, Xiao Hai really wanted to stuff it back into the airdrop box.Just if this is not the case came to lick this airdrop, they should be comfortably holding their guns in the safety zone to the north to watch the scenery, how can they be in a dilemma like this, make progress only with great difficulty.

     "Can't drive, let's spread cigarettes." The smile frowned and thought for a moment, and quickly made a decision.

     "Then where shall we shop into the circle." SlientBT cannot bear ask.

     "You can't go north, a team of four has just passed." The little lion reminded.

     With a smile, he glanced at the Se7en team that had just moved towards the third small factory in the northwest.

     Because Liu Zilang killed two people in the airdrop in the sea ahead, the first team is naturally a double team at this moment.

      Thought until here, the smile immediately marked a point in the direction of the third small factory, "We will stay with the two-person team and eat them when we have the opportunity."

     Hearing the smile, the three nodded.

     But the little lion glanced at the smoke next to the plane to the south, and was a little unwilling to say, "That team seems to be a team, let's ignore them?"

      this is not little lion sentimental.

      It should be noted, OMG is currently ranked second in the overall standings, second only to Se7en2.

     If they can overturn Liu Zilang and others, lower the opponent's ranking in the third game and eat the opponent's points.

     Then they are very likely. Win the PCPI Jianghai championship tonight!

     Hearing what the little lion said, he hesitated with a smile, and then the make prompt decisions said, "Don't worry about them, they will definitely be framed to death. The most important thing for us is to survive and improve the ranking."

     "Don't forget, in addition to the second team, we still have 17 and 4AM below."He spoke until here, with a gleam in his smiling eyes, and he said in a deep voice, "I just noticed that these two teams are still working wrong, and our opponents are not limited to Vic from the second team."

     After hearing the smile, the three OMG also felt reasonable, so they acted immediately.

     Kang Dang—!

     Kang Dang—!

     Kang Dang—!

     The smoke bombs were thrown out one by one, and a "smoke corridor" was quickly formed to the northwest of the apron.

     With the help of the cover of smoke, the OMG four quickly moved towards the team in the northwest direction.

     After a while, the four SSS who set off first have already piled into the circle in the oil drums south of the A-building.

     At this time, apart from one of them standing guard at the poison side, the NB211 three quickly pointed their guns at the south side, and started hunting for poison.

     Tyloo, who moved to the northeast, was knocked down by one of them during the poison run.

     At this moment, the three people in Building A followed the gunfire noiselessly and touched them.

      at the same time,

     In the smoke beside the plane on the southern side of the tarmac, a roar of vehicles suddenly spread to everyone's ears.

     The second team is driving!

     For a while, undercurrents surged on the field!


     .. m.
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