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1067 Originally From The Same Root
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Hearing the sound of cars, the OMG and Tyloo teams on the tarmac were shocked!

     It's the second team!

     The next moment, the eyes of the two teams showed a fiery light at the same time!

     Here comes my brother? !

     But soon, they found that they were wrong.

     The smoke on the south side of the tarmac was still lingering, but no car came out of the smoke.

     Immediately afterwards, the off-site audience immediately discovered that something was wrong.

     "Vic! The second team went out from the south."

     "It looks like Vic and they want to detour from the south of the airport."

     "The idea seems to be good, but the outside of the airport is not in the safe zone. The second team still has to come in again?"

     "This direction... are they going to come in from the face of the first team?"

     "But wait, the team seems to be in danger here, and OMG touched their ass!"

     "OMG should want to eat a team in this wave. There are only two people left in the team. The situation is not optimistic."


     When everyone off the court was worried about the first team.

     Suddenly everything from the director's camera was given to the pile of oil drums on the south side of Building A.

     In the big screen picture.

     I saw Ma Niu Niu Cat on his waist, holding a grenade in his hand, noiselessly touched the oil drum, and then threw it towards the SSS four with his hand.

      At this moment, except for Vvovo, the other three of SSS are blocking the Tyloo three who are moving towards the northeast from the rocket launch well.

     I didn't even know that there was someone in Building A, and I didn't expect that a blaster could touch the back of his butt.

      without omen ground!They only heard a "gang-dang" from behind!

     The thunder hit the oil drum, bounced, and flew to the back of the three people on the other side.

     Although PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is known as the most authentic "physical engine" in the world, one thing is not real enough, that is, the grenade cannot detonate the tank.

     But even so, the moment the familiar sound of the grenade fell into my ears!

     The SSS three also trembled in their hearts!

     The secret road is bad!

     The moment they reacted, the three of them, like cats with their tails stepped on, quickly dispersed towards all around.

     However, the grenade is ruthless, except for the farther NB211 and the vvovo on guard, SASA and Pan9zz were blown up!

     In the sudden expansion of the flames, the two holding guns were blown up and flew out!

     "Douyu17-47Gamer used a fragmentation grenade to blow up SSS-SASA!"

     "Douyu17-47Gamer used a fragmentation grenade to blow up SSS-Pan9zz!"

     Two blossoms in one thunder!

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy couldn't help leaning forward slightly, and said excitedly:

     "Pretty! This thunder of Ma Niuniu is very important! I originally felt that 17 few people played three to four, even if they attacked, they may not be able to take advantage, but now it is different!"

     "Yes." Nodded seriously, "Now that the SSS side has fallen two, then they are three on two, and the balance of the situation is tilted toward the 17 side."

     Daimei looked at the big screen and clenched her fist somewhat anxiously, "What do you say here? Do they want to go directly?"

     "Oh! No! 17 is very stable here!""Yes, they are giving the SSS a chance to save people, so as to take the opportunity to find flaws."

     "I think this is actually very good. 17 is now the third in total points. We have touched the corner of our third PGI ticket, but the biggest rival 4AM under them is still full of survival, so this time it is best not to greet the merits. ."

     Seeing that the air between 17 and SSS became more and more anxious, and when the battle could happen at any moment, the director's perspective suddenly shifted again to the location of the third small factory near the west gate of the airport.

     As soon as the lens was given, there was a string of fierce gunfire and blood splashing everywhere!

     The grievances and dissatisfaction of the audience off the field and in the live broadcast room were suddenly suppressed, and everyone's eyes widened at once!

     "I'm going! OMG bullies people!"

     "Reported! What kind of man is four-on-two?"


     At this time, OM G had already brought down a team, and in a blink of an eye, only the sniper SSR was left alone.

     Damn it!

     The development of the Se7en team in this game is not very good. Early in the game at Golden Zodiac, I hoped to get an airdrop with great difficulty. The result was to try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it.

     Not only did the airdrop not get, but a boat and two teammates got in.

     As a sniper, SSR until now only holds Mini14 in his hand.

     So although they were on the dominant defensive side, he was a bit suppressed in this round of duel and can't raise the head.

     No way, Mini14, as a 5.56mm sniper rifle, is slightly inferior to SKS in terms of power, let alone the 98K that the opponent is holding.

     There is no qualification for guns at all!At this moment, watching the teammates kneeling in a pool of blood in front of them and the OMG four who are constantly approaching.

     SSR's heart was weak but full of unwillingness, and couldn't help gritting his teeth!

     Hemp egg! Fight!

     Because of the existence of the legendary second team, the first team has always been questioned and ridiculed this season.

     As the new captain of Se7en, SSR has never been reconciled.

     If you lose, don't lose!

     Can pull one is one, and would rather die than fall into the reputation of "Se7en"!

     However, just as SSR was holding the Mini14 in his hands and preparing to launch a wave of death counterattacks, a roar of the car engine suddenly rang in his ears.

     SSR startled!

     Can't help but looks towards the sound.

     In view, two jeeps along the airport highway, accompanied by the shrinking radiation grid around them, roared straight in unchallenged (military) from the west gate of the airport, rushed in!

      At the same time, OMG also heard the sound of cars.

     "A car is coming..."

     "It's the second team!"

     Seeing those two familiar jeeps,

     The four OMGs who were about to touch the face of the team immediately reacted.

     And in the blink of an eye, two jeeps that rushed in from the airport's west gate arrived at the small factory.

     Suddenly, the situation on the court suddenly became a little weird.

     At the westernmost workshop of the third small factory, the four of OMG are on the east and the four of Se7en2 are on the west.

     The only remaining of the great SSR of the Se7en team is sandwiched in the middle workshop...

     "Wow! This is too mean-spirited!""Moved? SSR: Don't dare to move!"

     "Don't you think that the big brother of the second team of Se7en is here to save a team of younger brothers?"

     "Save people? Vic would be so kind?"

     "Both born of the same root, why torment each other so cruelly ."

     "Yes, why not try steaming?"

     "Wow, are you demons?"


     Before the third small factory started, the director suddenly cut out a sub-shot on the right side of the screen.

     On the south side of Building A of the airport, beside the pile of oil drums.

     017 Opposite the opportunity of SSS to help people over there, the three of them immediately pushed forward with a trident attack formation.

     At this time, the two remaining people on the SSS side were only trying to save lives under the current situation.

     17 As soon as they moved there, they immediately reacted, and the two sides quickly turned over the fire based on the pile of oil barrels!

     There was a loud gunshot and the bullets screamed!

     At this moment, I saw 17shou slammed into the oil drum with a gun!

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