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1068 Mr. Qiu, All The Encounters In This World...
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

17Shou was originally that part of the "Trident" offensive formation.

     But his unpretentious operation of climbing up the oil barrel suddenly seemed like a beast facing the enemy's muzzle and opened bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, revealing his extremely cold fangs!

     Although this looks very fierce, it is also full of danger at the same time!

     But this wave of 17shou is obviously not a moment of enthusiasm, and I want to jump on it.

     Because at the same time he jumped on the oil drum, the two teammates also quickly outflanked from the left and right!

      At the same time, the remaining NB211 and vvovo immediately from the opposite SSS reacted.

     Seeing the 17shou rushing up from the obstinate directly above, the two naturally got up from behind the oil drum and raised their guns to sweep!


     Da da da-!

     Fire bursts, bullets burst!

     Although 17shou fierce!

     But in this wave of 1 vs. 2, one of the opponents is still called "Lü Bu", NB211, which has extremely strong combat capabilities in both long range and close range.

     In the 17shou's first perspective given by the director, I saw that when he was fighting with the other two, the M4's quasi-center was actually shaking back and forth, shooting a wave of "rain and dew" firepower!

     Puff puff-!

      in the blink of an eye, the dull sound of the bullet hitting the body sounded in the ear.

     The three on both sides were shot to varying degrees, and even the third-level head on the head of the NB211 exploded with blood mist.

      But at this moment, the 17shou on the pile of oil drums was shot several times, and suddenly thumped and knelt down.

     All this is fast said,

     It happened but in a flash!But at the moment when the 17shou fell to the ground, the two people on the SSS side had not had time to make up for them, but there was a rush of footsteps on the left and right sides at the same time!

     not good!

     NB211 immediately reacted.

     However, as soon as he pulled the muzzle, the fire from the opponent's muzzle was reflected in his pupils!

      Between Life and Death Instant, the NB211 gun flashed like an electric flash, and the blazing bullets expelled very quickly!

     At the moment when his blood volume dropped to the bottom of the valley, NB211 actually shot two headshots inconceivable, and in a flash, Da Jing pulled over from the right side.

     "My God! No way!"

     "Turtle! Second brother, this is too fierce!"

     "Strong invincible! As expected of Lu Bu in gaming!"


     Just when everyone off the court was amazed!

     Suddenly NB211 "breasted all over his body" and "pouched" twice behind his back. With the blood remaining, he suddenly emptied his blood volume and fell to the ground!

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Da Jing! It is Da Jing of 17!"

     Msjoy exclaimed, "He destroyed vvovo and made up for the second brother over there, completing a wave of death harvest!"

     The person on the side also exclaimed, "Dajing's wave is really turning the tide on the smashing man. I almost thought that the 17 wave was going to be turned over by SSS."

     "Fortunately, Dajing has stabilized at a critical time!" Daimei recalled, and continued, "But I think the wave of beasts just now is also very important to attract firepower."

     Msjoy nodded slightly, "Think about it now, this wave of has to say just 17shou's choice is very decisive. Successful friends attract firepower and defeat opponents to create opportunities for teammates.""Well," he said, "If you drag it down and let SSS help the two who were blown up by the horse, then they will be more passive in the future."

     "Yes, now the 17th side has eaten a full formation of SSS. In this game, they are more stable from the PGI ticket this time. Maybe they can get OMG down."

     "Although 4AM is still alive, they have always been in the Fate Circle since the start of this game. They have stayed at the airport with IFTY. The current head kill points are much less than 17."

     "Yes, but we still can't say the details, we still have to see the performance of the two teams in the next finals."


     At this moment, there was a roar of aircraft suddenly over the airport!

     The fourth airdrop of the game is here.

     After the director's camera was pulled up in the sky, for a while, everyone's eyes fell on the plane that slowly passed over the airport, expecting something in their hearts.

     Suddenly, a small black spot appeared under the plane, rapidly zooming in in everyone's field of vision!


     The airdrop is down!

     Everyone off the court is mind shook!

     But the next moment, everyone was taken aback, and the expressions on their faces suddenly became somewhat weird.

     Because of this airdrop, he flew in the direction of the third small factory below, and there was no one else there, but the deadlocked second team, OMG and the first team's SSR.

     "Is this the rhythm of airdropping the face?"

     "Uh...but this face is a bit smashed, who dares to take this airdrop!""Anyone will be beaten into a sieve!"

     "Boldly predict that this wave of the second team and OMG two tigers fight, the first team's SSR sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight, will be airdropped!"


     When everyone was whispering in the audience.

     The airdrop hung on the parachute has already swayed down to the same height as the small factory building, and is about to land on the ground.

     Suddenly, Liu Zilang moved over there!

     Seeing him holding sister control in his hands, he leaned sideways and pulled out from the west side of the factory!

     "Zero bunker pull the gun line? Vic is... crazy!"

     "Turtle turtle! This silly critic doesn't pay attention to my OMG anymore, let him!"

     "No! Not zero cover!"

     "Misty grass, Vic's wave seems to have stuck the OMG gun line with the falling airdrop."


     The other side of the small factory.

     OMG's hearts are quite foggy!

     They just noticed Liu Zilang's footsteps and saw the other party rushing out. The four of them who had been struggling with no chance to break the deadlock suddenly one's hearth is happy and wanted Liu Zilang to pay for his recklessness.

     Unexpectedly, they tilted their heads and stared for a long time.

     Over the front of the small factory,

     The airdrop that hung on the parachute slowly dropped but firmly stuck their gun line,

     Let them never find the opportunity.

     Xiao Hai was immediately anxious when he saw it, and couldn't help shouting loudly: "Pedicure!"

     However, as soon as he squatted down here, there was a sudden rush of footsteps behind the factory building.

     Several people couldn't help but their expressions stunned!

     "Be careful!""Someone touched it behind!"

     "Leave the previous one alone."

     In the FPP first-person game, naturally, the perspective cannot be blocked behind the wall.

     In the corner, SlientBT poked his head from behind the wall with AKM in his arms, trying to check the enemy's situation.

     Unexpectedly, at the start of the probe's glimpse, his pupils shrank suddenly!


     The dull gunfire blasted into my ears!

     In an instant, the secondary head on SlientBT's head was suddenly and completely shattered, exploding a breathtaking blood mist!

     "Se7en2-olves knocked down OMG-SlientBT with AM headshot!"

     So fast!

     Shen Zeyan's shot obviously exceeded everyone's expectations and broke the delicate balance on the court.

     This is the role of a top sniper!

     In the small workshop, when the desperate and helpless SSR just caught in the middle saw the name prefix of the killing team, his face couldn't help but a touch of joy appeared subconsciously!

     Is it an ally? !

     As soon as the idea of clinker came up, the back door of the small workshop flashed!

     The gun has fired before anyone arrives!

     A wild and unmatched AK sound exploded in my ears!

     At the next moment, SSR's pupils suddenly widened, utmost feeling in the heart "ge-deng"!

     This person is...


     .. m.