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1069 The Gun Boom Comes Late And Urgent!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Knowing that it was the second team, I heard this familiar AK gunshot.

     SSR's mind subconsciously came up with the man wearing a flowered shirt under his team uniform with an unruly smile on his mouth.

     It's Autumn God!

     As soon as this thought came out, the blazing light in front of me suddenly flourished!

     After the small workshop, Li Muqiu, who knew that there were people inside, not saying anything further, rushed to the door with a flash of stature, raised his hand and extended the AKM barrel into the door, and fired abruptly at the walls on both sides. Bo, shot an advance shot.

     The next moment, when I heard the dull sound of the bullet hitting the body!

     Li Muqiu, who had determined the enemy's location, rushed into the door quickly, and his AKM similar to Fire Dragon roared out endless flames!

     Just a moment of breathing, before SSR had time to fight back, Li Muqiu shot countless blood-spattered bullet holes on his body!

     He was suddenly unstable, staggered under his feet, and then fell to the ground weakly.

     "Se7en2-Lech used AKM to kill Se7en-SSR!"

     From the black and white death perspective, watching the figure in front of him and the kills brushed on the screen.

     The SSR in front of the screen gradually closed his eyes.

     It might be a good ending to be able to die under his gun...


     However, at the same time, SlientBT, who was just headshot by Shen Zeyan, did not have this kind of awareness.

     If it is under normal circumstances and the opponent presses closer, then OMG can retreat to the middle of the three small factories and look for a chance to counterattack.

     But now that their teammates fell to the ground, they would give up their teammates by going back.In this critical juncture, the three of OMG drew their guns one after another, and leaned forward, emitting fierce flames from behind.

     "OMG's counterattack is very fierce!"

     "Does the second team want to meet the men? No, they chose to avoid the edge temporarily!"

     "Fortunately, the SSR in the Qiu Shen fight was destroyed, and now they can just hide in the small factory."

     "Well, but the two sides are only separated by a wall at the moment, and the situation could happen at any moment."

     "One person on OMG is very passive. They have to fight if they don't want to fight."

     "Well, if no one falls, the two sides can still pull between the three small factories, and you don't have to fight with bayonet like this."

     "It's actually not good for OMG to go head-on. After all, they only have three people."

     "Yes, this wave depends on OMG's self-sacrifice determination and courage."

     "Huh? Wait for Vic's side... he pulled over from the south side of the small workshop!"


     One side of the wall of the small factory building can be said to be "ventilated on both sides", and of course OMG will not "regard the future.

     As soon as Liu Zilang's change came from the airdrop, the four of OMG quickly responded.

     Smile knows that the other party is their unprecedented formidable enemy, and you must not put a bold face on it at this time, otherwise it is very likely to be completely destroyed here.

     So he made prompt decisions and said, "No, you can't make such a decision, it's too passive."

      SlientBT who kneels down on the ground also said, "Leave me alone, you guys go!"

     OMG can walk to this day on the stage of the competition, naturally not without the decisive person.The little lion said immediately, "In front, let's break through from the front and retreat to the small factory building!"

     After speaking, the little lion turned his head decisively and rush forward very quickly.

     Whoops whoops—!

     Gunshots in front were like waves, and screaming bullets flew past him, splashing countless sparks of take-off dance on the wall of the factory building in the middle!

     The little lion, known as "Little Vic", is a recent rookie. How can it be without two brushes?

     He paused slightly behind the wall.

     It is important to know that when any gun is strafing, no matter how powerful the pressure gun is, it is generally difficult to accurately control the center point after sweeping 13 rounds.

     Going to the back, the quasi-centre shakes sharply.

     It's just like the ancient game field is easier to use than the skill of the gun, and the old gun is easy to be used by the opponent.

     In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, general masters will not press the left button without letting go, and there will be a short interval for adjustment.

     At this time, Liu Zilang's Spear Departs like a Dragon, strength and morale is at its height, and the little lion naturally dare not take its sharp front.

     He paused.

     What was waiting was Liu Zilang's pause.

     as expected.

     In the next moment, the little lion keenly realized the subtle changes in Liu Zilang's gunfire.

     I saw him slam the gun from behind the wall, and after using the M16, he fired extremely fast at the airdrop box, and the continuously and uninterrupted bullets burst instantly!

     Suddenly attacked, Liu Zilang reacted extremely quickly and crouched to avoid this wave of bullet rain, but he couldn't help but raised the eyebrow.


     With a click, he raised the gun and replaced the younger sister with a shuttle."Go! Go!"

      At the same time, the little lion saw that Liu Zilang had been pushed back, he quickly put down his gun and rushed towards the small workshop in the middle, smiling follow closely behind sb or sth.

     But when it was Xiaohai's turn, as soon as he walked out, Liu Zilang's figure flashed again after the airdrop, and the eight-fold mirror on the sister control instantly magnified the back of his head!

     Hearing the gunshots behind his head, Xiaohai instantly squatted down and pulled the gun with a muscular reaction. The muzzle of Groza in his hand was aimed at Liu Zilang who was airdropping!

     At this time, there was no time to open the mirror, Xiao Hai directly pressed the left button and started shooting, but the oncoming bullets like strong wind and swift rain stopped him instantly!

     The fire in Xiaohai’s muzzle flickering in an instant, then thumped kneels down on the ground!

     "Xiao Hai! Xiao Hai was knocked down by Vic!"

     "Eight times the gun at this distance... Vic, the sister-in-law, is terrible!"

     "Now the situation is very bad for OMG. They have fallen two and are unable to fight back!"

     "Oh! Autumn God and the others also caught up."

     In the exclamation of the explanation, Li Muqiu quickly rushed out from behind!

     After he walked to the position where OMG was just now, he pulled the AK muzzle and backhanded the two who had been knocked down by Shen Zeyan and Liu Zilang.

     Gao Yunyang took the lead, striding towards the back of the small factory building in the middle.

     However, at this time, the OMG troops in defeat like a landslide were unable to resist.

     They naturally didn't dare to go for a long time in this kind of small workshop with "air leakage" before and after. The two moved quickly after entering the small workshop, wanting to continue to touch the direction of the A-shaped building to the east.But Liu Zilang's sister control behind the airdrop box in front of them kept holding them.

     So when OMG was at the time of departure from the front door, the smile could only grit his teeth and put a bold face on it with Liu Zilang and let the little lion go first.

     Unexpectedly, the two sides have not yet decided the outcome.

     Gao Yunyang touched the small door behind him, and a round of shots directly knocked him down!

     The rabbits and falcons fall!

     The OMG, which was originally full, fell to the ground in a blink of an eye under the second team's offensive like a gust of wind.

     During this process, everyone in the off-site and in the live broadcast room watched "Unable to take one's eyes off", and the exclamation was up here, down there!

     At the moment, everyone did not expect that from the two rounds of the loser group, it was like cutting melons and vegetables, brushing records, and making it easy to enter the finals of OMG.

     In front of this complete Se7en2, he was defeated in a flash!


     There was another inhalation off the court.

     This second team...

     Is it really so strong?