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1072 Four Rabbits Walking Beside
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"It's over! The wave of small eye-catching sights is empty!"

     "666, Vic's squat is too extreme."

     "Strong invincible! This is really a fairy consciousness!"

     "This wave of 4AM is also perfect. The lonely and eye-catching positions are opened. First, I shot 98K gain the upper hand by a show of strength from the lonely side, and then I took the opportunity to steal one from the eye-catching side!"

     "Well, if this wave can be achieved, the second team should instantly knock them down! What a pity..."


     "It's a pity... the equipment of this group is also good!"

     This simple sentence speaks to the endless jealousy, envy and hate...

     On the elevated shelf, I just found the opportunity to hold the 98K and opened the lens and glanced down, looking for a second-level head.

     The result is as far as the eye can see.

     One is a tertiary head, two are tertiary... Quante is a tertiary head.

     In the end, there was no choice but to put a bold face on it to make Li Muqiu, who was squatting in the grass and disguising the Phantom Tank, the "chosen child".

     He wondered if he could not knock people down, but also to create an opportunity for the little eye-catching on the elevated bridge.

     It stands to reason that Xiao Xingmu should have just followed Li Muqiu, who had been left alone to make up for the remaining blood.

     But as soon as he showed his head, he saw at a glance that Liu Zilang was holding a 98K, a crane in a flock of chicken, standing there motionless like a statue, looking up at the location of the elevated loneliness.

     What are you looking at?

     So the small eye-catching natural not saying anything further, opening the mirror is just a shuttle.

     Whoever hits is not a hit, and he is capable of it.The result was small but eye-catching but never expected. The other party actually squatted at the moment he shot, making the wave of three consecutive points in front of him empty.

     At this time Xiao Xingmu was also stunned, but he reacted quickly, naturally dissatisfied.

     He quickly pressed Zhuan Xin, wanting the fighting spirit aroused by the first roll of drums to kill the master.

     As a result, he was about to squeeze the fourth trigger just after he hit a "three consecutive points" at extremely fast speed.

     I only heard a muffled sound in my ears, and the vision in front of me suddenly shook violently!

     Under the camera of the director, everyone off the field could clearly see that Shen Zeyan didn't know at what time and raised AM.

     Fireworks at the muzzle flickering in an instant, and the dazzling secondary head on the small eye-catching head shattered!

     The penetrating bullets stained the sky with a red mist and blood, and the whole person kneels down on the ground with a "plop".

     "Se7en2-olves knocked down 4AM-CPT with AM headshot!"

     Seeing this abruptly arising shot, the audience around the stadium couldn't help but exclaim!

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy rubbed the tip of his nose.

     "It seems that 4AM has forgotten one of the basic principles of fighting against the second team, that is, when Ze Shao has AM in his hands, he must not be exposed to the opponent's field of vision for more than one second. This is the upper hand."

     Upon hearing Msjoy's words, the audience in the live and broadcast room could not help being speechless.

     This Nima is counted for more than one second... What a man if he can't hold on for one second!"I'm sorry, this thing can't last for two seconds." The person on the side could not help but show a wry smile on his face. "The biggest feature of the second team is that the team is too tacit. In many cases, there is no need to communicate in advance. Play inconceivable cooperation."

     When I heard the good words, the dumb girl, looking thoughtful, nodded, immediately worried, "Then what should I do if the eye-catching side is down now? Can I be saved there alone?"

     "It should be possible."

     Msjoy looked at the game screen and said, "The eye-catching height can't be reached by climbing a little bit behind it, but be careful when you are alone to save people. It's best to squat down and walk against the railing on the north side."

     "Well, yes." It's nodded and continued, "there is still one. The problem is that the next circle will be refreshed soon. If you are alone and want to save people, you have to seize the moment."

     Just as it was easy to speak, the director's shot also gave a full-view shot of the sky above the airport.

     I saw that the surrounding radiation grid and the border of the safety zone had to be almost within reach, and they overlapped together in a blink of an eye. The Second Last safety zone was refreshed in this game!

     "Oh! This circle..."

     "It seems that 4AM in this game is really Heaven Chosen One. The elevated is just in the safe zone."

     "Yes, there is no need to worry about being alone, you can move it slowly."

     "Let's take a look, it seems that, except for the loneliness and the small eye-catching on the elevated, the other teams are not in the circle, and then they all have to run the drug to transfer."

     "Yes, after all, the Second Last finals are already very small. Only the elevated and elevated north and south a small part are in the circle.""Oh! The second team is moving north, their goal is..."

     "Elevated! Their goal is elevated!"

     At this time, there was a sudden shower of bullets in the direction of the C building.

     Shen Zeyan brows slightly wrinkle, as soon as he stopped while running, there was a gunshot.

     He looked in the mirror,

     The figure on the roof has vanish from sight.

     Obviously, after the shot AM headshot, the VK at the top of the C-shaped No. 2 road gave full respect to Shen Zeyan, who was holding the dark green AM.

     However, just a few steps towards the elevated side, the annoying gunfire and rainy bullets hit again.

     The purpose of IFTY is naturally to interfere with the second team and several people to win the elevated. After all, the elevated is the only bunker and commanding height of the current security zone. If the second team occupied this "targeting position", then the remaining teams would not have to play.

     In fact, not only IFTY, but also Wei Shen and Aluka of 4AM in the K building realized that Liu Zilang and his group were going to go up to the high rack to fight their teammates. How could they agree?

     The two immediately came to the window to set up guns.



     The dull sound of bullet hits sounded one after another.

     Although the elevated front is close in front of you, this distance is likely to be a life and death separation.

     Gao Yunyang's body suddenly stopped!

     After he stopped, he opened his backpack and quickly replaced the red dot on the M249 with a quadruple lens, then suddenly turned around and raised the M249 pineapple in his hand!

     Gunshots roared, fireworks flashed!Countless bullets exploded like a fire dragon, bare fangs and brandish claws, and slammed into the north window of the K building incomparably ferociously!

      dīng dīng dāng dāng Dingding—!

     Screaming bullets poured into the window, and countless dazzling fires splashed on the edge of the window frame.

      At the same time, Shen Zeyan also shot out with a pistol, and shot it at the top of the C building!

     Although this shot did not kill, but the sound of the gun in the direction of the C building stopped.

     For a time, Gao Yunyang and Shen Zeyan both broke one direction.

     But Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu, who ran ahead, rushed to the side ladder to the west of the elevated, and immediately rushed up the side ladder one after the other without hesitation.

     In the K building, in the room behind the window, Wei Shen and Aluka were crushed hard to show up.

     No way, the firepower and continuous output ability of the big pineapple is too fierce, and being grasped by Gao Yunyang is simply a "human-shaped fort"!

     Under his Firepower Suppression, even Shen Zeyan did not grasp the opportunity to play a flash.

     At this time, unless 4AM waited until Gao Yunyang's bullets were over, it would be weird for them to show up through the window.

     Naturally 4AM can't wait.

     So the two immediately changed their minds, wanting to change their place to stop.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, a slight footstep came from the south side door of the K-shaped building.

     "Huh? Oh! It's Team 17!"

     "Team 17 touched it from Building A, they should want to enter the circle."

     "The 4AM situation is a bit bad. They have only two people in the K-Floor. They can't provide long-range fire support if they are alone.""Eh wait! 17 is not the beginning of the game, and one person is reduced. Why are they four people in this wave?"


     .. m.