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1084 Indulge In Silky Smoothness (thanks To The Lord "Sofia Ruobing" For His 100,000 Rewards!)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

At 8 o'clock in the morning, the sun rises and hangs, and the living room is illuminated.

     Feeling the warmth on the eyelids, lying on Liu Zilang subconsciously wanted to raise his hands to cover his eyes.

     But he found that his arm seemed to be pressed by what thing, and he was unable to exert his strength heavily, his chest was dull, and his legs were a little numb.

     Liu Zilang, who hadn't opened his eyes, stretched out his other hand, trying to push away what was pressing on his arm, but the place where he started was silky.

     Well, it's silkier than Dove.

     He opened his eyes in a daze, and was immediately stunned on the spot!

     He was lying on the sofa sideways, but his right arm was only clamped by two slender white silk thighs.

     Look at the owner of these legs again, who is not Misaka Kotomi?

     I saw Kotomi Misaka curled up like a cat, not only holding Liu Zilang's arms, but also holding Liu Zilang's "eight-eight" long legs tightly with both hands, and resting his head directly on Liu Zilang's calf.

     Foggy grass!

     what's the situation?

     who am I?

     where am I?

     and many more!

     Liu Zilang looked at the clothes on his body, as seemed...probably nothing happened?


     He couldn't help being relaxed.

     However, the next moment, Liu Zilang suddenly stiffened!

     Because he feels that the base of his thigh is moist, a little wet...

     After realizing this, Liu Zilang immediately trembled his hands, cautious and solemn touched "Source of Evil"...

     It seems really wet!

     My heavenly grandpa!All of a sudden, Liu Zilang was dull on the spot!

     Could it be that the each sentence I am talking about now will become a confession?

     Do not!

     I am also a "victim" too! Liu Zilang, with a face full of torn by grief and indignation, quickly wanted to pull out his body.

     Never thought Misaka Kotomi hadn't woken up yet. She clamped Liu Zilang's arms with her legs like a sloth, and hugged his long legs tightly. The round bun face still rubbed hard.

     Liu Zilang almost dragged her half of the sofa, but the two sides looked like Siamese babies, and they never separated.


     There was a footstep in the direction of the bedroom corridor.

     The living room sofa Liu Zilang was startled and almost fell off the sofa in fright.

     You let me go!

     He hurriedly pushed Misaka Kotomi hard, but the opponent's "iron-headed baby" head iron was not in the game. At this time, he showed an alarming perseverance!

     Da Da Da—!

     The footsteps are approaching.

     Liu Zilang turned his head suddenly, his heart jumped to the throat!

     The next moment, a figure appeared from the corridor.

     The two sides four eyes met.

     Looking at Liu Zilang sitting on the sofa, Wang Qianqian who was about to walk out blinked and raised his hand yawned.

     "So early? Energetic enough."

     She knew that Liu Zilang had not yet arrived home when she came back in the middle of the night.

      "Ah?" Liu Zilang was taken aback, and then he realized that Kotomi Misaka was lying on the sofa. From Wang Qianqian's perspective, he was just blocked by the back of the sofa.He suddenly relaxed and smiled dryly, "'s quite early, you...don't go back to sleep for a while?"

     Wang Qianqian glanced at Liu Zilang strangely when he heard the words, shook and stretched her body. She wore only a white turtleneck woolen sweater in the morning light, and she showed her curves, and immediately said with a smile, "I didn't sleep well. habit."

     With that, she walked towards the bathroom.

     Liu Zilang naturally didn't care if she wanted to go back to sleep, as long as she didn't come.

     Unexpectedly, Wang Qianqian didn't take two steps, but suddenly turned around and looked at Liu Zilang and said, "By the way, did Xiaotong talk to you?"

      "Ah!" Liu Zilang was taken aback by her back carbine, and forced to calm down.

     "Tonight's 50V50 Asian All-Star friendly match." Wang Qianqian said somewhat uncertain, "Didn't Xiaotong wait for you last night? Did she forget to tell you?"

     "Xiaotong is waiting for me?" Liu Zilang was stunned, then coughed dryly, "I came back late last night, she may have fallen asleep."

     "Late?" Wang Qianqian nodded, suddenly remembered something, "By the way, where is Qinmei? She hasn't come back yet?"

     "Uh... come back." Liu Zilang's tone seemed somewhat uncertain.

     At this moment, there was another footstep in the direction of the bedroom corridor.

     The next moment, Sawai Kuroko, who lived in the one room with Misaka Kotomi, walked out.

     The moment he saw Sawai Kuroko, Liu Zilang almost burst out a mouthful of blood!

     This is really mention the pot that doesn't boil!

     "Heijiang, did Qinmei come back?" Wang Qianqian asked casually when she saw this.Sawai Kuroko rubbed his sleepy eyes, and said in doubt, "No."

     Immediately afterwards, she saw Liu Zilang sitting on the sofa sluggishly, and she couldn't help but startled slightly, and then suddenly surprised, "You... lost my Kotomi SAMA?"

     With that, she walked over obstinately in slippers.

     Liu Zilang suddenly became anxious when he saw this!

     do not come!

     You hold back!

     I want you to come over again!

     In the next moment, Sawai Kuroko paused, staring inconceivable at Misaka Kotomi who was holding Liu Zilang on the sofa with his mouth open so that three eggs could fit inside!

     How can it be! ! !

     At this time, Wang Qianqian also noticed that there was something wrong, and stepped forward with a "click".

     In a moment, the air became quiet instantly.

     Liu Zilang completely gave up the struggle and let Misaka Kotomi slumped on the sofa with him sandwiched, with a look of live without hope's.

     "You are..."

     Wang Qianqian's eyes oscillate without pause in front of the two.

     Sawai Kuroko panting with rage said, "Furthermore, they must...definitely..."

     "Sure what?"

     "Look at his pants!"

     Sawai Kuroko pointed out the water mark on Liu Zilang's trousers, and his head seemed to be covered with a green Green Grassland, and he almost had a "photosynthetic reaction".

     Wang Qianqian was stunned and reacted, then stared at Liu Zilang for a while.

     At this time, Kotomi Misaka finally woke up.

     After this little guy woke up, the first reaction was not to loosen the legs that clamped Liu Zilang.

     Instead, he rubbed his sleepy eyes in doubt, and said to Liu Zilang, "It's wet...the nest is thirsty."After speaking, she noticed the other people on both sides of the sofa.

     "Heizi why are you here?"

     "Ah!? Sister Silly Fish, why are you here?"

     Soon after, she noticed the supernaturally fine craft posture of the two of them, and couldn't help but reach out and touch the sofa below.

     "Huh? It's wet, why is it wet underneath?"

     Liu Zilang: ...

     Hemp egg!

     What is the focus of your hapy attention!

     You let me go first!

     and many more...!

     There seems to be something wrong!

     Sure enough, Liu Zilang turned his head to look, only to find that after hearing Misaka Kotomi's words, the look on his face suddenly became very weird.

     Sawai Kuroko looked at the two with grief and angrily, his teeth rattling, as if he wanted to come up and bite.

     Just as the atmosphere in the living room became more and more anxious, there was a click and the sound of the door came again.

     Immediately afterwards, there was a footstep in the direction of the bedroom corridor, and Liu Zilang's heart suddenly shook!


     .. m.