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1087 Fight Night!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

As the two of them were talking, a clear and soft voice came from the headset again.

     It turned out that Zhang Xiaotong also entered YY.

     Immediately afterwards, Misaka Kotomi followed in.

     The three girls "faced Ji" at the Douyu Annual Fish Music Festival last time, so the atmosphere of the YY team quickly became warm after they hadn't talked a few words.

     not bad!

     Such a team is easy to lead!

     Seeing the harmony of the team atmosphere, Liu Zilang couldn't help but settle down, and at the same time urged them not to patronize chatting, and quickly enter the game into the competition room.

     At this time, seeing Liu Zilang and the three girls in a YY, the barrage in the live broadcast room was also flashed again.

     "What game room? There is a game today?"

     "Hanban! Didn't Jin Douyu read the banner on the homepage? Tonight is the 50V50 China-Korea All-Star match!"

     "Fuck, there is this kind of game? Sounds a little exciting?"

     "Come on Vic! Damn those sticks!"

     "I heard that there seems to be a girl group sister in Korea, and Yoona will also participate."

     "Yoona? Is it Miss Yoona from the thigh age?"

     "Foggrass! I remember that Vic seemed to have played with Yoona before, and there was the Korean "Saozhu" at that time."

     "Ahem, since everyone is acquaintance, then open the net on one side."

     "No! We are going to die and catch Yoona alive!"

     "Turtle, the old guys in the Vic live broadcast room really have a clear grudge, dare to love and hate!"


     There was a burst of noise on the barrage of the live broadcast room, and Liu Zilang took the time to look at it, but his old face turned black.At the same time, in the official live broadcast room of Douyu platform "50V50 China-Korea All-Star Friendship Match"

     At this time, the popularity of the live broadcast room has reached more than 18 million, and the bullet screen is densely packed.

     In the screen of the directing studio, I saw two male one female sitting in front of the commentary, smiling and greeting everyone.

     "Hello everyone, I am Su Changming, the commentator of the friendly match tonight."

     "Hello everyone, I'm Rong Ye."

     "Hello everyone, this is Shark Pepper."

     After the three of them introduced themselves, Rong Ye said with a smile, "Hehe, I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar with me and Boss Su, but for the shark pepper next to me, there may be some audience not very clear."

     "Introduce here, she is me, the chief super-man of fighting fish, an elite returnee, a strange woman who gathers beauty and wisdom in one voice, and is also the'roommate' of the chicken king Vic."

     Wang Qianqian had originally maintained an elegant yet reserved smile, but his face was slightly stiff when he heard the last sentence.

     "Uh... that... everyone just pays attention to what Rong Ye said before, but the latter one can be ignored."

     Su Changming shook the head with a smile, "All right, no joke. Although we don't have many professional players in our game tonight, we must say it seriously. You can use the four words Starlight Radiance to describe it.""Well, Boss Su is right. This time the lineup really deserves to be an All-Star. We have Geng Xin, Zeng Xiaoxian and Liu Zhuangshi in China. According to the news from the official staff, there are XOE star artists in Korea. Baekhyun from the BTS, Kim Namjoon from the BTS, Yoona from the women’s team and Miss Sunkyu, and the professional players include Sexypig from the Korean professional team, Mercedes-Benz, and others. The game is full of gold!"

     "Yes, and I believe many viewers already know about the rewards of the game."

     "But I still want to say here, that is, the game jersey of our winning team tonight will be collected in the official mall for a limited time, so if our China team wins the friendly match tonight, everyone whatever happens must not miss the time to collect it. Oh."

     "Now all of our players are entering the game room, but there are still one or two players still accessing. Please don't be impatient. I believe the excitement of tonight's game must be worthy of everyone's expectations."


     Just as the official live broadcast room was adjusting and driving the atmosphere, Douyu's popularity was second only to the official live broadcast room in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room. At this time, he was closing Mai and his teammates to discuss tactics and communication issues.

     Tonight’s game is based on a four-person team. The four people speak individually. Otherwise, if many people are together, it is estimated that they will not be able to communicate even when searching for things.

     But like this kind of large team battle, there must be a joint command, so besides the team voice there is still one 50-person team voice.

     In the team voice, everyone except the team battle commander and the team captains will be muted.Even the commander of the team and the captains of each team will use the "button microphone" under normal circumstances (that is, the button can speak), so as to avoid excessive noise.

     At this time, after the pre-match selection of the team captains, as the champion captain of the Se7en2 who just won the championship, Liu Zilang naturally became the team battle commander of China tonight, responsible for the unified scheduling and distribution of the teams in the game. The task of landing and different processes.

     Although the South Korean team did not disclose the mode of command communication, it is believed that it should be similar to China.


     After the last two players in the game room connected, the game entered the last thirty seconds countdown.

     "It's wet, where are we going to dance next?" Misaka Kotomi tilted her head for a moment and couldn't help but opens the mouth to ask in the voice.

     Liu Zilang touched his chin, "Well, let's look at the route first. Let's try our best to find a fatter place."

     Kotomi Misaka asked somewhat worried, "Fatty place? Wet, will there be a lot of people there, what if we are surrounded by others?"

     "Don't worry, my choice will definitely have fewer people and less fat." Liu Zilang said with a smile when he heard the words, "Places with a lot of people. I will arrange for Wei Jiang and Lonely to keep them..."

     "Hey...you guy..."

     Daimei stretched her tone, and suddenly brows raised in delight, eyes laughing and said, "How can you do it so beautifully! Hehehe..."

     "Hehehe..." There was a hearty laughter again in the voice.

     At this time, the countdown ended, the screen in front of everyone went black, and the game loading interface entered.In a blink of an eye, everyone appeared in the "Quality Plaza" where the wreckage of an aircraft was left.

     At this time, people coming, people going on the square, as if entering a sea of "red and blue", everyone is wearing red or blue shirts-Huaxia here has a red shirt with a coiled tattoo behind it The Five-clawed Golden Dragon, behind the Korean blue jersey is a vast ocean.

      The voice of the public chat box is even more noisy. In addition to Chinese, there is also a smecta of jī li gū lū.

     However, they couldn't predict each other, and the atmosphere before the game seemed more harmonious and loving.

     This can be seen from the fact that Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi are waving their small fists, jumping up and chasing a Korean player wearing blue clothes and beating wildly...

     The preparation time of the quality square passed in a flash.


      with a burst of the roar of the aircraft engine. The crowd soon appeared on the sea level and flew towards the island not far away.

     The battle begins!


     .. m.