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1091 So You Are So Wet!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

"Too many! Too many people!"

     "It's not just too much, it's almost all people around."

     "Vic still has only a crossbow in his hand, with the loading interval of the crossbow, so no matter how good his arrow is, he can't stand it at all."


     Under the God's perspective of the big screen director, I saw more and more South Korean red and blue flags gathered around the small area of the China Red Flag in the middle.

     Perhaps it was Liu Zilang's two arrows that gave many people hope. Seeing that hope is like a bubble in the sun, it will all burst in an instant.

      This time is not only the audience in the live room, but even the tone of the commentary on the stage is full of anxiety!

     In the game game, Dai Meier just made up one and tasted the sweetness.

     At this moment, I pulled the gun, and wanted to continue to find the South Korean female anchor who was put down by Liu Zilang.

     Seeing that the situation was wrong, Liu Zilang hurriedly urged, "Don't look for it, go!"

      "Ah?" The girl was taken aback for a moment, and she glanced at the surrounding containers, "This...Where are we going?"

     "Above!" Liu Zilang said simply.


     Zhang Xiaotong was the first to react.

     She just didn't know where to find a handful of M16, first ran to Liu Zilang's side and dropped the gun quickly.

     Then they immediately called the dumb girl nearby, and the two turned around like rabbits and ran away.

     At this time, what Liu Zilang said was the elevated one beside this container.Kotomi Misaka, who was still searching for something not far away, reacted slowly. At this moment, she was immediately anxious. She hurriedly said, "Ah! Xiaotong wait for the nest! The nest also goes!"

     Unexpectedly, as soon as she exited, Liu Zilang's voice suddenly came from behind her, "Come back!"

      ?Ah?!" Misaka Kotomi.

     Liu Zilang closed his eyes slightly and said in a deep voice, "In front of danger, if even our professional player escapes, who else can stand up!"

     Misaka Kotomi's footsteps suddenly stopped, as if someone had been given a hold method, and she stopped on the spot for an instant, and her heart was suddenly filled with an inexplicable shock!

     Next, the brighter and brigther in Misaka Kotomi's eyes seemed to be shining with the light of stars!

     "Yeah! Wo...but professional player!"

     And Liu Zilang, who just woke her up with a single word, the image in her heart suddenly rose!

     "It turns out that the wet is this kind of person... the dens have been misunderstanding him..."

     Just when Misaka Kotomi stopped, her little head was dim-wittedly self-guided...

     However, Liu Zilang had already sneaked past the spiral staircase on the other side of the elevated back of the container. The water friends who witnessed this scene in the live broadcast room were speechless.

     "Wow! Vic is so rough!"

     "Distressed my Menhera sauce, this wave will be sold by Vic again."

     "Nima... I almost believed the labor and capital that I just said, but I wondered It's not right!"

     "Yes! Vic has a higher level of mental awareness than how could it be?"

     "..."When everyone was speechless for a while, Liu Zilang had already climbed the spiral staircase. As the height increased, his vision suddenly widened.

     "Kotomi, you are on the left."

     "Yes! Go inside, there is someone over there behind the container!"

     Hearing Liu Zilang's report, Misaka Kotomi didn't have time to think why Liu Zilang knew so clearly.

     She held Thomson in her hands, rushed over like an iron-headed baby.


     Tonight’s China-South Korea confrontation, although there are also professional players on the Korean side, most of them are still popular anchors.

     In addition to the powerful anchors among these anchors, there are of course also entertainment anchors.

     At this time, the one Misaka Kotomi encountered was obviously more entertaining. She rushed to the opponent’s face with the gun in her arms, and the man was still squatting there listening to the steps...

     The next moment, Kotomi Misaka hugged Thomson and rushed up.

     When the rabbit flew and fell, it was not only the one who brought down Liu Zilang's report, but also backhanded away the teammate who had just supported him!

     "Pretty!" Liu Zilang immediately liked it!


      Misaka Mikoto grinned, and the big eyes on Baozi's face turned into crooked crescents.

     But when Liu Zilang was about to climb to a corner, there was a sudden scream of bullets breaking through the air behind him.

      ding ding dang dang —!

     The bullet hit the railing, erupting a series of metal tremors.

     Liu Zilang turned around like a flash of lightning, and suddenly raised the crossbow in his hand.With his perverted ability to listen and find people, it took almost one and one second!

     The crossbow's quasi-center, like a big dipper, instantly overlapped with the head of the person below!

     The dragon is watching you!


     The bowstring humming!

     A crossbow arrow roared and shot out!

      It should be noted, the crossbow is not terrible in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but what is terrible is Liu Zilang's Hanzo-class crossbow!


     The crossbow arrow hit the helmet, and an irresistable and abundant force came from the arrow body layer by layer.

     The helmet on that person's head burst instantly, turning into countless flying fragments in the air!

     "CHN-Vic123 knocked down KR-Momo with a crossbow headshot!"

     But he was like stabbing a hornet's nest. Everyone on the Korean team spotted Liu Zilang on the elevated escalator.

     "There! In Na Smecta!"

     "Damn Smecta!"

     "Put him Smecta!"


     During a burst of public frequency noisy "Smecta", almost everyone near the container pointed their guns at Liu Zilang.

     Da Da Da—!


     Da da da-!

     There was a burst of gunfire like a New Year's greeting.

     Liu Zilang hurriedly hid in the direction of the stairs on the side of the spiral staircase, without reloading the crossbow in his hand.

     Instead, after putting it back, he drew out the M16 that Zhang Xiaotong had just thrown to him when he ran.

     Whoops whoops—!

     Ding Dong Ding Dong -!Some of the bullets from the scream hit the bunker in front of Liu Zilang, and some whizzed past him with a trembling tail!

     Under this kind of dangers spring up all around, Liu Zilang naturally did not dare to be tough.

     He pondered for a moment, then immediately said to Misaka Kotomi below, "Does Kotomi hear the gunshots? Come on! Kill them!"

     Misaka Kotomi also found something wrong now, and saw Liu Zilang appearing on the elevated.

     She suddenly became ill!

     What about the dignity of a professional player?

     "Wet..." Misaka Kotomi called.

     "Shh! This is a tactic!"

     Liu Zilang's expression remained unchanged, "Let's give them a double-team, wouldn't it be beautiful?"

     "Don't worry, I will always be with you as a teacher!"

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said before, Misaka Kotomi still bulged slightly, and Baozi's face was somewhat discontented.

     But after hearing it, she was a little bit half believing, half doubting. Is this really a wet tactic?

     "Wet wet? What kind of duck is our strategy?"

     Liu Zilang didn't think about it for a while, and heard that talk random nonsense, "Um... man above woman below, codenamed head iron."


     .. m.