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1092 The Trapped Beast Fights, Rather Than Surrender?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Hearing what the two said, the many friends in Liu Zilang's live broadcast couldn't help but twitch their eyes!

     "Turtle! Have you started?"

     "Please be a man, my brother is crying."

     "Nima has come out of this tactic, and labor and management can be considered to be too spicy!"

     "Huyou people don't have such a fool, right? I think Xiao Qinmei must not believe this wave."

     "That's it. If Xiao Qinmei still believes Vic's nonsense in this wave, labor and management will eat the all-metal retro keyboard in front of me raw!"


     The water friend in the live broadcast room was hilarious. At this moment, a gunshot suddenly came from the other side of the container below.

     "Duck!" In the voice, Kotomi Misaka's high voice came immediately.

     From Liu Zilang's perspective, I saw her holding a handful of Thomson in her arms, rushing forward with her feet stunned!

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, the water friends in the live room couldn't help but open their mouths, almost shocked by jaw drop!

     This end is too hardcore!

     The guy in the live broadcast room who said he wanted to eat the keyboard was even more blinded at this time!


     Under the elevated container, everyone in the South Korean team that gathered saw that there were people running on the two spiral staircases on the left and right of the elevated, and naturally subconsciously guessed that the single four-man team was on the elevated.

     But they obviously didn't expect that someone dared to rush over in this situation, and Misaka Kotomi stole a no time to deal with it for a while.

     At the corner of the elevated spiral staircase.Under the hail of bullets, imminent danger, as if Liu Zilang, who is about to leave one's mortal frame in the next second, seized this opportunity and decisively spun out from behind the railing!

     Da Da Da—!

     The rapid M16 gunfire sounded, and a wave of bullets screamed like strong wind and swift rain.

     Although someone was staring at the container, Liu Zilang's shooting speed was too fast!

     Especially when everyone on the field was almost headless and armored, in a flash, he shot out three people in a flash!

     In the next moment, Liu Zilang replaced his hand with a crossbow, and after reloading and playing with the crossbow, he once again shot at the person below!


     A knockdown flashed out at the top right of the screen.

     "CHN-Vic knocked down KR-Zhaoshixi with a crossbow headshot!"

     Seeing this kill, everyone in the live broadcast room was stunned before someone suddenly reacted.

     "Huh? The one Vic just killed is a bit familiar."

     "Oh! Isn't this the female anchor who just got a blood from Vic?"

     "It's okay to get one blood... so now is a score twice?"

     "This Nima was knocked down as soon as she got up. I found that the female anchor seemed a bit miserable. She was caught crying by a poodle and now she was shot by Vic again!


     The water friends in the live broadcast room sighed.

     At this moment, the eyes of Lord Rong in Douyu's official live broadcast suddenly lit up.

     "Huh? It seems hopeful!""Well... the cooperation of the South Korean team is too poor. They seem to have no command in this wave of encirclement and suppression. If they only communicate in the public voice of the range, it is a bit..."

     Su Changming's words stopped short, but all the friends in the live broadcast heard his unspoken implication.

     That is mob.

     Think about it carefully.

     If there is organization and discipline, then the many people will encircle and suppress.

     There are only four people on Liu Zilang's side, and Zhang Xiaotong and Dameier have nothing else fighting power.

     The so-called double fist is hard to beat four hands, how do you think Liu Zilang and the others absolutely no will be able to return to mobile phones.

     But this wave of the Korean team relied on many men, a great force, and had no command at all. It only relied on the "Smecta" in the public frequency to press it up in a mess.

     In the first few rounds, not only did they fail to see an inch, they also lost hands with Liu Zilang.

     At this time, SKT's Benz, who came over from Xiacheng with two teammates riding a tricycle, was also frowned.

     As a professional player, when he first landed, he saw the Chinese team with sheep entering the wolf pack. Everyone rushed over in a booze and didn't care about it, let alone participate.

     But right now the opponent's vigorous performance and the dazzling "Vic" three letters on the upper right of the screen have made Benz quickly realized the seriousness of the situation.

     If this continues, even if they can finally wipe out this team, they will probably suffer heavy losses, and the rewards for their efforts are not proportional.

     Not to mention that many people went up to get rid of the team. It is not a long-faced thing to say it out.Thinking of this, Mercedes-Benz riding on three wheels immediately spoke in their command channel.

     "The captain at Port G is paying attention, and the captain at Port G is paying attention. Let the people in your team not show up and give each other a chance!"

     "First hold up the one on the spiral ladder, and hit the opponent when it is exposed. Throw away any thrown objects on the remaining friends. Grenades, Molotov cocktails and shock bombs can all be greeted, only if smoke bombs do."

     Hearing the words of this SKT professional player, the many anchors of the South Korean team still give face.

     "I'm in Port G!"

     "I'm also in Port G!"

     "Well, this wave will be done as Benz brother said!"

     "Put him Smecta!"

     The South Korean team under the container picked up the "guys" and aimed at Liu Zilang at the corner of the elevated spiral staircase.

     The Mercedes Benz who came from Xiacheng had a trace of a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and took two teammates to ride a tricycle to the lower part of the elevated.

     A team of people dared to come to Port G. Are our Smecta really messy?

     In the betta live broadcast room.

     As soon as Lord Rong saw the battle, he couldn't help but takes a deep breath, "No, how do I feel that the Korean team below seems to be suddenly different, and Vic is not given a chance at all."

     Wang Qianqian looked at the game screen and guessed, "Maybe they didn't succeed just now and want to change their style of play to throw thunder."

     "No, it was commanded." Su Changming shook the head and looked at the San Bengzi that rushed to the elevated. "It should be SKT's Mercedes-Benz."

     "Brother Benz?" Rong Ye patted his forehead and remembered, "Oh! He is the only SKT contestant tonight.""Crap! Then this wave of Benz should want to find the moon in the sea and block Vic's retreat directly from below."

     "Um..." Su Changming nodded, then sighed his head and said sighed saying, "No way, there are too many people in the South Korean team, this wave can only hope that Vic can make a little bit of energy and kill a few more, and do something for the team before he died. Contributed."

     Hearing Su Changming's words, countless barrages were also raised in the official live broadcast room.

     "Wow! This Mercedes-Benz is really shameless, that many people still play yin."

     "Calm down! This is normal."

     "Come on Vic! Kill it and make it up!"

     "Yes! Make up one without losing, make up two and make one."


     When the crowd was enthusiastic, there was a sudden "hong-long-long" explosion in the screen, as well as the "popping" Molotov cocktail cracking and raging flames!

     That's it!

     The water friend in the live broadcast room was about to give a speech of condolences for Liu Zilang. Unexpectedly, when the barrage in his hand was halfway through, everyone's eyes suddenly widened in horror!

     There was no other reason, because at this moment Liu Zilang was climbing the handrail with both hands and jumped off from above unexpectedly!

     This is the rhythm of "rather die than submit"?


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