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1101 Hundred Regiments Battle, Everyone Focused!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

YY team command channel.

     "Nothing on the shore, is there anyone in the north?"

     "It seems we are all going to sea, what shall we do next?"

     "Would you like to fish on the bridge?"

     "Huh? I just didn't pay attention, why are there six people left on the opposite side?"

     " have to ask Vic..."

     When the captains of each team were discussing for a while, Liu Zilang's voice sounded again.

     "Let's keep two teams on this side of the bridge and all the others will cross the bridge."

     "Why cross the bridge?" someone asked in the voice.

     "Ready to pick up guests."

     A smile curled up at the corner of Liu Zilang's mouth.

     "On the airport island to the south, there are no safe areas in the sea. Those people will definitely have to go ashore later. We are now on the shore, one person every fifty meters."

     Hearing the words below him, the captains of each team couldn't help but suck in the air-conditioning on the first floor.

     If you "fishing" on the bridge will be very hilarious, but people are concentrated on the bridge, and the view is inevitably not wide enough.

     Maybe in the end there will be something a fish that escaped the net, then it will be a little difficult to find.

     But Liu Zilang's trick is a "extreme household trick", and he doesn't leave any way for the other party to survive. It can be described as extremely cruel!

     Thinking of this, everyone in the voice couldn't help but feel relieved. No wonder they are the champions of PCPI.

     The big guy took a look...

     Has this guy ever done a human thing?


     Next, only a team of people were left at the bridge head of the West Bridge, in case there is no time to get into the sea.Others drove across the bridge in their cars, like two streams of water separated by stones in a river, driving along the coast one after another toward the left and right.

     Every about fifty meters, I parked one person and moved on.

     In the official live broadcast room of Douyu.

     The three commentators saw this abruptly arising behind the scenes, but did not react at first.

     At this moment, Su Changming suddenly let out a long "Oh", and he couldn't help but smile a little, "Vic, this going to command the Hundred Regiment Battle!"

     "Hundred Regiments Battle?"

     Rong Ye was stunned for a moment, then glanced at the game screen, and suddenly reacted.

     is not it!

     Under the camera of the director, I saw that almost everywhere on the coastline on both sides of the West Bridge were people from the Huaxia team. In a blink of an eye, a long coastal defense line was formed, completely locking the remaining Koreans in the sea. Inside.

     At first glance, this is a bit different from the "cage policy" of the Hundred Regiment Wars that used railways as pillars, roads as chains, and strongholds in the past.

     Seeing this, Rong Ye couldn't help but sigh, "Vic really killed the Korean team in this game. It is estimated that he will be frantically surrounded by the Korean team in the next game."

     Shark Chili King Qianqian shook the head and said meaningfully, "He can kill him in Port G just now. I think even if there are a few more guys and more guys... he should have nothing else."


     Just when serene is commenting in the live broadcast room, there is still some ridicule.In the game, the remaining few Koreans in the sea were sensed what is called despair!

     They swim and swim along the coastline, but each time they stick their heads out of the water for no more than three seconds, they are like a target of disdain, they are usually caught and beaten by people who don't know where.

     At this moment, seeing the first wave of radiation from the north has covered the entire sea surface.

     Everyone's blood volume continued to melt like ice encountering sunshine, and the whole heart was so bewildered!

     This game... shouldn't it be like this?

     There are Koreans in the sea who do not believe in evil.

     He held himself underwater and swam along the coastline, not believing that the Huaxia team could encircle the entire coastline of the island.

     In fact.

     The Huaxia team didn't have that many people.

     But the problem is that the man was suffocated to death in the water under the dual effects of the underwater red lung and the radiation grid before he found the "breakthrough" to go ashore.

     "KR-Geum drowned himself by drowning!"

     Seeing this screen at the top right of the screen, even the Huaxia team on the shore could not help but suck in a cold breath.

     The corner of her eyes twitched twice, cannot bear saying, "What... we treat international friends like this, isn't it a bit too cruel?"

     "Yeah." Zhang Xiaotong nodded his head.

     Liu Zilang rubbed his chin, looked at the sea with deep eyes, and his tone suddenly became a little melancholy.

     "I heard from others that in this world there is a kind of fish that can't come out of the water. It can only swim underwater and sleep in the water when it gets tired. This kind of fish can only get out of the water once in a lifetime, and that time is the time of death. "spoke until here, he paused, and asked, "Do you understand?"

      "Ah?" The dumb girl was stunned.

     "I know I know." Misaka Kotomi immediately raised his hand, "Wet means that they are fish!"

     "You are foolish."

     Liu Zilang takes a deep breath, which seems to have a deep meaning, "Being a teacher means that these fish may not be in the water at the beginning, but in fact, from the moment they got into the water, they were already dead."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Kotomi Misaka couldn't help being stunned.

     Zhang Xiaotong stayed aside as well, unexpectedly Liu Zilang would say such a thing.

     Only the idiot girl, tilted the head, scratched the head slightly in confusion, " do I sound familiar."

     Liu Zilang couldn't help coughing when he heard this, and said sternly, "There are thousands of roads...Ah, there are thousands of truths, and there is only one truth. In this world a lot of things, they are all interlinked, and familiarity is normal."

     "Yeah, I'm right!" Kotomi Misaka immediately praised it.

     "You are right to sell you wet." Dameier cannot help ridiculing said.

     Just when a few people were chatting on the shore.

     While talking and laughing, the few Korean players left in the sea were like the kind of fish Liu Zilang said. They were blown away by ruthless bullets when they had no alternative surfaced to breathe.

     Under the director's perspective of the director's live broadcast room.

     At the top right of the screen, the number of survivors of the Korean team did not continue to decrease in the slightest.

     From 6 to 5, from 5 to 4...from 2 to 1!

     1 is a very lonely number. At this time, the Korean player is very lonely.

     On the great Jedi Island,There is only his one person left in the South Korean team.

     But when he floated up desperately, ready to die.

     The expected gunfire did not sound immediately.

      what's going on? The South Korean team couldn't help but have a black question mark on his face.

     Did the other party's conscience discover that he was prepared to give him the warmth of international humanism?

     What the Korean team doesn't know is...

     At this time, the Huaxia team’s voice was humble and courteous, just like a large-scale Kong Rong Rangli scene.

     "Who will kill the last one?"

     "You do it."

     "Don't don't don't, you come, you come."

     "Don't be polite with brother, you come."

     "When you say you come, you will come. Don't be polite to me today!"

     "Eh! I have to be polite to you today!"


     Just when everyone was humility!

      Noiselessly, no gunshots were heard, but a kill was brushed out coldly at the top right of the screen,

     The next moment, the picture freezes!

     "CHN-Vic123 killed KR-jeong with a crossbow headshot!"

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!


     Damn it!

     I was robbed by Vic again!

     After everyone was dumbfounded in the game, they immediately cheered excitedly.

     Because of this game, they used an inconceivable huge advantage to nearly completely defeat the crushed South Korean team and won the first game of BO3 tonight!

     The most shocking thing is that the survival rate of the Huaxia team is as high as 70 percent, and even the second wave of poisons did not even start to shrink the Korean team!This is hard to believe, yes!

     In an instant, before the start of the game tonight, because many stars joined the game that attracted countless people's attention, it immediately appeared on Weibo hot search less than five minutes after the end of the first game.

     First, almost by the strength of a single person slaughtered Port G, and then drove thousands of miles to the church to kill the enemy coach, and finally attracted the South Korean team's total defeat of an army's Liu Zilang...

     In the short time of the first game tonight, he quickly became the focus of countless netizens on Weibo. Three of the top ten searches on Weibo were all about him!


     .. m.