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1106 "Zombie" Siege! (in)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Just as the commentary guessed before the game.

     After a few waves of the last game, Liu Zilang is simply the number one enemy of the South Korean team.

     Almost everyone was holding back their energy and wanted to hammer him to death, to wash away the "humiliation" suffered by the Republic of Korea.

     In fact, Liu Zilang had already exposed his information position just now when he hunted down that South Korean female anchor.

     But at that time, the female anchor patronized and stunned, and didn't even think of reporting to the team voice.

     At this time, at Home Inn Red House, Liu Zilang's location information was exposed again.

     Naturally, it was like putting some fresh flesh and blood into the sea of sharks, and it quickly attracted everyone in Korea to hear the wind.

     For a time, the Korean team went from team voice to team voice to the noisy regional public voice.

     In the extreme time, countless voices from all around quickly converged into a very enthusiastic sentence-tens of thousands of matches, kill Vic first!

     In short, you can't kill you, you can't kill you, you can't be fooled, just go up and get him Smecta!

      at the same time, the blue-bottomed tall buildings in the southwest.

     Wei Shen and Long Shen decided to stand on the roof of the building. Wei Shen held a double mirror in his hand as the telescope was looking into the distance. It seemed quite coquettish and talk idly about important matters.

     The lone cun on the side held the only SKS and used the machine to aim at the person.

     Next to him, Dragon God Jue was still very distressedly nagging, "Shoot slower, shoot slower, save some bullets, you are young and don't know how expensive bullets are."

     At this moment, Wei Shen suddenly spoke, "Huh? Why am I not looking right."When Long Shenjue heard it, he said, "Cannot help ridiculing", "What are you looking at Victor, and you are reluctant to shoot. It's better to leave the double mirror alone."

     "Dragon God, do you look down on my lonely young man?"

     Wei Shen couldn't help but squinted his eyes and joked, "I am lonely and need a double lens? My eyes are better than that."

     However, at this time, Long Shen Jue didn't talk big with Wei Shen, but was stunned!

     Because he just accidentally glanced at the direction of the boxing gym and found that at least ten people like special War Units go forward together jumped down the slope, rushed over towards the back of the red building.

     "Eh? It seems that something is really wrong." Dragon God couldn't help but raised his hand to touch his chin, and said suspiciously, "Why are you running to the red building on the other side?"

     Wei Shen smashed his mouth and began to guess, "Are they trying to occupy the building as the king and defend the red building in Picado?"

     "Isn't this to be confined within a circle drawn on the ground?"

     Dragon God Jue shook the head, "I heard that the opposite commander is Sexypig, he shouldn't be that stupid, right?"

     Wei Shen was a little bit dissatisfied when he heard that, and squinted, "Then you say they are going to the Red Mansion, there is no baby in the Red Mansion."

     "That's true." Dragon God scratched his head decisively.

     Suddenly, his eyes shined, something suddenly came to his mind.


     "Unless? mean..."

     Both realized something and looked at each other.

     But before their side had time to say it, the lone person who had been silent and shooting suddenly spoke:"Vic is in the Red House."

     Wei Shen and the honest people couldn't help being surprised when they heard this!

     They were not surprised at the loneliness and suddenly spoke, but honest people told the truth.

     Since he even said that about being alone, Liu Zilang is most likely to be in the Red Chamber.

     It's right to think about it, after all, apart from Liu Zilang, who can be so hated!

     At this time, watching more and more Korean people pouring into the building like Zombie Siege, Wei Shen unconsciously rolled down his apple and swallowed.

     Who can stand this?

     Long Shenjue immediately said, "Quick! Don't you have a team voice? Just remind you."

     "Oh yes!"

     Wei Shen also reacted, and quickly said in the team voice, "The friends in the red building are paying attention! The friends in the red building are paying attention! Now a large number of Korean players are influx, please evacuate as soon as possible, this is not a drill!"

     Wei Shen has a "strong man with a fat voice", his voice is strong and magnetic, and he sounds like an announcer in an air defense alert at the moment.

     On the second floor of the Red Building, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched twice when he heard Wei Shen's words.

     In fact, he didn't need Wei Shen to remind him, he had heard the footsteps downstairs in and out like a dick.

     At this time, the flames in the corridor had been extinguished, but there were still three or four Koreans in the room at the end of the corridor.

     These people in the building had been counseled, but after learning that this was Liu Zilang's honor, they were even more counseled. They closed the doors directly and waited for reinforcements.

     "Quick! Quickly pick up the gun! Qin Mei helps to set it down." Liu Zilang immediately called the person next to him to lick the bag.He walked to the box of the person who just took the spray, leaned over and licked the S1897 in the box.

     Looking at the number of "12-caliber bullets" left in the bag, there are still thirteen rounds left.


     With a click, Liu Zilang pushed the bullets into the chamber one by one.

     After one shivers, the man next to him also hurried up and picked up the rifle. His face was full of stunned expression, "It shouldn't be... why that many people? There are too many people, right?"

     Liu Zilang ignored him. After loading the bullet, he picked up the small pistol in another box.

     At this moment, he was sniping and sniping, and he had to find a weapon that could continue to output.

     Although the P1911 has a small magazine capacity and unstable shooting, it is still better than nothing.

     Ding Ding Ding—!

     The opponent's offensive was very fast. Before Liu Zilang had a good bullet in his hand, there was a burst of intensive footsteps downstairs.

     "Kill the duck!"

     Misaka Kotomi steamed buns face's expression is tight, holding UMP9 incomparably with his head, he is about to face his opponent.

     Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang hurriedly grabbed her and said ill-humoredly, "Don't kill, go upstairs first."

     After speaking, he rushed upstairs while loading the bullet.

     Misaka Kotomi was stopped by Liu Zilang and couldn't help but stuck out the tongue, and immediately followed up.

     As for the remaining person who was rescued, he followed Liu Zilang upstairs at this time.

     In fact, speaking of the narrow space at the entrance of the corridor, it is a very good position to "reject the enemy downstairs".But the problem is that there are still a few Koreans squatting in the room at the end of the corridor. They didn't dare to move just now, but reinforcements came but it is not easy to say.

     If Liu Zilang and the others are fighting fiercely on this side of the corridor, the person in the room at the end of the corridor behind them comes out and steals a shuttle, it would be a bit uncomfortable.

     It was with this consideration that Liu Zilang decided to go up to a floor.

     as expected.

     As soon as they walked up the corridor, the door of the room at the end of the corridor opened.

     Four Korean players rushed out and quickly joined the Korean friendly forces downstairs.

     There was a "Smecta" in the corridor.

     The next moment, Liu Zilang and the others had just moved up to the next level, and the familiar footsteps came from below again.

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