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1107 "Zombie" Siege! (under)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

But this time, Liu Zilang at the corridor of the third floor did not retreat.

     He was holding S1897 in his hand, and his two sharp eyebrows raised slightly, and his eyes were fixed on the corner of the corridor below.

     When the countless water friends in the Douyu live broadcast room saw this, the barrage suddenly rolled frantically.

     "Fuck! That many people? Are these sticks crazy?"

     "Tsk tusk! wrath of Heaven and anger of men, there is no one except vic."

     "Seeing that Vic wants to get stuck in the corridor like this, can this be withstood?"

     "I think it's difficult, there are too many people below."

     "I also feel a little suspended. The S1897 gun is spaced. If the opponent rushes up desperately, there will be no time for the second shot after one shot."

     "The support from the Huaxia team should be coming soon too. It will be fine if it can be held back."


      has to say, the worry of water friends in the live broadcast room is not groundless.

     But Liu Zilang didn't do without this consideration. While staring at the corner of the corridor, he instructed Misaka Kotomi not to shoot randomly. She didn't need to output firepower, just be responsible for making up the gun.

     As for the friendly army who was stunned by the side, Liu Zilang didn't assign him any tasks, as long as he kept himself and helped the battle.

     In fact, he didn't have time to say anything at this time, and people soon appeared at the corner of the corridor.

     Liu Zilang, who was stuck at the entrance of the corridor, suddenly tilted his head sideways. The S1897 in his hand was just like the three feet azure edge in the hands of a swordsman.

     boom!Although the viewers of Liu Zilang's live broadcast were watching him from the first point of view, everyone only felt that the flash of lightning and morning dew, as if a blood mist burst out, and Liu Zilang's body was almost as electric. Shrank back.

     "CHN-Vic123 knocked down KR-KEON with S1897!"

     Whoops whoops—!

     A burst of bullets broke through the air very quickly!

     There was a sound of ding ding dang dang on the handrails of the corridor and the opposite wall.

     It turned out that the South Korean team swarmed up to the corner of the corridor. Seeing the figure shaking from above, they raised their muzzle and swept it over.

     As a result, Liu Zilang was naturally unscathed.

     But the person who leaned out with Liu Zilang before he could shoot, was hit by countless dense bullets splitting the head and covering the face.

     With the blood remaining, he shrank back in fright.

     However, even if one person came up, the Koreans who swarmed down to the corner of the corridor were not surprised.

     I saw the man who fell to the ground quickly climbed twice to get out of the way, and the people following him continued rush forward desperately.

     At this moment, only a click was heard, and another large lead bullet was pushed into the chamber.

     The next moment, bang sound, just like a screen playback.

     Liu Zilang faced the tingling sensation intensive bullet rain below, brazenly leaned forward and shot out the gun again!

     This time he was faster than last time!

     The water friend in the live broadcast room only felt his eyes flicker this time, and the flames flickered, but Liu Zilang's figure seemed to have not moved at all.

     However, the System Notification that followed on the upper right of the screen clearly told everyone that Liu Zilang had moved!Not only did he move!

     And also killed one!

     When everyone saw this, their eyes were instantly rounded, their faces dull and their mouths opened wide. What a fairy flashing!

     What is even more speechless is that Liu Zilang is like a clockwork machine!

     I saw that he flashed five times with unparalleled precision from behind the wall, consuming the five large-caliber lead bullets in the spray in his hand.

     And the few Koreans in front of the corridor suffered a crushing defeat, one after another clutching their lower abdomen, kneeling down on the corridor like a piglet, instantly making the narrow corridor more crowded. Up.

     No way, this Nima fell too fast, there is no time to make room!

     Misaka Kotomi, who was hiding behind Liu Zilang and holding UMP9, took advantage of Liu Zilang's play and secretly tilted her head and glanced at her. His big eyes instantly turned into crooked crescents with a smile.

     "It's so wet!"

     "Brothers flow criticism!"

     The other person also said Unable to Restrain Emotions.

     The two said in their mouths, they were unable to hold back and wanted to raise the gun to make up for the head.

     Liu Zilang hurriedly stopped them when he saw this, "Don't! Let them kneel first, just to help us guard the door."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Misaka Kotomi rolled her eyes and quickly reacted.

     Then she turned around to "enlighten" the somewhat dazed person jī li gū lū.

     The person also quickly understood, and he couldn't help but praise (tian) again, "High! It's really high!"


      At the same time, the corridor above and below the Korean team’s voice was also blown up!"What's going on above?"

     "Don't get in the way if you don't dare to go up."

     "Assi! Who wouldn't dare to go, the front was blocked."

     "Still blocking? Don't the opposite side make up?"


     When the voice in the corridor area was noisy for a while, suddenly there was a strong smecta.

     "Don't make a noise, just make up for those who stand in the way."

     Hearing this, the sound of the corridor suddenly became quiet, and there was a vague sound of holding breath cold air.

     Make up for yourself...

     This is too cruel!

     At this moment, the voice continued, “I’m Sexypig, everyone heard me right. Brothers kneel down in front and have no chance to save them. The other side deliberately didn’t block the road.”

     "The time left for us is running. The reinforcements on the opposite side are probably already assembled outside. This time everyone makes up and don't rush directly. Throw thunder first."

     While talking about this, Sexypi had already led his four-person team through the rear window of the second road of this Rujia apartment building, and then rushed towards the Rujia apartment building next door.

     And when I heard the commander-in-chief of Sexypig revealed his identity, everyone naturally had nothing else to say.

     The few Koreans who fell down in the corridor in front of Liu Zilang said boldly, "Go ahead, as long as you can kill the nasty guy above!"

     Hearing this, the few people who were blocked behind at the corner of the corridor heard the words and immediately made a sudden jump.

     7Kill!Liu Zilang was stunned when he saw the kill jump out of the panel, and immediately reacted. It was "massacre one another" on the opposite side.

     Teammates make up for teammates. Killing is counted as knocking down the enemy. Right now, the opponent is not hesitating to "kill teammates". It seems that he is determined to rush forward!

     At this moment, there was a "clank" cry from down the corridor!

     Liu Zilang, who had already reloaded the bullets and wanted to continue playing the same old trick, couldn't help but complexion changed, and quickly reminded, "Run! Thunder threw the opposite side."

     After speaking, he expeditious Retreat, and quickly followed the corridor towards the upper corner, Misaka Kotomi and another person hurried to follow.

     Next, the three of them fought and retreated.

     Liu Zilang shoots the main attack, Misaka Kotomi fills the gun, and the other one swept the battle.

     A large area was poured down the corridor below quickly, but the momentum of the impact was undiminished!

     In an instant, Liu Zilang and the others were forced into the corridor on the fourth floor.

     But at this time it is even more frosty!

     Suddenly there was a noise outside the balcony of the room on the right side of the corridor—someone turned over along the board from the balcony on the top floor of the next building!

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