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1108 The Fastest, My Knife! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the official live broadcast room of Douyu.

     "My God! Sexypig touched it from that position!"

     "This wave of high-altitude circling is a bit ruthless, it is indeed something Sexypig can do."

     "The Huaxia team also came to support from downstairs, but the South Korean team is defending in the corridor, and the Huaxia team can't come up for a short time."

     "So the Red Mansion is not good at this point. As long as you leave a team of people to block the corridor, even if you have a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses below, unless you can level the building directly, it will be difficult to attack in a short time. ."

     "I think it's fortunate to be the case, otherwise Vic and the three of them won't be able to stay in the building for that long."

     "But now it's internal trouble and outside aggression, oh! Sexpig they already are here!"


     Under the lens of the director.

     The four Sexypigs were bent over and turned over like a clever cat from the wooden boards between the two balconies on the fourth floor of Rujia Apartment.

     At this time, the gunshots in the building were fierce, and the movements of the Sexypig were very light.

     It stands to reason that it is difficult for Liu Zilang to hear this voice.

     However, at the moment Sexypig jumped on the window sill, Liu Zilang frowned suddenly, still realized that there was something abnormal.

      During the thoughts revolve, he immediately reacted.

     "Be careful, there are people in that room."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's reminder, Misaka Kotomi was also stunned.

     How could anyone?

     However, the two shots, and the footsteps on the floor of the room immediately became clear. At this time, there was no teammate logo on the map in that direction.Then clearly and easy to see, the uninvited guest in the room cannot be an allied army!

     Kotomi Misaka hurriedly pulled the gun and aimed it at the door.

     The other person also shivered with fright, and some flusteredly pulled past the muzzle.

     After Liu Zilang gave the warning, he did not care about his back. The spray in his hand was still facing the corridor below.

     Because after the sound of footsteps in the room appeared, the Koreans who had just been pressed down in the corridor suddenly became restless again. It seemed that they had contact with each other and wanted to make a wave of coordinate outside and inside offensives.

     The facts quickly proved.

     Liu Zilang's guess is not wrong.

     In just a blink of an eye, the Koreans behind the corner of the corridor rush forward fierce and unafraid of death again.


     Liu Zilang's gun shook again!

      At the same time, the steps in the room suddenly became hurried.

     At this point, the Sexypig team obviously didn't want to hide anything.

     They kicked the door from the room very quickly, showing their fierce fangs like predatory beasts!

     In their plan, this wave of brothers in the corridor attracts firepower, and they can definitely hit Liu Zilang no time to deal with it. Then Liu Zilang will be hammered to death to relieve the hatred!

     But they obviously hadn't thought Liu Zilang actually heard the movement and gave a timely warning.

     So when Sexypig broke out, what they were facing was not lose one's head out of fear to the prey, but the hunter who was aiming the black hole at them.


     A rifle, a submachine gun!The two guns fired at the same time, and the bullet burst out with screaming.

     The air in the corridor was rubbed by bullets, and there seemed to be a burnt texture filling everyone's nose.

     But in the Sexypig four-person team, the two ahead of them didn't have the time to think so much.

     Amidst the dull "pupu" sound of bullets hitting their bodies, the two raised their guns first to fight back, but the result was like water leaking to drop a thousand zhang in one fall. The blood volume was a sense of crisis in their hearts. Dramatic increase.

      comes without enough time!

     The next moment, the two wanted to go back at the same time.

     But not to mention the Sexypig and the other person behind. At this time, the width of the door frame alone was not enough to hold two people back at the same time, so they were not surprisingly stopped suddenly at the door frame.

     thump-! thump-!

     In a blink of an eye, the two men with blood mist on their bodies softened their knees and knelt directly on the ground.

     "It's wet! The nests knocked out two!"

     After winning the first battle, Misaka Kotomi's buns were full of excitement, and he reported the situation in a cold tone.

     "Well done!"

     While Liu Zilang praised it again, he stepped away from the mouth again and shook the spray in his hand out of a phantom, overturning the person behind who wanted to rush up.

      At the same time, the Sexypig face in the room was suddenly black!

     If the last game was ruthlessly crushed by Liu Zilang's to drop from the sky motorcycle at the church, it can also be explained as carelessness.

     Then he personally led the team to attack from above, but he was knocked down by two without even seeing Liu Zilang's face.If you return without any achievement in the end, it would be an extraordinary shame and humiliation that you can't wash away even after jumping into the Han River!

     Thinking of this, Sexypig couldn't help but roared in his heart, holding the S686 in his hand, he slammed his hind feet and jumped over the two teammates kneeling at the door like a vigorous cheetah, and jumped directly out of the door!

     In the next instant, when the person was still in the air, Sexypig slammed his gun and slammed it into the corridor!

     Jump spray + spin spray!

     As an Asian hunk who used to eat chicken with double spray in professional competitions, Sexypig has his own self-confidence and pride in using spray!


     The fire from the muzzle was like a fluorescent lamp in the hallway, and it switched on and off extremely quickly and flashed twice!

     Countless shots burst out of the gun instantly, bursting through the corridor like Rainstorm Flower.

     The person beside Misaka Kotomi hadn't reacted yet, and the blood mist on his body suddenly spread!

     The whole person was instantly beaten into a sieve, and thumped to the ground.

     In fact, this is okay. The most shocking thing is that Sexypig made two consecutive sprays in the in a flash that volleyed just now, with almost no pause, and even made some fine adjustments during the second spray.

     The first shot smeared the person next to Misaka Kotomi, but the second shot hit Misaka Kotomi's arm, causing her blood volume to suddenly fall below half of the blood.

     I believe that if this game is more realistic, Misaka Kotomi is already a one-armed gunner.

     "Duck of the nest!"

     Kotomi Misaka was beaten with a wow!But after this PCPI's tempering, her mentality is obviously calmer.

     Although his mouth is screaming like before, the UMP9 in his hand has burst into dazzling flames!

     And Sexypig's S686 is like a fierce swordsman, advance courageously, Antiaris.

     But after two shots, it is a short time to get trampled on whether it is changing the bomb or cutting the gun.

     And this wave of Kotomi Misaka's imminent counterattack, there is a high probability that he can be killed by the gun.

     But what is not as good as the sky is,

     Right here between Life and Death Instant,

     The last person in the four-person team brought by Sexypig actually leaped in the air and jumped out of his teammate!


     .. m.
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