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1114 Spark Of Fire!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Hearing Liu Zilang's words, everyone couldn't help but shine!

     This idea seems to be really good, it's natural, fresh and unpretentious, completely different from the hot-eyed acting outside.

     Wei Shen pondered for a moment, and suddenly said with a vigilant look, "This is also OK, but everyone Each Fight For Oneself belongs to Each Fight For Oneself. Let's say yes first, you are not allowed to cheat your friends."

     Although Wei Shen didn't say this to anyone specifically, everyone in the team's voice responded after a moment.

     Yes indeed!

     The team is a peerless force!

     The first two games were okay. Everyone is also a Team, and he must be embarrassed to cheat.

     Once this game "a hundred schools of thought contend".

     Will this guy do anything inappropriate, but it is not easy to say.

     For a while, the voice suddenly fell silent.

     Liu Zilang listened happily at first, even when Wei Shen was speaking, he was quite nodded in favor.

     But when the air was quiet at this time, Liu Zilang realized the weirdness.

     Is not it!

     you guys!

     Gradually... his face changed from white to red, then from red to black... and finally sighed.

     "Do you think of me Vic as someone? Even if I die of poverty in this game and am chased by the South Korean team, I will definitely not cheat everyone. This is my bottom line!"

     Liu Zilang's words to chop the nail and slice the iron if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound, but the atmosphere in the team's voice has not changed, but has become more and more weird.

     After a while, Wei Shen takes a deep breath, "Farewell!"

     "Goodbye, goodbye!""There are thousands of roads, safe, fireproof, anti-theft and Vic!"

     "..." In a blink of an eye, everyone in the team's voice turned off.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but his old face was dark again, and the corners of his eyes twitched twice.

     Could it be that my cheating neither old nor young has such a low credibility?

     But fortunately, when we just discussed, everyone from start to finish was closed, and the audience in the live broadcast room did not hear them.

     Otherwise, if the water friends knew, he would definitely send a yellow urine to make him sober.

     If he is more vicious and merciless, maybe a uremia patient will be sent to poison him...


     At 8 pm Chinese time and 9 pm Korean time, the popularity of the live broadcast of the Douyu tournament reached its peak.

     After the second game, the rest period between games is not long.

     Soon, the players from both sides entered the game room again.

     The official studio of Douyu.

      "All right, our players are ready, and the next game is about to start."

     "Yes, this is also our The last battle tonight."

     "Well, in the first two games, the players of the South Korean team did not perform very well. I hope they can adjust their state in this game and play their own style."

     The words of Lord Rong are very imposing, but they sound like comforting.

     No way. Although the final victory of Bo3 tonight is based on the total kill points, the South Korean team lost too badly in the first two games, basically not getting any kill points.Therefore, the possibility of relying on The last battle to pull up points is simply a tiny bit.

     At this moment, the picture changed in the live broadcast room, and an airplane appeared on the sea level.

     "Oh! Our game has started. This game is an island map."

     "Let’s look at the route first. This route is very good."

     Under the camera of the director, I saw that the route started from City S directly above the map, from top to bottom in the middle, dividing the map very evenly into two sides.

     "Um... there are a lot of resource points on this route, so everyone should be able to get a little fatter in this game. It doesn't need to be like the last game in Picardo. Many people have not left Cold Weapon Era from start to finish. "

     "Hehe, let's take a look... Someone has already jumped in S City. It is a player from the China Team."

     "Huh? Why only one team jumped, what if the Korean team jumped here?"

     Seeing the plane passing over S City, only has one team jumped off, and the three people on the stage who were not aware of the "strategy" of the Huaxia team in this game were immediately stunned.

     But then, seeing that no one in the South Korean team chose S City, the three were relaxed.

     Rong Ye touched his chin and guessed, "It seems that the Huaxia team should have chosen the first half of the route in this game, which is the northern part of the map, so the South Korean team can only choose the second half of the route... ."

     After he finished speaking, he just wanted to listen to Su Changming's opinion.

     Turning his head, he found that Su Changming looked at the game screen and didn't mean to speak.

     what's the situation?Rong Ye was stunned, then glanced at the game screen again, and suddenly he was completely stunned.

     Under the lens of the big screen director.

     The plane is about to reach R City, and the Huaxia team players in the cabin have also jumped a lot.

     This is no problem.

     After all, according to Rong Yegang's prediction, the big team of the Huaxia team will be concentrated on the upper half of the map.

     But the question is, where do you want to go for the remaining half of the Huaxia team in the airport?

     What also puzzled Rongye was the choice of the Huaxia team. In the first half of the route, it went east to Shengshan Y City and west to Z City and G Port. It can be said that there are Huaxia players everywhere.

     The teams are like Heavenly Woman Scattering Flower twinkle stars scattered all around, jumping around in a mess.

     If you don't say it's a team battle, someone who doesn't know might think it's a four-man platoon.

     In the studio, Lord Rong scratched his dazed head, "What is this situation? Vic's new tactics?"

     "The Korean team started to jump, they jumped a lot!" The shark pepper king Qianqian who had been staring at the screen suddenly said.

     "Well, the Korean team all jumped."

     Su Changming nodded, frowned slightly, "At present, everyone in the Korean team is in P City, the wild spots around P City, and the school puzzle building Dragon Gate Inn."

     Hearing Su Changming's words, Rong Ye also came back to his senses and said, "Look at the location of the South Korean team. I think they may occupy the center of the map in this game. This is a good strategic choice. "Speaking of this, a bitter smile appeared on Rong Ye’s face, "But I don’t understand the Huaxia team. Vic is the commander of the Huaxia team. It’s impossible for him to know that such a 50V50 is the most afraid of division. Not to mention that it’s so open, and it’s easy for the other party to defeat them separately."

     At this moment, the plane taxied over P city and then crossed the strait, and finally came to the airport.

     During the period, the remaining Huaxia team in the cabin also jumped a lot, and when they arrived at the airport, there were only three teams left.



     Amid the sound of in unbroken succession, one team flew towards Port N on the airport island, while the remaining two teams flew towards the airport at extremely fast speed.

     And these two teams are not others, they are Wei Shen and Liu Zilang!



     .. m.