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1115 Develop A Plan! (Congratulations To The Book Friend "Mu Qiu" For Taking Off The Order)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Huh? There are people around." In the team's voice, Long Shenjue glanced around and said.

     Wei Shen said with a bit of pain, "Which team is this, isn't it good for one person and one place?"

     Gu Cun couldn't help but whispered, "A place as big as an airport, can't it all belong to us..."

     Hearing the lonely "truth", Wei Shen couldn't help glared at him.

     But the fact is indeed so, although according to the "gentleman agreement" just now,

     But there are so many resource points on the map, and the airport didn't write their names.

     They can jump.

     People can jump naturally.

     But even if Li is such a reason, Wei Shen, who wants to swallow the airport alone, still couldn't help but shout in the regional voice with whistling sound of the wind:

     "Brother, brother across from..."

     Wei Shen yelled twice, and suddenly a somewhat delicate girl's voice came from the other side.

     "Wo...Wo is not a bosom brother."


     How does this voice sound so familiar?

     Wei Shen was startled when he heard the words. After 0.5 seconds, he immediately reacted. Isn't this the mascot?

     and many more...

     Wei Shen suddenly complexion changed, just like constipation.

     Because he suddenly realized that since Misaka Kotomi was there, there was no reason why Liu Zilang was not there.

     Sure enough, the next moment, a silly voice suddenly came from around.

     "Wei Jiangping, were you calling me just now?"

     The corner of Wei Shen's eyes twitched, and immediately deadpan said, "No, you heard it wrong, let's hear it."When he knew that this team was Liu Zilang, he had no hope at all when he originally wanted to discuss with the opponent.

     Because he knows that the other party's character is inferior, even if he agrees, he still won't have even the slightest softness when it comes to grabbing things, and maybe it will confuse them to grab more.

     Thinking of this, Wei Shen couldn't help but takes a deep breath and looked directly at the C-building in the lower field of vision, which was getting closer and closer.

     Since everyone is all friendly, it can only show real hand speed!

     After a while, only listening to'Chī la' sounded, Wei Shen dropped his feet on the roof and quickly broke free of his parachute.

     Not far from the front, a black quadruple mirror appeared in front of him.

     Good luck, Wei Shen one's hearth is happy, and immediately rushed over.

     Never thought that he had just taken a step, and his eyes suddenly went dark under the blue sky and white sun, as if a dark cloud left a shadow on his face.

     A figure hung on the parachute to drop from the sky, just above the quadruple mirror.

     The next moment, it took almost 0.1 second, and the quadruple lens vanish from sight from the ground...

     Wei Shen's facial muscles twitched violently twice, who is so wicked in this special cool!

     At this moment, the person who snatched his quadruple mirror suddenly looked back and glanced at him, and said in a sincere tone, "Ah, sorry, this is not a coincidence."

     Wei Shen suddenly turned black!

     Do evil!

     But think about it.

     Apart from Liu Zilang, who else can talk to people so honestly after stealing their equipment?Wei Shen Cut to the chase, and immediately rushed towards the AK not far away, with a faint green light in his eyes.

     I don't believe it, I can't grab you!

     After a while...

     Standing on the roof of C-shaped Building No. 3, Wei Shen watched as he jumped from the roof with a dull face, and ran towards Liu Zilang at the police station next door...

     His lips and hands could not help but tremble!

     This crude...how many years have you been single!

     Thinking of this, Wei Shen sighed faintly in his heart, regretting that it shouldn't have been!

     Next, the two teams competed at the airport for a while, fighting for the ground and grabbing food, and in a blink of an eye they ransacked the airport like a locust crossing the border.

     Later, Wei Shen and the others also discovered that since they couldn't snatch Liu Zilang, they would snatch Zhang Xiaotong's sister.

     So after the two teams searched the airport, Wei Shen did not suffer too much from their side. The two teams almost evenly divided the resources of the airport.

     However, after "equalizing", there was a "disparity between rich and poor" situation inside the team.

     But Wei Shen's side is okay, but Liu Zilang's problem is particularly prominent.

     Tertiary head!

     Level three!

     Three-level package!

     I saw Liu Zilang in a three-level suit with 98K in his left hand, AK in his right hand, complete sights and bullets.

     In contrast, Zhang Xiaotong and their three daughters.

     Zhang Xiaotong wears a motorcycle helmet with a second-level armor on his body, but the submachine gun in his hand is a bit spectacle too horrible to endure, and it is still Uzi.

     Although the equipment of Misaka Kotomi and Dai Meier are better, they are also limited.After searching for a circle at this time, Liu Zilang was standing on the elevated to "watch the sky at night."

     Ding Ding Ding—!

     There was a sound of footsteps, and Zhang Xiaotong suddenly climbed up from the spiral staircase, and then stared at him violently while keeping silent.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but corner of the mouth twitch.

     This is so poor.

     And at this time, if it was replaced by Misaka Kotomi's Harpy, most of it would have been like a puppy who saw bones and would have come and behave like a thief, but Zhang Xiaotong, the "trideful monster", is staring at him not say a word.

     Liu Zilang gave a dry cough and deliberately said with a straight face, "What are you looking at."

     But Zhang Xiaotong is a bit ‘insensitive’, and he didn’t say "Look at you", and still looked at him straightforwardly...

     Liu Zilang was speechless for a while, and tentatively stepped back two steps, but Zhang Xiaotong immediately followed him two steps forward, and looked at him directly again.

     In this way, Liu Zilang retreated and Zhang Xiaotong entered.

     The two sides always kept a distance of one person from the east end of the elevated highway to the west end.

     At this moment, the first safe zone was refreshed, the land circle to the north.

     Liu Zilang looked at the safe area and then at Zhang Xiaotong, his eyes twitched twice, and he couldn't help but sighed saying, "I'm afraid of you."

     After speaking, he opened the backpack for a while and gave her some medical supplies in the bag.

     And every time Liu Zilang lost one, Zhang Xiaotong immediately leaned over to pick it up.

     But in the end, in the game, Zhang Xiaotong's eyes were on Liu Zilang again.Liu Zilang immediately seemed to be cold by a small mushroom from a big man after hard work and numerous revisions, and he jumped back in fright, "Don't come here! I'm going to scream again!"


     Zhang Xiaotong didn't move.

     The eyes are also unmoved.

     Liu Zilang felt hard to choose. When he was struggling for a while, divine light flashes suddenly appeared in his mind.

     The next moment, he threw down a piece of the third-level suit on his body with great boldness, and also lost a lot of supplies, and said boldly, "Come on! Take it away, you are welcome, yes, wait and follow Me a little bit."

     Zhang Xiaotong tilted his head in doubt.

     Although her goal was the third-level head, she quit while one is ahead and bent down to pick up the third-level bag and replaced her second-level bag.

     How does she know that she is pure at this time...

     Liu Zilang is completely ready to use her as a "mobile four-level bag" to develop...



     .. m.